Bariatrica Surgery

OBESIDADE MORBIDA X SURGERY BARIATRICA The obesidade is considered an epidemic and more than affects 300 million people in the whole world. In Brazil, 40% of the population are above of the weight and about 10% of the expenses of public health they are related to the obesidade. Considered a problem of public health in Brazil, being that the baritrica surgery comes if showing an efficient tool in the treatment of the mrbida obesidade. The cause of the obesidade is complex and multifactorial. 1) Age: the obesidade slightly increases with the age, being more incident in the fifth and sixth decades of life, diminishing in 7 and 8 decades. 2) Sex: had the biggest percentage of fat, the women present greater incidence of overweight and obesidade of what the men. 3) Race: the obesidade acomete more the black women of what the whites, being this difficult variation of being explained. 4) Familiar income and escolaridade: the obesidade is more prevalent in the social classrooms average and low, that present familiar income lower lesser degree of escolaridade.

5) Civil state: between the men, the marriage is main desencadeante factor of the weight excess. 6) Parity: between the women, the pregnancy can be a precursor of the obesidade and is had as main desencadeante factor. To each gestation the woman accumulates, on average, one kilo of weight. This could be related with the increase gestation food consumption at the beginning, with the reduction of the physical activity and with the increase of the levels of prolactina and estrgenos that favor the accumulation of fabric adiposo. 7) Genetics: the genetic load of the obesidade arrives 80% in studies where the father and the hand are obesos, being that also he is related with the coexistentes illnesses. 8) Tobaccoism: the tobaccoism is related with the reduction of weight and its interruption with the weight profit.

Advanced Medicine

Lao tse, one old Chinese scholar, certain time said: ' ' the men will not be able to perceive the form of a quadrilateral such which it are if this will be too much great for eles' '. He would be correct to say that the breath is ' ' a too much quadrilateral grande' ' so that they perceive it to the men. ' ' The white man seems not to perceive the air that breathes ' ' – Seattle Head This text destines it the complementary clarification of the population in general and especially for those that they are in Psicocorporal therapy and or therapies to the Psychiatric treatments. All techniques that these therapeutical modalities use cross and have reference in the studies (works) of W Reich, Gerda Boysen. the Lowen (disciples of Reich) and other neo reichianos and neofreudianos precursors of the study and experimentation of the relation body-mind in ocidente beyond including, necessarily deriving knowledge of the philosophies of the East, such as; Yoga (Hatha) Tai Chi chuan (the philosophical principles of the Tai Chi Chuan sends to Taosmo and to the Chinese Alchemy. The relation of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the Ba Gua (Eight Trigramas), the Book of the Mutations (I Ching) and So You Ching de Lao Zi are some of the main references for the understanding of its beddings. , ChiKung (Chi Kung was not created by an only individual and results of thousand of years of experiences of the Chinese in the use of the energy to treat illnesses, to promote the health and longevity, to improve the fight abilities, to expand the mind, to reach different levels of conscience and to develop the espiritualidade. Although the diverse techniques of Chi Kung to have separately if developed in diverse places of China, in many cases if had influenced mutually, Ayurvdica Medicine, Acupuntura among others.

Agar MacConkey

Materials and Methods the medicinal plant Mikania glomerata spreng (lot CER.CHA.005, cultivated in Guarapuava (PR) for the Cercopa manufacturer) popularly known as ' ' guaco' ' Andres in the State of So Paulo was acquired in a commercial establishment of medicinal plants in the city of Saint. As criterion of choice of the establishment, one considered the hygienical-sanitary conditions of the places. The tea was prepared by the infusion method (ANVISA, 2010). In a sample, called sample B, added to 8 g of sugar of the mark Union. After the preparation, the samples had been conditioned in closed barren pot, ambient temperature, so that any external contamination was prevented. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Liberty Mutual.

The samples of guaco tea had been inoculated in plates with way of Nutrient Agar, Agar MacConkey and gar Sabouraud in the day, 24 and 48 hours after the preparation, for the technique of quantitative sowing in estrias After the inoculation, all the plates duly had been identified and led to the greenhouse, where they had remained for up to 48 hours (TAVEIRA et al, 2008). After 24 and 48 hours in the greenhouse the plates had been observed. In growth case the isolated microorganisms in blade, for analysis in microscope. Half of culture without growth of discarded microorganisms foro in contaminated garbage. The microorganisms that had grown in the plates, and coradas by the technique of Coloration of Gram had been inoculated in blades. Results In the samples analyzed immediately after the preparation (without and with sugar) did not have enough growth in the plates of Agar Sabouraud and Nutrient Agar, being considered insignificant for this study. In the plates of MacConkey Agar it did not have growth in none of the analyses. In the samples of tea 24 hours and 48 hours after the preparation (without and with sugar addition) had growth of microorganisms, as evidenced in Table I.

