The Skin

They are common in people who do sport. Due to the frequent training legs and arms earn high muscle mass, but when they stop train This is lost and stretch marks appear. Due to hormonal changes, are other factors involved in the formation of these unsightly footprints, which explains that they are much more common in women than in men. Inheritance. Robert Greene has similar goals. This is the most common cause, our genetic disposition, of course so that they develop is needed to combine this with some of the other causes. Ethnic group. People of African descent tend to have less stretch marks. At Dr. Neal Barnard you will find additional information. By the use of certain medications, such as those containing cortisone.

Stress also affects the appearance of stretch marks. A situation of emotional tension, affects the body balance, worse cell oxygenation and can manifest itself in the skin. Stretch marks are difficult to remove, but at present we have several effective treatments. Some treatments eliminate the stretch marks and others improve their appearance, there are natural treatments, medical treatments and aesthetic, creams, peeling some dermatologists claim that the laser is the solution for stretch marks. For best results it is recommended to treat them when they begin and are still reddish.

Tips 1. The best system to avoid stretch marks to remain or to appear is to keep our skin always moist. Use many moisturizers, oils. 2. Vitamin is effective against stretch marks, since it has the ability to regenerate skin cells. It has shown that they penetrate deeply into the skin and accelerate the growth of new skin cells. Thus, the scar tissue that gives the appearance of stretch marks is replaced and fades with time. Stretch marks are still and become thinner and milder with the use of vitamin until you arrive to a State which is no longer perceptible. In addition to its ability to eliminate stretch marks, vitamin also helps to prevent the development of new stretch marks. Since it increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, makes it capable of weathering due to several factors such as the pregnancy, hormonal flow and changes in weight. Eat foods rich in vitamin E, such as kiwis, mangos and almonds. You can also buy capsules of vitamin and puncture with a needle and then apply the oil directly on the skin. Another option is to buy creams anti-stretch and other products containing vitamin e. 3. Try to keep your weight stable. Sudden increases in weight, including downs, will definitely make you have stretch marks. Although I understand that sometimes is not easy, hehe. 4 Eat well. Sweets, flours and other carbohydrates are useful only in moderate amounts and for some people, only in very small quantities. Proteins that synthesize collagen, vegetables containing vitamins, carotenidos and other useful substances, are very good for our health. 5 Exercises. 6 Take minimo2 liters of aguaal day. 7. Exfoliate daily is important because it removes dead cells and can eliminate small flutes.