Solve More Essential Existencial Problems

I will look for to give to relief in the present article the three great desires that had always been gifts in the human spirit since its miraculosa creation (from preexisting material and for pneuma the holy ghost), until our days, and to relate them with modern science. These desires secundum quid are legitimate, however, the great problem inhabit in its displacement of target and its other people’s independence the good and perfect will of God, manifest in the revelation Jewish-Christian. These legitimately human desires, that with passing of the years had changedded into subject and object of study of positive sciences, can be related with two tickets of the veterotestamentrias Holy Writs, namely, the fall of the first couple (Genesis 3), and the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). Of the boarded subjects, the first one belongs to biological sciences, more specifically to the genetics, as it is referred the practical philosophy (politics), and the last one is on to astronomy. The first subject is the aspiration of sciences biological for immortality the human being; today it is said in reaching immortality of the life when the human genome is studied. Some geneticistas affirm that the humanity in the future, after to mapear the human genome and to discover the gene that cause the death, power to revert its process and to reach immortality. Not obstante the kinship with the dogma of immortality of the soul in the context of the religion, immortality refers now the materiality, not if it speaks of immortal soul in the after-life as we know, but immortality in the natural scope. The desire for immortality of the life in the natural scope, always was a human dream, since the myth of the source of youth until the Drcula de Bran Stocker, and in our days the myth persists with maquiagem of positive science. In the book of the Genesis the moment is told where the first couple is attemped to eat of the fruit of the tree of the good and the evil, the serpent, that is Lucifer, when offering the forbidden fruit, affirms that the human beings will not go to die when transgressing the law of God, is the beginning of the myth of the immortality independent one of God, which is giver of the life.