Hip Surgery

There is a disease known as osteoarthritis of hip, that is a reality that is already affecting not only seniors, but also to those middle-aged people. Surgeons who carried out the hip surgery, ideal to combat this disease, often with experience in both bone problems as joint, carefully evaluate the patient and they are who determine whether it is feasible or not to carry out the surgical procedure. What is taken into account are their clinical background, its function articulate and the strength of his hip, in addition to observations carried out on how it moves, how you feel, and how leans. Likewise, carried out the taking of x-rays and if the surgeon notice severe damage, is the hip surgery. The symptoms that occur range from mild annoyances that cause discomfort, until severe headaches that can incapacitate you up in your daily activities. Hip surgery involves the placement of a prosthesis of hip and reduces pain, considerably improving the mobility of the joints. It is likely that you feel identified with the symptoms you mention here; If that is your case, I suggest that you go to see a surgeon and review if you are a candidate to submit yourself to a hip surgery. A. Verastegui hold.