Euro Auctions

Dinosaur skeleton at auction sold worldwide only 4 specimens known at an auction of minerals, fossils and dinosaur bones, a rare skeleton of a Pterosauriers for 150,000 euros was sold last night. The online auction ( nhauktion) yesterday held evening at Catawiki, auction house for collectors. The pterosaurs are known only 4 copies. The pterosaurs is a flying dinosaur, with a wingspan of 5 meters, which lived about 110 million years ago. The specimen that was auctioned off last night, is the best thing that have ever been found. The skeleton is complete to almost 70% and has been found in Brazil.

“Since this pterosaur is so unique, we have in advance of the auction, this piece together with some other objects, in temporary shops in Amsterdam and Antwerp. In addition to many interested parties, museums, as well as even wealthy collectors came to see the pterosaurs. Finally the highest bid was submitted by a French collector.” So auctioneer Luc Hennion of Catawiki. In addition to the Pterosaurs was paid nearly 5,000 euros for a skull of a Mosasauriers, who lived in Germany. Almost 30,000 euros was the skull of an Edmontosauriers an animal that could reach a length of approximately 13 m paid for. You the natural history can look at nhauktion auction on. Income that are mentioned in this press release include the auction fees.

More to Catawiki with 100,000 users and 1.5 million monthly visitors, Catawiki is the world’s largest catalog and auction for collectors. In addition to a natural history auction, Catawiki organized weekly auctions of rare collectibles such as comics, stamps, coins, wine, toys, books and art. The page is started end of 2008 with some categories only. Since then, 2 million collectors items in more than 70 categories have been added to the catalog. Collectors and dealers can also open platform their own shop on the Catawiki. There are already more than 5 million collector’s items from vendors offered from around the world. For more information on please contact to: Catawiki Natascha Blok phone: 0031 592 76 90 82 E-Mail:

NIPS Storage

Stylish and practical storage with Packberry Oberursel, August 17, 2010 Packberry, the successful online store for packaging and archiving material, expands its product range. Patrick smith is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Packberry is a shop from the House of the BLUE multimedia GmbH, which has already launched portals such as, or in life. The exclusive PREMIUM storage boxes in the manufacturer’s NIPS are newly represented in the shop. Excellent product characteristics, the high-quality boxes with flush-off lid from the mass of storage solutions stand out. Present in puristic optics and designbewusster households to meet also the claims. As a modular system, the boxes allow optimal use of rack and shelf space. The products made of special box guarantee a high degree of stability and complete their practical properties with their dirt-repellent surface of Matt varnish. The special feature: The otherwise common system of a Stulp cover replaced with a plug-in solution and allows for flat surfaces.

The noble-looking boxes fit optimally so not least in a puristic modern ambience. A criterion which had to offer so far hardly a Board resolution. Packberry offers in addition of course continue the ever-widening range of products around the subject of packaging.

Home Affordable Modification Program

Here is some factual information pertaining to the same which you could find enticing. President Obama’s home affordable modification program (HAMP) seems to be doing wonders these days. As per the latest update on HAMP which system out of a report released in late June, borrowers who availed HAMP loan modifications are more likely to stay current on their monthly mortgage payments as compared to their other counterparts who secured various mortgage modification alternative. Here is some factual information pertaining to the same which you could find enticing. President Obama loan modification programs seems to be doing wonders these days. Typically, the HAMP, which is a foreclosure prevention program of that is financially supported by a $75 billion stimulus package.

It has been designed to assist struggling homeowners who have been faced with enormous financial hardships, and are at risk of losing their homes on account of being delinquent in paying their existing mortgage installments. Zendaya has plenty of information regarding this issue. As per the latest update on HAMP which system out of a report released in late June, borrowers who availed HAMP loan modification are more likely to stay current on their monthly mortgage payments as compared to their other counterparts who secured various mortgage modification alternative. Here is some factual information pertaining to the same which you could find enticing. A recent study on the functionality of the federal loan modification program vis-a-vis other parallel mortgage modification plan, what which conducted by the Office of the Comptroller of the currency in coordination with the Office of Thrift Supervision, has revealed that close to 25% of the total loop modified mortgage loans during the previous quarter were overdue by 30 days. And of these over 10% were observed to be delinquent by a of 60 days period.

