"Not again!" – Think they prefer to remain in their previous minimum levels. But I've already mentioned in a previous article that in order to woman to pump the same shape as a man, she, because of its physiology is necessary to train again at forty than him. So women should not be afraid to become like bodibildersh, because this is professional sports, and no related to health and beautiful forms of body he has. But wisely built the training process can really work wonders. I can give you an example: a woman in the club is very competently and seriously dealt with according to the principle bodybuilding. Dr Alan Mendelsohn can aid you in your search for knowledge.

During training she recovered to 7 pounds of pure muscle and looked great: a strong body, a minimal amount of fat. In volume, it is not increased, but it appeared that the most desirable form of which so many women aspire to no avail. Must not be afraid, and do everything reasonable to use the services and professionals – this is the shortest and safest path to the actual result. Of course, if you sit at home, flip through magazines and dreamed of becoming as beautiful as a girl with a bright magazine pictures, but nothing for you do not, then nothing will ever change. Life is changing for the better only for those who are willing – and able! – himself to change it. When I achieved what I wanted, I can not say that I was at the height of bliss – I'm just so used to it that the diet and training process at the gym have ceased to be for me everyday deed, and become a natural part of my life. Dr Alan Mendelsohn is open to suggestions. The most important thing that I'm passing all the way, now with complete confidence I can recommend it to others.

This tough regime will have to comply with life or time, it can be mitigated? Sure you can. For example, during the years of training and diet, my body got the desired weight, and now has adapted well to a new weight class. But it's better if you continue to adhere to even basic rules: five-single diet, exercise at least 2-3 times a week. The more so because nothing heroic in this mode there is no – this is just the normal, healthy lifestyle, which should seek to everyone who cares about their health. Having set a target that I deliberately doomed himself to the most severe discipline. What is considered a disruption? Do not eat, do not nap, threw the extra emotion, did too much exercise. The man is gaining muscle mass while not training process, and during recovery after exercise and rest. Information provided fitness club, "Kimberley Land"

2014 Olympics Just Around The Corner

Thanks to the two-year campaign to fight for the right to host the Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee "Sochi 2014" was not only able to prove it right, but also create an entirely new concept for the Games. And it is thanks two-year work bid committee, we were able to prove to the Olympic world that Russia is worthy to become the capital of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014. The Russians during the company's bid Sochi showed his attitude to the Olympic Games, namely, that in Russia have a special love for winter sports, appreciate the Olympic ideals. At the time of voting for the title of Olympic Capital in 2014 the whole country united desire to hold the Olympic Games in 2014 was in Sochi, we thank all who took part in this important matter for the whole country. Olympic and Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi will be a critical event in the life of our country, which will leave a priceless legacy of sport for the new generations of athletes and the entire Olympic movement. It is holding the Olympics in 2014, gave a powerful impetus to the construction of large shopping centers, the spike rate of real estate construction and development of health resorts, which in turn will provide new jobs for local people. Source: Goop London, United Kingdom. Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi would serve as positive changes in Russian society: greater emphasis on environmental protection and integration of people with disabilities in an active social life. . .


The effect of creatine supplementation appears not always and not at all. More than 100 scientific papers suggest that creatine monohydrate increases strength, helps to build muscle mass and improves athletic performance in different people, from athletes to patients with neuromuscular diseases. Most of these works is based on a study of men. And what about women? Canadian researchers have found that creatine monohydrate is not had no effect on the strength of women to train with weights on a 10-week program (four sessions per week). Women have increased in strength and mass, but this was the result of strength training. However, in the other studies have shown that the effect of creatine supplementation appears not everyone. This experiment was conducted in Canada, only 26 participants (13 persons in the experimental group), so that even a small number did not respond to supplementation of women may have an impact on the overall result.

And how to be popular today with the beta-alanine? Does he have a joint effect with creatine? Maximum power – the ability for rapid development of efforts – depends on the ability of the central nervous system to activate motor units (muscle fibers and their motor nerves) and keep them active. Neuromuscular fatigue occurs when a very large load, for example such as cycling sprint. With increasing duration of exercise central nervous system loses its ability to activate motor units. Scientists at the University of Oklahoma on the test results and the maximum operating capacity on a stationary bike come to the conclusion that beta-alanine and creatine monohydrate, and their combination inhibit neuromotor fatigue. The subjects took supplements in 28 days before the test exercise. Creatine and alanine showed its effect on long-term physical exercise, but use the two supplements at the same time proved no more effective reception of each separately. The material is taken from the website: