The Skin

They are common in people who do sport. Due to the frequent training legs and arms earn high muscle mass, but when they stop train This is lost and stretch marks appear. Due to hormonal changes, are other factors involved in the formation of these unsightly footprints, which explains that they are much more common in women than in men. Inheritance. Robert Greene has similar goals. This is the most common cause, our genetic disposition, of course so that they develop is needed to combine this with some of the other causes. Ethnic group. People of African descent tend to have less stretch marks. At Dr. Neal Barnard you will find additional information. By the use of certain medications, such as those containing cortisone.

Stress also affects the appearance of stretch marks. A situation of emotional tension, affects the body balance, worse cell oxygenation and can manifest itself in the skin. Stretch marks are difficult to remove, but at present we have several effective treatments. Some treatments eliminate the stretch marks and others improve their appearance, there are natural treatments, medical treatments and aesthetic, creams, peeling some dermatologists claim that the laser is the solution for stretch marks. For best results it is recommended to treat them when they begin and are still reddish.

Tips 1. The best system to avoid stretch marks to remain or to appear is to keep our skin always moist. Use many moisturizers, oils. 2. Vitamin is effective against stretch marks, since it has the ability to regenerate skin cells. It has shown that they penetrate deeply into the skin and accelerate the growth of new skin cells. Thus, the scar tissue that gives the appearance of stretch marks is replaced and fades with time. Stretch marks are still and become thinner and milder with the use of vitamin until you arrive to a State which is no longer perceptible. In addition to its ability to eliminate stretch marks, vitamin also helps to prevent the development of new stretch marks. Since it increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, makes it capable of weathering due to several factors such as the pregnancy, hormonal flow and changes in weight. Eat foods rich in vitamin E, such as kiwis, mangos and almonds. You can also buy capsules of vitamin and puncture with a needle and then apply the oil directly on the skin. Another option is to buy creams anti-stretch and other products containing vitamin e. 3. Try to keep your weight stable. Sudden increases in weight, including downs, will definitely make you have stretch marks. Although I understand that sometimes is not easy, hehe. 4 Eat well. Sweets, flours and other carbohydrates are useful only in moderate amounts and for some people, only in very small quantities. Proteins that synthesize collagen, vegetables containing vitamins, carotenidos and other useful substances, are very good for our health. 5 Exercises. 6 Take minimo2 liters of aguaal day. 7. Exfoliate daily is important because it removes dead cells and can eliminate small flutes.

The Results

Losing fat mass on the other hand, will require have a negative calorie balance because that is what is going to make that your body burn additional body fat as fuel for their tissues. With regard to adding muscle mass can take two approaches. An individual trained course can expect to achieve around a quarter to half a kilo of muscle a week, if you are doing everything correctly. If you don’t have the best of the genetic or you are not eating optimally, this will decrease much more. Then, as you can see, with one or two insignificant kilos of muscle growth a month, you won’t need to eat extremely high calories. An individual trained course can expect to achieve around a quarter to half a kilo of muscle a week, if you are doing everything correctly. If you don’t have the best of the genetic or you are not eating optimally, this will decrease much more. Then, as you can see, with one or two insignificant kilos of muscle growth a month, you won’t need to eat extremely high calories.

It is always best to find REAL-World results since after all you are in the real world. You can read as much as you want about the amount of calories you should be eating, but this does not mean that this is the exact number which will produce results. Add to your understanding with Senator of Massachusetts. Different people have different metabolisms that will respond to an increase in calories in several ways. Therefore, as you gain volume, see making settings according to the results you’re getting. It is always best to find REAL-World results since after all you are in the real world. You can read as much as you want about the amount of calories you should be eating, but this does not mean that this is the exact number which will produce results. Different people have different metabolisms that will respond to an increase in calories in several ways.

Therefore, as you gain volume, see making settings according to the results you’re getting. It is always best to find REAL-World results since after all you are in the real world. You can read as much as you want about the amount of calories you should be eating, but this does not It means that this is the exact number which will produce results. Different people have different metabolisms that will respond to an increase in calories in several ways. Therefore, as you gain volume, see making settings according to the results you’re getting. More high is your intake, you’ll be at more risk of adding more body fat. As a general rule, keep it at around 250 to 500 calories above your value of maintenance with the hope that what they add is mostly muscle without too much body fat. Keep a record of your current levels of fat and appearance, if you look at that much of your weight gain comes from fat mass, slightly reducing your calorie intake. As upload of weight quickly for men are you looking for a plan more comprehensive on how to gain weight fast for men? Then download free our course tips and secrets to increase a Mosculatura of insanity quickly from here:

Muscular Dystrophy

It is a genetic disease, inherited in the majority of cases. Apart from rare exceptions, only males are affected the myopathy of Duchenne. Mothers are carriers of an anomaly in one of the x chromosomes are can transmit the genetic abnormalities to their children: If you have a child, this has, in theory, a chance between two of having the disease. Dr. John Mcdougall is a great source of information. If it’s a girl there is a possibility between 2 be a carrier. Children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy have a nearly total lack of dystrophin, a protein essential for muscles that is allegedly responsible for the maintenance of the structure of muscle cells.