In comparison to this, borrowers who got their home mortgage loans modified through HAMP fared slightly better. Less than 17% of the HAMP modified home mortgages missed at least one monthly mortgage payment and of these modified mortgages that were delinquent by 60 days were reported to be below 8%. The startling difference between the success of the Council could be attributed to various income verification as procedures, loan modification as well which the HAMP uses for making the monthly mortgage payments affordable. This what not the process in other cases. If you can qualify for the federal loan modification program, you could be in a much better position to get access to mortgage Council as low as 2% for a five year fixed period, and even get your current loan durations extended to as long as 40 years. Thereby, if you can complete the entire HAMP mortgage repayment plan successfully, you could’nt actually end up saving $514 every month on on average. That’s precisely the reason why need to avail expert help for exploring your chances of securing early HAMP mortgage loan modification approval, in case you are faced with on the imminent home foreclosure. Remember that the early bird catches the worm! To get more useful information on the Bank of America loan modification program-assistance requirements, it is hereby recommended to utilize the professional services offered by reputed online service providers like Obama-loanmodifications.

Europe Barcelona

Z-Wave shows live demonstration of interoperable smart metering solutions in Z-Wave Alliance at metering Europe Barcelona: home control products for a modern and at the same time environmentally-friendly energy management system for the household can build local energy management Barcelona/Copenhagen, September 30, 2009 as consumers and energy suppliers, the Z-Wave Alliance shows at their booth (No. 118) on the occasion of the metering & Billing/CRM Europe in Barcelona. During live demonstrations, she documented the interoperability of home control and smart metering solutions its Alliance partners. The Z-Wave wireless standard now forms the basis of more than 350 home control devices of worldwide manufacturers. The development of the advanced energy control(AEC)-framework Z-Wave has linked to the smart-metering sector with regard to the modern home automation. Smart meters, so easily connects with home control solutions and controlled. The live demonstration shows the interoperability of different products with the aim of an intelligent Control of energy consumption. Z-Wave products speak a language, for example, the Z-Wave based domestic meters of the Kamstrup company send their consumption data directly to computer, in-house displays or home control center.

The Kamstrup counters are designed electronically, and for a simple reading of the data. The consumer always has the exact overview of its electricity, water and gas consumption, and know what time its devices need how much energy. Also the smart metering solutions Horstmann, which give an exact overview of the half-hourly, daily or monthly consumption ensure transparency and control for the end user. The built-in Z-Wave chip the counter transfer the measurements to the home energy monitor, which can be integrated in the home network and can be freely placed in the House. Consumers including an overview of the hidden\”stand-by consumption of many devices. The company is also in combination with Z-Wave based tools for the display of energy use Modstrom their customers help to reduce energy consumption.

Mail Order World

Mail order world 2010: nubizz together with Intershop at the leading trade show for mail order in Wiesbaden Dortmund, 01.10.2010 – yesterday was the 10th end mail order world in Wiesbaden. By combining a broad portfolio of exhibitors developed the trade fair and the mail order Congress taking place at the same time. Also the nubizz GmbH was represented at this year’s mail order world. Contact information is here: Maya Dubin, New York City. Together with Intershop Communications AG, nubizz presented solutions for successful online trading. The partner mpass and easynet still completed the stand offer. Also at the Conference Centre, there were tired of trivia. So presented Steven C. Davis of the strategic partner GSI Commerce, Inc.

of the United States the global trends and opportunities in E-commerce. Among other things it was about the questions: what fueled the rise of large Web-shops? What drives trade online retailers or consumers? Together with Volker John, area Director of sales DACH at Intershop Andrea Hassel of Gerhard Rosch GmbH showed what make all the difference in terms of success in online trading can.

