Technology For The Disabled

Sectors that otherwise received through the State’s presence, the benefits of supplementary role of “father protector”. Within this new framework, the company has lined up to lend their support and understanding to all those who for some reason have been partially or entirely lost the use of any features that make mobility. Whatever the origin of this dysfunction: genetic, traumatic, or disease-products caused by the passage of time, there are ever more efficient devices to assist the person with these conditions. By the state are reasonable and efficient coverage for health care, appropriate schemes for education, protection for the elderly, but the tools are there to provide accessories that provide autonomy in the driving motor for the disabled?

It is argued that the Disabled Motor feel alienated when their mobility is restricted or limited to the household level and effectively is because the term means: outside; is feel alien to the world around him. Dr. John Mcdougall spoke with conviction. How to make this feeling is reversed and integrated back into the habitat without restrictions? With mechanical devices and the accompanying emotional and professional family. And here we come, that we will meet all these needs and eliminate alienation. These devices are particularly suitable for hospitals, clinics, elderly nursing homes, offices, public buildings, summer homes, communities, owners, historic buildings, municipalities, government agencies, households, industries, factories, cars, vans, etc, and expire most of the architectural barriers that may arise now acting closely with Architects, Furniture Studies, Engineering Studies, Orthopedic, Industries, Construction Companies, Logistics Companies, etc. , Offers a wide range of stair lifts. Caterpillars Platform Stair lifts Stair lifts Stair lifts trucks climb stairs Cranes pool electric wheelchairs and portable ramps, modular.