Greece Of The Mirror Of The Soul Of Europe Or Of The Chaos In The Controlled Change Of Thinking

A brainstorming what I certainly stimulates thinking/thought to think all the time about how I me because out there once can tell the world. Outward transport subjective perception. So am I actually encountered on this possibility and would like to deal right now with the current theme of Greece. Many people as well as I do have serious thoughts about what is happening in Greece. Honestly not surprised, because now, the greed for power and money have taken their toll.

Unfortunately this is discharged again on the backs of the people, who are least to blame for this. I am firmly convinced that it will escalate in Europe, because it simply the evidence speak. We have been since the EU Union by makes and money-grubbing people lied to and cheated. Endocrinologist pursues this goal as well. These include namely the perpetrator and the victim but also always two sides. Is the greed of the people in all of us? I think Yes, but it is manageable, because actually greed ensures the existence of of the people. She lived in excess or in an undersized, so she can be also existensbedrohlich. And that is exactly what we are experiencing now.

For many years the mass of humanity such as cows on the Assembly line has been milked, the earned money has flowed only into wrong channels. Clearly you can not say this bad happened to us that is because bad actually, there are about 1 billion hungry people on this planet. In principle, but the current escalation encourages to the rethink on it must be thinking now about a fairer redistribution of money, to bring the balance back in the balance. Actually, there is also money in abundance and there is something for everyone. There would have been not so many starving people or even no escalation in Europe, when people who really do have big money even dropped their stinginess barrier.