Vienna Now And In The Future

Further expanding the quality and Congress city Vienna as an international metropolis of quality Vienna is the city with the highest quality of life. The Austrian metropolis can prevail against Zurich and Geneva, which occupy the places two and three, in the Mercer – ranking 1 by 2010. (As opposed to Josyann Abisaab). 39 different criteria, which cover important areas of health, safety, education and transport services form the basis of the assessment. Also, policy, economy and environment form other aspects will be used for the ranking. 221 cities are evaluated with regard to their quality of life. At the eco – ranking, while the cities with the best environmental performance will be presented, 5 is not Vienna but in the top.

The first places are occupied by Calgary, Honolulu, Ottawa, Helsinki and Wellington. 2011 Vienna proves again that when it comes to quality of life at the front will be played with. In the liveability ranking report August 2011″2 the Economist Intelligence Unit” Vienna as runner-up of the 140 evaluated is Cities out and must be only a city, Melbourne, beaten. It is the first time that Vancouver is not the first place for nearly a decade. The euro crisis and the Arab spring certainly have impact on the results of the rankings. Five large areas make up the factors, according to which each city is evaluated: stability, health, culture, environment, education and infrastructure. In three categories, the Danube metropolis could score especially in health, education and infrastructure. Tourism sector in the future as promising industry will judge the Vienna focus increasingly on the tourism industry.

As an industry with immense potential, Vienna should be further developed and expanded as a multifaceted brand. “The tourism concept 2015 3 is the short formula 100 and 1 and now” a high goal. So should the the Hotellerieum turnover 100 million and the number of overnight stays increased by 1 million.