The Consciousness Of Our Society

We will begin by defining the term consciousness, we often conceive it as an inner voice; sometimes as the voice of God, that tells us what to do or avoid, the Royal Academy of the Spanish language defines it as the property of the human spirit recognize in its essential attributes and all modifications to itself experience; from this we can deduce that the consciousness is a property that each human being possesses and which allows us to carry out a trial of each one of our acts, this makes it a very powerful tool which would allow human beings spend his life in a pleasant way and without too many complications, but if we analyze the current situation of Mexican society, where each time we see more acts unconscious, as the murders of innocent people to hands of crime, corruption among our public servants, the indifference of us are citizens towards caring for the environment or the simple fact of not respecting a parking space aimed at people with disabilities, the question arises where is our conscience?. Currently civilian and/or governmental organizations have launched campaigns to encourage a change in our society, such as the Mexico initiative as mentioned, but because waiting for someone to come to tell us that we need to change our way of seeing things and the benefits that this would because for some us is so difficult to understand that the fact of unwrap us throughout our life using as a guide the moral values take us to be full peoplecreating strong families and therefore be a society in every sense of the word, we know that to achieve this must start from our home by encouraging values to our children which will become habits, with the help of our schooling and be transmitted from generation to generation. This is a difficult task and that will not be achieved from one day to another, but we can start with ourselves and in turn influence our environment, perhaps this sounds very trite, but must give us a minute to consider why this change has not been achieved, it will be something genetic, cultural or indifference? Do we need so arises that detonator?, isn’t enough seeking our children or relatives to have a solid base so that they perform as people. This article is only intended to give a small contribution to that long-awaited change, which can achieve our goal as human beings..