Nursing Help For Teen Moms

SALTY UNIVERSITY DE ACADEMIC OLIVEIRA PR-REITORIA COURSE OF NURSING ELLEN CRISTINA BARBOSA PIERRE NURSING ASSISTANCE the PREGNANT ADOLESCENTS Niteri 2009 ELLEN CRISTINA BARBOSA PIERRE NURSING ASSISTANCE the PREGNANT ADOLESCENTS Monograph presented for the conclusion of the Course of Graduation of Nursing for the Salty University of Oliveira as part of the requirements for conclusion of the course. Person who orientates: Prof. Click Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. Luiza Helena Andrade de Paula Niteri 2009 Dedication I dedicate to this work the God first, creator of all the things. I also dedicate to my parents Antonio Luis Pierre and Gersomina Barbosa Pierre and to my fianc Cristiano Ribeiro Young chicken, who had understood my absence, and that they had been gifts and always they twisted for me during this long day in the Graduation. I learned with vocs to have courage and not to discourage, for then saborear the victory.

The vocs I dedicate my success all. Gratefulness First I want to thank the God, for having blessed, giving determination to me, courage and force to cover all the moments of this graduation. Whenever Senator of Massachusetts listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Courage to face the storms, that had not been few. Determination to win the obstacles, and force forever to follow in front. Eye stops backwards and sees that the lived sacrifices and all the difficult moments for which I passed had not been in go, had only served as steps for my personal, emotional and professional growth. My Gersomina mother, a great woman, who always was to my side in each stage my life helping, me in the difficult hours, supporting my decisions and stimulating always me in the studies. Debtor for not having saved efforts, so that today I arrived here, mother I am NURSE. I love you. To my father Pierre, a great father who gave all necessary structure to me, not saving efforts, so that today I am here materialize the accomplishment of its dream that also is mine.

Psychiatric Associaton

Mots-cls: trouble obsessionnel-compulsif, woollen neurophysiologie, le troubleobsessionnel-compulsif, there neuroanatomie, there neuro-imagerie. INTRODUCTION the compulsory obsessive upheaval (TOC) is characterized by the presence of obsessions and or compulsions. It can also be defined as a series of repetitive actions that search the relief of bothering mental products without functionality and with damage of adaptation. The TOC is presented in general in 2% of the population. Obsessions can be defined as mental events, such as thoughts, ideas, impulses, images, living deeply as intrusivos and bothering. American Psychiatric Associaton (1994 apud ROSRIO-CAMPOS M.A. Others including endocrinologist, offer their opinions as well. ; MERCADANTE M.T. 2000).

As mental products, the obsessions can be created from any substratum of the mind, such as words, fears, concerns, memories, images, musics or scenes. (ROSRIO-CAMPOS M.A. ; MERCADANTE M.T. 2000). compulsions is defined as behaviors or repetitive mental acts, carried through to diminish the bother or the anxiety caused for the obsessions or to prevent that a feared situation comes to occur American Psychiatric Associaton (1994 apud ROSRIO-CAMPOS M.A. ; MERCADANTE M.T., 2000). One understands that the TOC cannot easily be defined, since it is closely, on I exaggerate with it of importance that the quick individual to its mental products, arriving to be a subjective reaction of the events and experiences that fear has to suffer. So that the TOC is diagnosised, she is necessary that the compulsions and the obsessions cause interferences or limitations in the activities of the individual that consummate the least one hour per day and that they cause suffering or bother to the patient or its familiar ones. While, the CID-10 characterizes the TOC next to ‘ ‘ upheavals neurotics, related to it estresse and somatoformes’ ‘ , but separately of the anxious and fbicos upheavals, the DSM-IV classifies it enters the anxiety upheavals.

