Dealing with Anger

We already know that all we can annoy us and we do, then this is easy. Another thing is getting upset and in the proper way, with the right person, at the right time and for just cause, this, because it is not so easy, something that already said the Greek philosopher Aristotle. All we find sometimes offensive warriors in our daily lives, but we almost never know the challenge of properly. On many occasions did flee and we swallow and aggressiveness that we feel, which ends up focusing on our interior turning against us, becoming a banging, because sometimes is so much accumulated rage that this rage just by channeling in parts of our body, ocasionandonos symptoms such as stiffness, headaches, stomach problems, joint, feelings of great sorrow, discouragement and sadness. All of this by having a number of not expressed anger. But although we can not feel what we feel, if you can decide what to do with what we feel, the anger and the fear.

It is not afraid of showing our anger, it is best to not feel, but if we feel we must show it, don’t swallow it, now if, show it in the best possible way. First what we have to do is approach the situation differently. It is decri, when we feel a very great anger, not to think about the breakup of that relationship (whatever that is), but view it as an opportunity to approach the other person. If we have doubts on how to show our anger, first nothing nopermitir let us carry rabies and get thinking and then we put ourselves in the place of the other person and think, we would like the other person to show us his anger, Yes with honesty and willingness to fix it or on the contrary with offenses and lies. Is also very important to take responsibility also of our anger, because if there is an anger also we have been able to do something to acentura the situation, also take responsibility and say that we we who are angry and feel discomfort and not which is the other a person who causes it us, because if so we would be culpandola and responsabilizandola of what we feel, and by very unpleasant as it may seem we dealing with another person we who create our experience, our sense and not the other. Not only it is express discomfort, it must be clearly and concisely express the necessity that datacenters before the person by which we feel disappointed.

If we do not we leave so that the other has to guess how we want to treat us, and therefore give you the option to make a mistake. So that when we are angry and lifted us another person voice, it would be convenient to tell you something as well:-I prefer to talk about at another time in which calmer estes, and not do or same. Toward the angry person, it would be necessary and appropriate to ask him how he feels with what we have said and ask also that is what both bothers him. It is to listen to the other person with calm and not to swallow their anger. We must not forget that each of us It is responsible for our emotions and not another person.

Roman Surgery

The cardiac patient can present its congenital pathology or to be victim of an unexpected event, resulting in a surgery (in accordance with the specific pathology) or carrying through angioplastia (surgery of small transport). These two last unexpected, sudden modalities, being able to become source of great Roman anxiety (1994, p.62) point the phases for which it passes the cardiac patient when it is under the immediate postoperative cares. It has, first, a constatao that survived to the surgery, that is alive; it acquires then the state of alert and feels pain and I bother of the incisions. In accordance with the authors Oliveira, Sharovsky and Ismael, the period most difficult of the surgical treatment is of the permanence of the patient in the UTI, where if it finds weakker, on in devices, sounding leads, catheters and dependent of third. At the same time where it feels relief of the tension generated for the anxiety of the operatrio daily pay, the fall of its defenses occurs, being able to cause psicorreativos pictures giving to origin the depression, agitation and to the times confusionais states of psychosomatic origin. When leaving the UTI, crises of I cry and sadness moments are common. This because during this phase the patient one generally passes for reflection moments, analyzing and reevaluating values of the life, and many would like to try to modify some lived deeply situations already.

The emotividade can continue for plus some months and the best way of if dealing with it are admitiz it and to leave that if it reveals of course. Hardly the psychologist will be present in postoperative the immediate one. But he will be able to make the accompaniment so soon takes knowledge of the possibility of the patient to be taken care of, having to inquire itself previously, with the plantonista doctor and nurses on the current state of the patient, in order to inform some facts that will be able liven up it for its recovery.

Aloe Vera for Skin

SOME advice practical to care for the skin with ALOE VERA to times not applying the right product, also enough to do it the right way. Provided that you use a cream for the face recalls that it is important to have clean skin, that will get it washed you with a neutral SOAP before applying; so that the result is optimum I recommend that you use at least once a week an Exfoliating gel and to apply you a mask a couple of times a month, with that you will get your pores are open and ready to receive and absorb easily. It is also important that you massage gently and in circles the area where you’re going to apply the cream, as well as the pores open it is suitable that the capillaries are activated and receive the flow of nutrients. The last factor to be taken into account before applying the cream is to use a product that favours the penetration of the cosmetic for your maximum advantage, so nothing better than aloe, which in addition to provide you nutrients greatly enhance the penetration of all components of the cream you use, this is due to its high content of lignin, a compound that accelerates and enhances the absorption. In addition, aloe can apply to all types of skins as I explain below: If you have dry skin, mix a gel of aloe with olive oil, avocado or Sweet Almonds and you will have an excellent nutritious. If you have oily skin use only gel, is astringent and reduces excess fat, perhaps notes a certain tightness to the principle, if it bothers you you the gel is applied after the shower, with the still damp face, so you will get a perfect moisturizing non-greasy face.