You can avoid the appearance of this illness when it occurs in a family in which there are known cases of this disease, resorting to genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis. In other cases you can not avoid. Table Clinicola DMD affects 1 of 3000 to 4000 newborn infants. Is clinically manifested between 2 and 6 years with pseudohypertrophy of calf muscles, weakness of the lower limbs and muscles of the pelvic girdle, which progresses to the waist girdle and upper extremities; muscle alterations are symmetrical.The first manifestations may include the difficulty for climbing stairs or getting up from the floor. Patients are confined to a wheelchair at the age of 15 years and who die around age 20 for respiratory infections or heart failure. The DMD is a disease of the fibers of skeletal muscle with changes physiopathological involving heart, diaphragm and nervous system. Therefore it is necessary to study abnormalities of the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex of the heart and the brain. Laboratory data and gabineteLos creatine phosphokinase serum CPK values are very high in the affected in the preclinical stage, as the condition progresses tends to decrease. Points out that bilipidicas layers protect the release of CPK from the protoplasm in the normal muscle, so due to the absence of dystrophin in the DMD during muscle contraction, is damage in the lipid layer.

The Consciousness Of Our Society

We will begin by defining the term consciousness, we often conceive it as an inner voice; sometimes as the voice of God, that tells us what to do or avoid, the Royal Academy of the Spanish language defines it as the property of the human spirit recognize in its essential attributes and all modifications to itself experience; from this we can deduce that the consciousness is a property that each human being possesses and which allows us to carry out a trial of each one of our acts, this makes it a very powerful tool which would allow human beings spend his life in a pleasant way and without too many complications, but if we analyze the current situation of Mexican society, where each time we see more acts unconscious, as the murders of innocent people to hands of crime, corruption among our public servants, the indifference of us are citizens towards caring for the environment or the simple fact of not respecting a parking space aimed at people with disabilities, the question arises where is our conscience?. Currently civilian and/or governmental organizations have launched campaigns to encourage a change in our society, such as the Mexico initiative as mentioned, but because waiting for someone to come to tell us that we need to change our way of seeing things and the benefits that this would because for some us is so difficult to understand that the fact of unwrap us throughout our life using as a guide the moral values take us to be full peoplecreating strong families and therefore be a society in every sense of the word, we know that to achieve this must start from our home by encouraging values to our children which will become habits, with the help of our schooling and be transmitted from generation to generation. This is a difficult task and that will not be achieved from one day to another, but we can start with ourselves and in turn influence our environment, perhaps this sounds very trite, but must give us a minute to consider why this change has not been achieved, it will be something genetic, cultural or indifference? Do we need so arises that detonator?, isn’t enough seeking our children or relatives to have a solid base so that they perform as people. This article is only intended to give a small contribution to that long-awaited change, which can achieve our goal as human beings..

Oprah Winfrey

Without going further, Marion Jones never came to hunt in a doping control. She herself was autoinculpo in 2007. However, it is appropriate to assess the same doping with both feet on the ground and without falling into traps intellectual thinking four injections to get the Crown of laurels from pure I ensalmo. Such was the frustration of Chambers, who coceaba as horse rabid to see that the years spent without lowering your personal brand in more than one tenth already using doping substances. Nothing to do with the good of Marion.

In an interview on the Oprah Winfrey program came to declare: from time to time, again I relive Sydney competitions in my mind and I wonder if she would have won clean and normally I reply Yes. I still think that it would have won. Nothing was essentially different. Me I felt strong, I felt powerful, as I’ve always felt. Since childhood, I have been aware of that possessed something that nobody else had.

It is not pure narcissism. They are numbers: high school student who most quickly raced the 200 metres in athletics history; a mark among the top twenty in the world, with fifteen years; chosen as a reserve for Barcelona 1992 with sixteen years No there is more. Clear that possessed something nobody else had: was born with a winning ticket in the genetic lottery. Else only God knows what weighs! So, returning to the case of counter, surely win the clean Tour as a paten; but the fact is that it has been positive. Yet, perhaps not best put as sucks of Domine laboratories that carry out analyses, as they have done many of the local media, but begin to change the approach to the problem.


