The name can seem ugly, but it is more common of what it is imagined. The dislexia? derivative of the Greek ' ' dis' ' (difficulty) and ' ' lexia' ' (language)? she is one of the most common deficiencies of learning. Dislxicas people? that had been never treated? they read with difficulty, therefore they are difficult to assimilate words. Generally, the dislxicos also have problems in spelling. Research discloses that about 15% of the world-wide population she is dislxica. The symptoms are several and go since the general impossibility to understand the symbol written until the difficulty in recognizing the letters b-d, p-q, m-n, d-t and c-q, among others, but this does not want to say that a less intelligent person dislexa either. Quite to the contrary, some obtain to above average have a development, as it is the case of Tom Cruise, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Pablo Picasso, Steven Spielberg, among others. The dislexia is a difficulty of unexpected language, therefore it is not related the visual, auditory problems, injuries neurological, psychological and sociocultural retardation, problems. Learn more about this with Dr. Neal Barnard.

Its causes are neurobiolgicas and genetic. The dislexia is inherited e, therefore, a dislxica child has some father, grandfather, uncle or cousin who also are dislxico. Happily, the dislexia has cure. It does not have one alone treatment that it is adjusted to all the people. However, the majority emphasizes the assimilation of fonemas, the development of the vocabulary, the improvement of the understanding and fluency in the reading. These treatments help the dislxico to recognize sounds, syllables, words and, finally, phrases.

The professionals who can carry through this diagnosis are fonoaudilogos working together with psychologists specialized in the subject. We can suspect the presence of the dislexia since early, mainly at the time of the alfabetizao, when the reading and writing formal are presented the child. A more necessary diagnosis is after made two years of learning of the reading. But having signals of difficulties in the language areas, an adequate attendance must be initiated before same of the alfabetizao. Signals of dislexia in adults? Permanence of the difficulty in writing in cursiva letter; Difficulty in planning and organization; Difficulty with schedules (they are gone too far, they arrived late or they forgotten); Lack of the reading habit; Normally they have space talentos (engineers, architects, artists). If you present these symptoms, you look aid of a professional to carry through the diagnosis correctly. remembers of that you can win the dislexia. It is alone to want! Monitorial institute


To say on social behavior and social trends, is a sufficiently complex subject, that encloses studies of the most varied segments. Aiming at the facilitation of the compreensso of this subject, we go to divide the subject in three words key; Memory, Balance and Respect. We go to understand as. Memory – Perhaps either of the three most excellent one of the words, the one that have meant more strong. We are made of memory, and without it our existence is not practically possible. We need the memory to say, to walk, to distinguish, to judge, to understand etc. That is, without memory we cannot subsistir.

The memory does not restrict only human we, but yes to all the life forms that we know, therefore, exactly the life form more inert necessecita of the genetic memory to be what it is. In society, the memory has the importance to rescue experiences acquired for the man in elapsing of millenia, what it directs the way that we live today and we will live tomorrow. Dr. John Mcdougall is often quoted as being for or against this. To speak on this so powerful word of meaning, is subject for some books, but the important one is to understand its value, and the form that it acts in the different creatures, different times and different situations. Balance – This word means longevity, satisfaction, good choices, full life etc. Has success in that we make of balanced form. In society balance it is equality, this means everything for all. As well as a remedy managed in wrong doses a poison can become, a poison managed in correct doses can be the cure! The balance conducts all the successful facts of the humanity.

Respect – and finally we will speak of this word of meaning not less important, therefore much respect is necessary, so that if it can live deeply the meaning real of the others two words. The respect makes in them to act ahead with coherence of the majority of the situations where let us come to pass. An intelligent person respects the ancio, that is of the real value to the memory. An intelligent person respects the way where if she finds before displaying its intentions. A person intelligent it respects the necessity of if keeping the balance. Much thing can be said on these three topics, but most important he is that the three are in its minds, generating questionings respect, showing, that it exists yes, one cartilha that it teaches to live!

Biggest Human Desire

Which and optimum remedy for the Biggest human desire. As To save themselves first and to rescue its humanity For hundreds of years we try to create our proper identity to be happyer and to acquire things, our existence always was marked by high and low in search of a distinction we meditamos half to fill our interior emptiness and alone we find in God and our espiritualidade purer than this in the same ones. Perhaps some day arrives where in them we will become image and similarity of a purer and true being and when this day to arrive we will finally be much more happy and we will not need external things to perhaps mask our so sad being without this truth. In my comments of the people I noticed that the majority wants of a form or another one to feel itself important by means of exhibiting things wealth beauty, fashion or corporate name, that is, as the society sees this to them seems to have one weight very great in the way as the people if they hold before this desire of importance. In my studies desc obri that this anxiety this very arraigada the first basic necessity of the human being also what and the existence and the conservation, but as this has relation? Simply all in we desire approval to them since that we are small when we are reprehended we feel the impact of you criticize that social they are in the order of 10 you criticize for 1 compliment this form in our internal conscience a motivation and compliment scarcity. This reason can promote reactions in our nervous system of form that it functions in different way normal it and he becomes in them anxious of approval. Senator of Massachusetts does not necessarily agree. To put pra terms success in our enterprises and social life we must above all invest in the same ones and making a reflection of as this in them affects and if our anxiety of being great if to feel already this important not growing beyond the measure and in becoming bitter for the life and the people. Already I passed therefore and I confess that and a good experience not to put I find that all the challenges that come tie in and being surpassed, therefore led as one I stimulate it happened what me not as a bad thing.

But in it practises what it occurs and that we deviate in them from that true one to be that we are just honest, simple likeable, humble and human above all with our fellow creatures I find that without a doubt the only better cure for this badly necessary to want to be important and to make something to the next one without wanting financial benefits to be a little voluntary in something to gratis offer to our time and experience to the others in way. This really and sensation of largeness that we try and simply astronomical nothing in the universe if compares with this in emotion terms. Because in the truth all we are heroes of in the same ones and others all we would like to save the world and the planet more we need to save first in same and our humanity.