If you have normal or mixed skin you can use aloe gel without mixing, apply it until its total absorption. You can also use aloe with retinol gel to give firmness to the skin, massages in one direction a few moments and you’ll see that the result is visible, aloe promotes collagen production and an Exfoliating effect so it also has combat wrinkles and stains, it is a true multi-purpose. In addition to cares for your skin, you can also use aloe to cure it. The gel uses 95% small acne scars, scars, stains of the face, or any other imperfections of the skin, can also use it as hair after the shower gel, will strengthen your hair and keep it healthy and Nice. Be constant, used your cosmetics with aloe and notice the results.

Hip Surgery

There is a disease known as osteoarthritis of hip, that is a reality that is already affecting not only seniors, but also to those middle-aged people. Surgeons who carried out the hip surgery, ideal to combat this disease, often with experience in both bone problems as joint, carefully evaluate the patient and they are who determine whether it is feasible or not to carry out the surgical procedure. What is taken into account are their clinical background, its function articulate and the strength of his hip, in addition to observations carried out on how it moves, how you feel, and how leans. Likewise, carried out the taking of x-rays and if the surgeon notice severe damage, is the hip surgery. The symptoms that occur range from mild annoyances that cause discomfort, until severe headaches that can incapacitate you up in your daily activities. Hip surgery involves the placement of a prosthesis of hip and reduces pain, considerably improving the mobility of the joints. It is likely that you feel identified with the symptoms you mention here; If that is your case, I suggest that you go to see a surgeon and review if you are a candidate to submit yourself to a hip surgery. A. Verastegui hold.


At the beginning of namoro all wonderful age, they adored to take a walk in shopping, to attend to all week the cinematographic launchings, the plans during the engagement; research of buffets, business-oriented suppers, trips, gave credit that it would be forever. Exactly ahead of as many attritions and insults the separation never passed for the thoughts, never was an alternative. Welcome to the reality, nor everything happens of the planned form. The love finished and what it remains? Hurt, much pain, frustration. This is the reply of the pessimistic person, dived in the loss, that does not see that the situations present positive and negative points.

The pain of the loss of the friend (a) to who made oaths still seems an opened wound, dilacerando day-by-day, leaving the sun without brightness, the life without color, any food without flavor! Exactly after months in some cases until years. It is common for some time to feel abandonment, squeeze in the chest, extreme sadness when seeing clothes, photos, I smell feeling it. The epilogue of the sacred marriage is a form of fights; you many without desiring have that to continue the way alone. The dreams and plans had been interrupted. Already he stopped to think if it (a) was so good thus, or you had projected its desires and idealized? The attritions happened because the other difficult age or you wanted to transform it? It is basic to stand out that the bankruptcy of an institution does not occur instantaneously, for the opposite, is a long period that both contribute. However after I ruin it accomplished, remains to join the pieces that sobraram and to discover new ways, to plan new strategies. The separation leaves any unsafe, vulnerable individual.

Perhaps some say that the men suffer more for not sharing, for machismo, to keep the fort position. Independent of the sex pain is real, and the word of order is ' ' REAGIR' '. Right now suffering it has more time to reflect, to evaluate, to invest in its dignity, its well-being, to take care of of its interior, to fortify its emotions. The life this offering a new possibility to you to rewrite its trajectory, moving without its permission the direction. You have diverse alternatives, between them to be crying, bitter taste, muttering, and its friends if moving away. Or to face, to know that the wound this healing, but you decided to fight, to fight for the life, the happiness, you, the other good news that still will happen. Already he decided of that side will be?

Relevance Importance

Only stones thrown in the fruit-laden tree. We daily act in the scenarios that our part according to our role and we face challenges, changes, testing often required of each person properly use its potential, not only for not perish, let yourself be caught by the effects, but also to give way to that creativity, innovation that allows us to illuminate us and know the opportunity of life that we bequeathedespecially when facing critical situations, adverse. says, resiliency is the ability of a person or group to continue projecting into the future despite events destabilizing, hardship and trauma sometimes severe. Resilience is situated in a stream of Psychology positive and dynamic promotion of mental health and seems a reality confirmed by the testimony of many people that, even having lived through a traumatic situation, have managed to fit it and continue developing and living, even in a level top, as if trauma lived and assumed would have developed in them latent and unsuspected resources. Wikipedia in this regard reminds us, that the concept was introduced in the psychological sphere into the 70s by paido-psychiatrist Michael Rutter, directly inspired by the concept of physics.

In the behaviorist view of Rutter, the resiliency was reduced to a kind of Adaptive social flexibility. The concept is deepened to transcend to Behaviorism, for example, with the investigations of the ethologist Boris Cyrulnik, who expanded the concept of resilience observing the survivors of concentration camps, children in Romanian orphanages and Bolivian children in street situation. In psychology, the term resilience refers to the ability of subjects to overcome deaths or periods of emotional pain. When a subject or group of animals is capable of doing so, he is said to have proper resiliency, and you can overcome setbacks or, even, be strengthened by them. The concept of resilience is It corresponds with the term integrity.