Can seem out of place make a comparison between the theory of evolution and the attitudes to take today. But the facts are stubborn. Invariably they have been repeated over time. And the result shows us that to overcome the crisis, one of the best alternatives is to work on the Internet. Four thousand six hundred million years have taught us how works the mechanism of evolutionary survival.

It is based on three points: first, a changing source. The habitat, ecosystem, is constantly changing. Alterations in climate, arrival of new species, disappearance of sources of food, etc. Second, genetic variation in reproduction. Random mutations occur in genetic inheritance. They can be changes in the color of the coat, alterations in the morphology, or any other. And finally, what could be called a filter, called natural selection mechanism.

If those genetic changes coincide with a greater possibility of adaptation to variations, natural selection It will give more opportunities to survive who have them. From generation to generation will accumulate, increasing its proportion. And the time, it will have established and fixed in all individuals, creating a new species. However, the development of civilization has made unnecessary the natural selection. We no longer need to transform ourselves with variations in the environment. At least physiologically. The society meets the needs that previously could have generated the Elimination of the misfits. For this reason, unlike animals, are becoming increasingly more different (as a species) between us. However, created a new kind of already not natural selection, but culturally. Not conform to the cultural changes (that it cover everything) creates another type of exclusion: underdeveloped countries, disadvantaged classes, marginalized. In these moments, we find ourselves immersed in a great imbalance, an alteration that we call crises. Crisis means change. The equivalent of the previous variations of the medium. And this is the biggest change that has suffered from humanity.

Anti-Cellulite Diets

Poor nutrition is the first cause of the formation of cellulite in our body. It is true that there are other factors such as genetic inheritance and stress among other causes, but why not start the fight against her controlling what if we can, as it is our diet. For this you can follow a few simple tips that will help us control the formation and development of cellulite and why not say it, also to delay his appearance, especially in very young people, which today in days are very prone to failure against cellulite adequate and balanced diet. ledge.. Senator Elizabeth Warren: the source for more info. What we must do to create a diet against cellulite? 1. Purify our body: cleaning up our stomach and eliminating all toxins. For this we recommend eating half a litre of juice and natural smoothies, fennel, celery, spinach or Apple-based for example, before lunch and dinner. 2 Eat more iron: iron deficiency is at the origin of the formation of cellulite.

For this reason it is recommended to ingest much from iron sources such as almonds, raisins, lentils, oats, rice, various vegetables and pork among others. 3 Moderate with salt: do not apply excessive since it favours the retention of liquids. Better replace it with sea salt (also called coarse salt or salt kitchen) which contains more minerals and helps to enhance more the flavor of foods with a lower amount. 4 Take tea, either Sage, green, or horsetail tea that will help you to eliminate liquids and toxins. 5 Controlling your weight. Anything in excess is bad, diets high in fat as well as very strict diets may worsen the problem of cellulite. So it is very important to take consciousness of everything that you eat without becoming obsessive limits. Please click here to see a practical and simple formula that will help you to melt and get rid of cellulite forever.

The Trees

The animal portion of plncton, zoo-plncton, is fed of the microseaweed of fitoplncton and organic substance in suspension. Larvae of shrimps, crabs and siris filter the water and remove microseaweed and organic substance. Small fish filtradores, as manjuba, also is fed of this rich organic broth. From the microseaweed, if it establishes an alimentary teia complex. How much to the fauna, some species of crabs are distinguished, forming enormous deep populations in the slimy ones. In the submerged trunks, some animals filtradores, such as the oysters, are fed of suspended particles in the water.

The crabs in its majority are active in the tide low, while the clams feed themselves during the high tide. A great variety of fish penetrates in the manguezais in the high tide, many of them constitutes the supply fishing boat of coastal waters depends on the alimentary sources of the manguezal, at least in the young phase. Diverse species of birds eaters of fish and marine invertebrates nidificam in the trees of the manguezal. They are fed especially in the tide low, when deep the slimy ones are displayed. The fen is also the place where many clams, fish and crustaceans find ideal conditions for reproduction, nursery, criadouro and shelter.