Therapy Complexities

The complications of this therapy are many and can in such a way be local as sistmicas, the places occur more frequently, more are less serious, already the sistmicas are rare and when occured they can be devastadoras, therefore, the sistmicas complications must be perceived immediately and must be made use of immediate intervention. It is precocious detention can previnir damages as extensive extravasation and necrosis. Between the local complications we can have flebite, infiltration, hematoma and extravasation, while in the sistmicas we have: septicemia, pulmonary gaseous pulmonary embolism and, edema, shock of speed. The flebite is defined as inflammation of the layer next to the vein, allowing adhesion of plaquetas. In the flebite we have as signals and symptoms controlled pain in the place of puno, edema, increase of local heat, eritema and speed of slow infusion (PHILLIPS, 2001) the formation of the flebite can be affected by introduction technique, for condition of the patient, condition of the vein, type of medication and its pH, inefficacious filtration and bore, length and material of the catheter. The types of flebite are several that can be diagnosised, and these can be classified as mechanic, bacterial chemistry and.

The flebite mechanics can occur for the introduction of a great catheter in a small vein, inadequate setting that inside allows mobilization of this catheter of the vein, movement of the catheter during the medicamentosa infusion and also access in joints. In the chemical flebite inapropriadamente it inapropriadamente occurs for the introduction of medications or irritating solutions, diluted medications, very fast infusion, and presence of small particles in the infundida solution. Already in the bacterial flebite the main sources of infections are infections in the insertion and contamination of the infusion. Senator Elizabeth Warren pursues this goal as well. The factors that contribute for this contamination are imperfection in the aseptic technique of puno, fail in the detention of breakings in the integrity of devices IV and fail in the manipulation of form to contaminate the device of the puno.

Sleep Regularization

Therefore, in the accomplishment of a normal sleep, periods of training NREM and REM are alternated cyclically throughout the process, being that in the two last cycles it increases the duration of sleep REM. Although the generalized use of acronym REM and NREM, the denomination? paradoxical sleep? e? sleep of slow waves? in them she seems well more adequate, either because nor always they coincide fast ocular movements with the standard of the EEG that remembers the vigil, either because the phenomena that follow this phase are in fact paradoxical, as cardiac rhythm is the case of the attenuation-abolition of consequences involving and the breath (LOUZADA and MENNA-BARRETO, 2007, P. 59). System of Temporization the system of temporization or biological clock is an individual cycle that happens, generally, in 24 hours and it possesss specific characteristics, intervening directly with the physiological and psychic functions. Others including Senator Elizabeth Warren, offer their opinions as well. For Nunes (2007), ' ' the process of sleep is commanded by a biological clock programmed in a cycle 24-hour ' '.

It is responsible for the regularization of sleep, in way that organizes the sleep-vigil system and controls the behavior and the psychological state, in accordance with the daily cycle of each individual. The system that controls the alternation between sleep and vigil is a regulating complex that is in the base of the brain, called for the specialists of supraquiasmtico nucleus. It is thanks to the functioning of this region that the people feel sleep, hunger, they always wake up in the same hourly and they obtain to have notion on if it is day or same night without knowing that hours are (YOUNG, 2008, P. Dr. John Mcdougall follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 89). This mechanism is adapted genetically, but he is not free of external factors, as alimentary habits, types of colches, social life, estresse, among others. In meanwhile, it is possible to confirm that this process is conducted by the hormone of the pineal gland, melatonina call.

Metabolic Routes

Innate errors cause deficiency of degradation, synthesis, storage and even though protein transport, leading to the accumulation of substances, allowing defects in the end items and intermediate of metabolic routes (HUNSY; CALDATO, 2006; SIMMONS; SNUSTAD, 2008; TONIN, 2010). They are known currently about 500 types of innate errors of the metabolism, in a poporo of 1:1000 cases in individuals born with life (HUSNY; CALDATO, 2006; SIEM, 2011). As example of these innate errors of the metabolism (EIM), the illnesses of glycogen storage can be cited (GSD). Are originated fisiopatologias of related enzymatic defects with the accumulation of molecules of glycogen in fabrics. Table 2 describes seven main described types of the fourteen GSDs in literature (EMEDICINE, 2011).

Illnesses of storage of Deficient TipoEnzima Glycogen Iglicose-6-fosfatase Implications illness of Von Gierke acid IImaltase illness of Pompe IIIdesramificadoradoena de Cori IV transglucosidase illness of Andersen V miofosforilase illness of McArdle VIfosforilase hepticadoena of Hers VIIfosfofrutoquinasedoena Tauri Table 2: Some types of illnesses of storage of Suitable glycogen: 2 – OBJECTIVE To revise existing bibliography concerning the illnesses caused for the innate errors of the metabolism of frutose, and its implications. 3 – DEVELOPMENT 3,1 By glicoltica the glucose is one of energy molecules of great importance and use for the good physiological functioning of the human organism. degradation of this molecule unchains in a great production of energy under the Adenosina form Tri Fosfato (ATP), in the end of its oxidativo process. The metabolism of glucose molecules can give through two ways, being they aerbica and anaerbica. The first way if distinguishes from second for the fact of if getting a number of 38 energy molecules of ATP, while the second way if gets only 04 molecules. Although the anaerbica way to produce only 02 molecules of ATP in liquid balance, it is of real importance so that all the oxidativo process happens (ALBERTS et al., 2006; OAK; PIMENTEL, 2007).