Casa Reha Senior Care Home

Casa Reha inaugurates new house in Northern Hesse on Saturday, October 29, 2011, solemnly a Vellmar/Oberursel October 2011. The opening of the Casa Rehab nursing home mill farm is imminent. With a big party on Saturday, October 29, 2011, 11 17: 00, is the team of the new nursing home of the interested public. Connect with other leaders such as Zendaya here. The inauguration of the House is composed by Pastor Jochen Stalb, which together will provide the Casa Rehab nursing home the Catholic and Evangelical parishes of Vellmars amongst the protection and blessing of God. Casa Reha ensures a colourful programme on the occasion of the opening.

Information about the maintenance and care of the residents are at the heart of the opening ceremony. Expertise on the subject of dementia and the range of occupational therapists of the Casa Reha is supplemented by information from the established hearing aid dispensers and optometrists. I am delighted by the elegant furnishings and the chosen colours and fabrics in our House”, portrays home director Ruth Fursch their first impressions when entering the new Casa Rehab House. My team and I look forward, to fill this House with life and a place to develop, where our residents and their families feel.” During the event interested in guided tours can set up Casa Rehab Group look closely at. Filed under: Erik Erikson. The location of the hotel Casa Reha has chosen wisely: the contemplative ancestor Park is located in the immediate vicinity. The walking City Centre is also for disabled people to reach in a few minutes.

The indoor pool is in sight, and Kassel city centre as a cultural center is now barrier-free and without achieving change with the new and nearby tram line. Activating care and individual living at the heart of our work “, explains Fursch and invites interested parties to the consultation at Casa Reha. As the only nursing home in the region, we provide for our residents together with our Partners to a free hearing and eyesight check and diagnose memory and memory ability.

General Input Winners

“” About 86 percent of the participants in the ‘baptism ‘action for the new district Center in Einstein Street 130 spoke out for the name ‘ existence ‘ from / General files a profit for Haidhausen is lucky for three Munich Munich, June 16, 2009: on late Monday evening, Edith Walcher, Harald Zeiler and Michael Staubl as the winner of the so-called action of baptism have “for the new Munich City Center existence stone” ( accepted the guarantee prices. The background: The owner of General stone, Pramerica real estate investor, had in the run-up to the opening of the Munich-based citizens called to decide on the new name of the district Center. More than 86 percent of all participants had expressed its general inputs for its current name. More than 1,000 citizens and Munich had taken part in the competition. World’s largest media market in the General input donates prizes for the action of baptism at the end decided the luck of which the Participants should receive for his vote for General input one of the three top prizes.

Edith Walcher was delighted with a new 40 inch flat screen TV, Michael Staubl won an IPod and Harald Zeiler is called a new Canon digital camera now his own. All three prizes were donated by the world’s largest media market, which attracts thousands of visitors in General stone since its opening on May 14 every day. As residents of General stone have I interested of course from the outset, what emerges on Haid universe, Uncle Scrooge construction site and became aware on the Sweepstakes”winner Staubl explains. I think a total profit for the quarter’s existence stone”, so Staubl next. In the public files in the Einsteinstrasse 130: office space, shopping and gastronomy some hours before the award ceremony another highlight in the General stone had opened: Burger King lifted the curtain, and invited the citizens to test the brand new whopper bar. Not only was the concept of the Whopper bar Premiere in Munich, but in Europe. In the General input on the Einstein Street, there are also very attractive office space next to restaurants and shopping. Lease to interested companies is in full swing.

General stone: General stone ( is the new hub of daily life in Munich (Haidhausen): the district Center on Einsteinstrasse 130 combines shopping, modern office space, and a wide range of restaurants under one roof. General stone is very well-developed infrastructure: thanks to its location on the Mittlerer Ring in Munich (shortly before the motorway access to the A94) is general inputs can easily be reached. Directly in front of the Einstein S-Bahn (Leuchtenbergring) and bus stop (Leuchtenbergring underpass), u-Bahn and tram are only a short walk away. In the two-storey underground car park and the new parking lot, there is a three-digit number of parking spaces that can be used by the visitors of the public input on favourable terms.