The Relationship Between Man And Woman

Let's talk about the relationship between a man and a woman? – You go to a party in Moscow singles dating "Romance"? – And that I was there remember? I completely lack the dating sites who are over 30, yes I'm here and users scattered on various agencies, dating, suddenly find something suitable for the role of a life partner. And what do I know obotnosheniyah between man and woman at a party in a Moscow club dating dating "Romance"? I had many examples of his personal life, and has long formed a clear idea as to strengthen the family and you need to know about the psychology of family relations in order to create a perfect union with his second half. – Okay? You Remember, as recently whined that all your attempts dating in real life with a view to creating a family and finding a life partner and did not lead to anything good. And all your knowledge about the relationship between a man and a woman you do not help. So it may be similar to flirt party vmoskovsky dating dating "Romance"? At the same time to increase my collection of knowledge about how the constructed ideal relationship between a man and a woman? – Yes, I was here in single free dating club. Type of dating agency in which I threw back my application, hosted a party for singles of their clients. I been looking for dating in Moscow, sat in the Internet dating sites who 30, climb on the ads, which often are dating in Moscow, gave a bunch of books and articles about the relationship between a man and a woman, about how to get acquainted with a view to creating a family, where the best place to meet their second half.


Kabbalah considers all beings as a manifestation of the basic properties of creation – a desire for pleasure. This property is driven by all: the great villain and the great righteous. Even at the level of our relatively small passions desire to determine not only actions but also to evaluate the actions of others. For example, the desire to order, which comes in an atmosphere of confusion, corruption, uncertainty about the future leads to overestimation of even such seemingly odious figures such as Stalin. What attracts some and horrifies others in Stalin? What usually making the epithet 'Stalinist'? – Stalin's repression, Stalin's camps, Stalin's time (even Stalin's empire and Stalin skyscraper). We consider here some of concepts whose membership Stalin era is unlikely to challenge and new 'Stalin's falcons', and those who hate the very name of Stalin.

The first is the phenomenon of Stalin's power, authority sole and unfettered. Second, 'communism' – that's how Stalin referred to political and social system to which the iron hand of a great country led. And third, the order guidance is unequivocally attributed to Stalin. Three of these concepts and more weighty, because even that which is most often used with the epithet 'Stalinist', – Stalin's repressions were one of the ways of the power, becoming dear to his heart, the type of society, and impose order – in the sense of Stalin himself. Thus, the power. As already mentioned, the essence of creation, the external manifestation of which we are all of us (and even the 'Stalin') – this desire.

Migration Service

So write about it herself Migration Service in Sweden: You should be aged 18 to 30 years and be able to show that you have a distinct interest in or use for Swedish language studies. A previous period spent as an au pair in another country immediately prior to the planned stay in Sweden could reduce the chances of you being granted a permit in Sweden. The reason is that this could be an indication that it is a question of regular work as a nanny or a similar porition and not as an au pair. By the way, your application for a visa only for 2 months in this family, further evidence for the migration service that you do not have serious reasons for participation in the au-pair in this country. Because if you wanted to learn the language and get acquainted with the culture of this country, it seems, would be interested in an annual, not monthly program 2. Your argument that you bring about good in our family – for the migration service is not interesting. Now conclusions.

I personally do not recommend this country for you. No difference in 1 year you have found a family or for 2 months. Argument – a high probability of denial of a visa (not 100 interest, of course, but very high). If you still want to take a chance (you are eligible, as the only risk your time, your money and your nerves), and you really like the family (the one at 2 months), write a letter directly to the Migration Service in Sweden with the question of whether you can get a work permit to the family in such a short time.

The Aspect

Ciliar Mata is distinguished for its wealth, genetic diversity and for its paper in the protection of the edficos hdricos resources, wild and aquatic fauna (RIBEIRO, 1998). With the objective to verify the influence of remainders of ciliar vegetation and the antrpica action in the quality of water DONADIO et al. (2005) they had studied four springs, being two with the presence of remaining natural vegetation and two with predominance of agricultural activities and had concluded that the presence of remainders of vegetation of ciliar bush assists in the protection of the hdricos resources. Perceiving the importance of the activities for recovery of degraded areas, the objective of this work is through the revision of literature, to stand out the importance of the preservation of the ciliares formations, as much in the ecological aspect, how much to the aspect directly related to the protection of the sources and too much water bodies, identifying the main models of water (RODRIGUES of ciliar bush. Considering the distinguishing adaptability of the identified species for each ambient condition in the ciliar band, that go to present particularitities in the different fitogeogrficas regions. (Al HISSES et., 1998).

Therefore the choice of the species represents ones of the main guarantees of success in the restoration, therefore during the sprouting and the evolution of a forest, the species demonstrate very specific ambient and biological requirements (RODRIGUES, 2000). In such a way, the forest succession, must be understood not as a simple substitution of species in the time, but yes as the sucessionais alternation of ecological groups or categories. The priorizao can be made in many distinct ways, producing a greater or minor refinement of results. KENTULA (1997) working in a context of microbasins, suggests the following steps to arrive it definition of priorities: characterization of the microbasin, identification of the questions key, documentation of current situation, description of considered conditions as references, object identification, the summary of the conditions and determination of the causes.