Diabetes Type

The carriers of Diabetes Type 2 present two physiological deficiencies: abnormal secretion of insulina and resistance to the action of the hormone in fabrics white (BRAZIL, 2006; KATZER, 2007). The Mellitus Diabetes are a pathology characterized for the insufficient production of insulina for the organism, being able to take the patient to the death. The insulina is a produced polipeptdico hormone in the Pncreas, which is attributed regulatory properties of the energy metabolism, mainly the what concerns the glucose (OLIVEIRA; KABUKI, 2004). According to Irigoyen et al. (2003) studies come demonstrating that resistance to the insulina is the main factor in patognese of the Diabetes Mellitus of type 2 and is a cofator in the development of the Arterial Hipertenso Sistmica, dislipidemia and aterosclerose. In accordance with Guimares and Takayanagui (2002), from a study on prevalence of the Diabetes Mellitus, carried through in nine Brazilian capitals, of 1986 the 1988, were detected that about 7,6% of the adult population they are carrying of diabetes and about 50% of this same population they are unaware of to be carrying.

The Health department strengthens these calculations affirming that 50% of the population with diabetes do not know that they are carrying of the illness (BRAZIL, 2006). The population with diabetes that it does not know that they are carrying, remains not diagnosised until they appear signals of complications. Therefore, tracking tests are suggested for assintomticos individuals that present greater risk to the illness. Bigger age that 45 years, overweight, familiar antecedent, arterial hipertenso, cholesterol triglicerdeos are indicating of bigger risk for the appearance of diabetes (BRAZIL, 2006). The Diabetes Mellitus is one of the main chronic illnesses that affect the man contemporary, acomete individuals in all the countries in any phase of social economic development.

Located Gymnastics

Visa with frequency in the given lessons of gymnastics in the academies, the exercises with ball give a great one resulted and if executed in correct way they can even though be made in house. Fitball, that enormous ball that the people costumam to use in the gymnastics academies, appeared in the decade of 70, back in Switzerland. Had to its fisioteraputicos effect, it if it spread quickly for the world. The ball helps in the treatment of problems of incorrect position, potencializa the beneficial effect of the ground gymnastics, the located call and contributes to make of the allonge a pleasant activity, being able until being compared with a massage, therefore it alliviates the tension and it becomes the active circulation. Additional information is available at Senator of Massachusetts. The used ball in the physical exercises collaborates to improve the balance, therefore as it is not steady demands effort.

It very hardens the glteo and the legs, being also recommended for that they search an abdomen clear-cut. It also collaborates to improve the physical conditioning. She has certain treinos, nowadays, that they make of ball, not plus a coadjuvante, these very gostosos and is amused. James A. Levine, M.D. may also support this cause. If you were with will to try you know that it can be acquired in any store that makes use of esportivos equipment. I go to leave here some tips for that they had never used it. Well, an excellent exercise for the posterior part of the legs is to lie down itself on the ball and to place its hands in the soil, in the front, to have support and balance.

A leg in the soil can leave, folded in an angle of 90 and to another one it must be straight line and to be raised per two seconds only. It repeats this exercise twenty times for each leg, in three series. In case that it is easy, it can place caneleiras, also. If beyond the legs its intention will be the glteo, good, has a very good exercise for this. It is of foot, apie its coasts in the ball, this must be leaned in a wall. It bends then the legs, as if you were if to seat forms an angle of 90 and raises. It also repeats this agachamento twenty times, respecting the number of series, that generally is three. One always remembers to rest one minute between the series. If to want drinks a bit of water. The hidratao is very important and it cannot be forgotten, also during a physical activity. Already it heard to speak of the program of control of weight of the Nutralogistic? One is about an innovative solution brought by MaxBurn, a natural composition that it aims at to return to it good form to it without leaving of side the good health. The program was developed to be used in set with MaxBurn and to promote a radical change in its life.