The roots of the fen function as filters in the retention of the sediments and constitute important genetic bank for the recovery of degraded areas. Its vegetation serves to fix lands hindering the erosion and also functions as choke of the energy of the high tides, helping to protect is to stabilize the coastal band, as cites the article FORESTS OF TIDE, published in the nathional magazine Geographic, in 01.02.07' ' The outcries for the conservation had soon obtained more important attention in the mat of tsunami2 of 2004, in the ocean indicate. In the places where the manguezais were unbroken, them they had acted as natural break-sea, had wasted the energy of the waves, had minimized damages to the properties and perhaps they have saved lives.

Akinin Levy

Mechanisms of Defense, accepted tools in order to survive. Often we confuse when if you have any questions, we take to reason as to the responsible. We believe the simple meditation on an action or an Act, is sufficient to arrive at the correct answer. Nothing more wrong. Our minds have been developed with different knowledge, feelings and even with different information.

What for some is obvious, to others is diametrically opposed, that we live and in the majority of cases, we understand, is that our genetic inheritance has made us see things. Many times we act in a way that we cannot understand, when this happens, we must look in retrospect, who we are, where we come from, how they were our parents, grandparents. What were their stories, hardships, his environment, in which times existed and, at the end, to the knowledge of their own ailments, can we achieve rediscover us by the genetic burden with which we tend to exist. One of the ways in which our minds defends us, what mechanism we know of Defense, it is perhaps the way that most helps us to overcome in any adeversidad, it happens that able to eliminate from our hearts to someone wanted to at times up to we must reinvent that be its negative side which does not necessarily exist, is how to build a new information possessed of a number of defects that allow us to understand the why of our desire or need to remove us from your environment as a whole on the other. He live with the knowledge and the same feeling of love with someone who we have left, abandoned or simply want to break the ties that we joined him, is a tremendously hard work so any method that serve to make us possible to the estrangement and breakdown can be and are in fact valid without that is why we should feel guilty of the method used. The bad thing is when the other party, the alleged couple that nothing looks like that you agredimos, can not understand that it is purely and simply the love and not hate that talk often. When lost or lost before that new interpretation of his life, feels that they are attacking it.

Life has served to accumulate knowledge and that batch of itching that does not let us be happy. We are a bank that experiences are stored and emerge at the moment and the least expected time. Go in search of that cause, find the reason will allow us to deal with our unique and real truth. While this does not occur, simply we sail in deep seas in which not only swimming, breathing, understand costs us and ultimately keep us afloat.

Siberian Cats

Siberian cats are little known as pets, but are beautiful and have a particular character. Of Russian origin, this animal has long hair (to withstand the low temperatures of the country), similar to many cats that have evolved to live in cold climates. Further details can be found at Robert Greene, an internet resource. Siberian cats have big head and rounded snout; your eyes with large and oval; their ears are a little more small, but the tail is more broad and long; and the body of this breed of cat is long, with wide bones. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Senator of Massachusetts and gain more knowledge.. These Siberian cats only left Russia from year 1990 to Germany and United States, but have managed to survive more 1,000 years in difficult climatic conditions, because it is a cat very strong, resilient, agile and their thick fur helps it a lot. Normally, Siberian cats weigh between 10 and 18 pounds, it takes a little more 3 years to fully develop its structure body and thus reach a long and powerful members, as well as an oily coat that repels water and helps you stay dry. We must be aware that in summer this breed moved his hair so that ends only with a coat of short hair. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk is the source for more interesting facts.

Siberian cats came to United States from an exhibition of cats took place in Russia, once being allowed to have these cats as pets (previously prohibited due to lack of food), Americans were then decided to start breeding these cats in their country. Siberian cats, despite not being as desired as other breeds pets are animals very playful, intelligent, great hunters and not bother them the water (thanks to what spoke is of your hair above). It is very sociable with their owners and can easily be adapted to an apartment, however, it is recommended that Siberian cats have at disposal a garden or your own space. As a particular characteristic, Siberian cats do not cause allergies in humans, since their genes have been removed the protein that causes more than 78% of allergies. This protein is known as D1 and is produced by the sebaceous glands of the cats, and then It is transferred throughout the body and to the snout when they groom because Siberian cats have removed this protein, has been increasing the demand for these as pets. Another reason why Siberian cats are so preferred is be so resistant to diseases, it is a pure breed that has not undergone genetic exchanges, therefore retained all the power of his original race and its resistance to rugged environments. Color in the hair of Siberian cats is more clear in its base (i.e.

hairs more internal) and more dark while most long are. This breed can accept genetically all color patterns, less the Pincushion, pattern most common among Siberian cats is the striped Golden and bicolour with white. Usually a kind of collar of hair in the neck, which gives them an appearance more elegant and striking.