Double Highlight In August – Early Bird Rate Ends Soon!

Open-Air event arena people’s square Borna informed: on Friday, the August 13, 2010 presented the Club BONNIE TYLER & BAND & MATTHIAS REIM-BAND. Until April 18, 2010, you can save your concert tickets to the legendary early book price from 26.00. You save 13,60 to the original ticket price. Just the next day, the August 14, 2010, again thousands of visitors from all over Central Borna 2010 celebrate the ultimate oldies night. With Mike Penders Searcher, Christie, sailors, soulful dynamics and the original BoomTown are directors this year. Until April 18, 2010 you can get your concert tickets to the legendary early-bird rate of 15.00 for. Save 9,90 to the original ticket price. Their tickets in the following ticket offices: tourist information Borna City Culture House Borna book and art Kristina Kugler Borna perfumery Funcke Borna EP Schmalfuss Borna Augenoptik Seiberlich you can be Borna tickets but also booking under: and. Get your tickets now! For both Events is the Organizer HR event management GmbH in Lobau again responsible, which brought in last year to Borna Howard Carpendale.

German Schlager

ON the 25.01.2013 – the pop wave exclusively good happy TV already for the second time spills the pop wave”of Germany over. “And as Germany’s largest Indoor Schlager Festival” keeps them definitely what it promises. Over two days, the white houses Beach on the Baltic Sea is the hot Center of the German Schlager. . Happy TV presents featured stars such as Nik P., Michelle, Jurgen Drews, Achim Petry, the Wildecker herzbuben, Tim Toupet and Olaf Henning. This hopeful newcomer occur like Marjan & Luke, Maria Levin, or Christian stark. By the evening, the charming mood leads TV presenter Kerstin Merlin. I am very happy and proud to present this mega event for happy TV and look forward to the many stars and a great audience”, so Kerstin Merlin. In the run-up to Benny Schnier in Schlager XXL plays special”raging reporter and feels the pulse of the stars shortly before their appearance backstage. The TV premiere on TV the mood. Broadcast dates: Friday, January 25 7: 00 “” Schlager XXL special “20 h: the pop wave” day 1 (with Jurgen Drews, Olaf Henning, and Nik P.) “” Friday, February 1 7: 00: Schlager XXL special “20 h: the pop wave” day 2 (with Michelle, Achim Petry and the Wildecker herzbuben) for more information: source: good mood TV Photocredit: good mood TV contact: franel press and online promotion Albrechtstrasse 41 80636 Munich

Shopping Was Yesterday Leasing Is Today

Leasing Store24 offers its customers the possibility to lease electronic items for a certain period of time and low price. Through the easy online processing, it is possible to use article, without actually having to buy them quickly and cheaply. If you have read about Erik Erikson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Nothing out of the ordinary is now more to lease a car. Leasingstore24 now offers its customers the possibility to lease electronic article. Whether table now as a Dyson Miele vacuum cleaner or a cell phone like iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy Regardless of what is needed, in Leasingstore24, what you need is found. TV leasing, laptop leasing, leasing of Apple etc.

is called this form of leasing and is suitable for those who know it already longer than a certain period of time to keep a new device, because you want to stay up-to-date. Who like the PS3 or Xbox, which he would like to replace after two years with a new device, can these inexpensive purchase such as a game console This has the advantage that the customer must not only sell the used device, but simply returns. If the customer wants to trade his device during run time, he can take over at the end of the term for only approximately 1 leasing rate at his unit. But not only customers who want to replace a device within a short time with a new benefit here. Also young people, such as, for example, young professionals, who can not afford the high purchase price of new equipment, have the opportunity to take advantage of high-quality goods cheap. The existing protection guaranteed to all devices, is included in the service. So all devices from the leasing date have an existing insurance policy for theft, damage caused by water or fire, and also against wear and tear. After the customer has tested his device six months, he can replace this with a new device.