Alive the love with words intensely said and writings, kills homesicknesses, part pardon, is come close, recouped the lost time, captivates, glad somebody, and you if will feel very well. He transmits to all a special affection. He uses the word the all instant, of all the ways. Its force is imensurvel. One always remembers the power of the words. ' ' Who writes constructs a castle, and who reads passes habit-lo.' ' A smile a good day a good afternoon a good night thanks a lot an order of excuses One I hug a gentility a sincere word and friend Is gratis, simple and can change the day of somebody. While the night to shine, the life me will be beautiful! I will be woman, loving, sister, angel, girl, muse. While I to live will be poetess, and of verse in verse I go tearing skies Therefore each verse is a kept homesickness a waited love, a dreamed dream a given kiss, a night without end, a piece of me, because I am thus Valria R. Carballo