Association Mannheim

Also donation this year for the German leukemia research help Mannheim supports company Innovex, a leading provider of marketing and sales solutions in the healthcare sector, a non-profit project. Already in 2005, and last year the donation of action for cancer-stricken children of German aid of leukemia research in Mannheim is good. A joy to prepared within the children of Oncology stations at the Klinikum Mannheim and at the University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany at Christmas with a donation of 5,000 euro, laptops and printers. Innovex pleased again in 2008 with a successful year and takes this as an opportunity, others that participate. In the last twelve months Innovex could prove even more innovative capability and reliability”, explains Monika Beintner, Managing Director of Innovex in Mannheim. “Reason enough for us this success to share and so we help the cancer children already for the third time”, which explains Managing Director. The German leukemia research help action for children suffering from cancer kinder local Association Mannheim E.v.

was founded 26 years ago in Mannheim. Parents of children with cancer, doctors and friends of the Association have joined forces to help the children and their families. So advice and in case of special need is offered by leukaemia – and tumor-sick children also financial aid parents. The Association supports the children clinic also in the development of the human, financial and technical diagnostic facilities and promotes research in the field of cancer in children. Innovex is a subsidiary of quintiles transnational, the number 1 in Germany and around the world, when it comes to clinical research, marketing, and sales from a single source for the healthcare industry. This year, Innovex was already for the fourth time by the magazine capital,”awarded to the best employer. With a turnover of 75 million euros of the providers of marketing and sales solutions in the healthcare sector could also 2007 achieved a very successful business year. Last but not least to his years of expertise in the market and its highly qualified staff has the success.

TV Star Sebastian Konig Moderated The Roadshow Of The Looney Tunes Sports Party

TV star Sebastian Konig moderated the Roadshow of the Looney Tunes sports party Hamburg, may 2008 Sebastian Konig, one of the most popular TV presenters in the young television viewers in Germany, goes into the entertainment and event business and moderated the Roadshow of the Looney Tunes sports party. The 23-year-old is a Looney Tunes fan since his childhood. Since 2006 Sebastian Konig works as a TV presenter and presented the broadcasts MIXERY currently MASSIVE MUSIC, STRASSENCHARTS, VIVA SPECIAL and new to the music television channel VIVA. His fans in all Germany now have the opportunity, live and up close on the Looney Tunes show platform to experience the TV star. The tour of the Looney Tunes sports party goes through all Germany: Los went there on May 10 at the kid Festival in Kiel. Basti are at nine other children festivals in Germany\”and the Looney Tunes are on the stage, including for example the town festival in Leipzig, the Festival for children and youth in Berlin and the children’s Party at the Olympic Park in Munich.

The young leader will present games and events for the kids and of course the Looney Tunes sports party circuit present. The tour is presented by Boomerang, the 24-hour cartoon channel. After the event the big show at Boomerang continue the same: after the children have completed their sports program at the Looney Tunes party, they can pass the time with the most popular Looney Tunes characters in the cinema around the clock. Register for the tour is not required, all interested children simply wear their favorite sports stuff and can immediately participate. On a course with a total of six stations include balance, strength, speed, agility, endurance and team spirit asked. Saralays catwalk, Wile E. Coyotes climbing Gorge, basketball games in Daffy ducks dunk, the road runners course or Speedy Gonzales children driving school: each station in the circuit is represented by a character in the Looney Tunes, because with Bugs Bunny and movement is just really fun the other cartoon heroes.

Avail Obama Loan Modification

Making home affordable program, loan modification program, federal loan modification. Obama loan modification program is the part of the Obama administration’s making home affordable program, helps to the borrowers who are not able to pay for their mortgage payment. The home affordable modification plan makes a reliable process for loan servicers to change or modify the existing mortgages for homeowners who convene up with the following two clauses: they expend in excess of 31% of their monthly earnings on their housing expenses. Gain insight and clarity with McDougall Program. They have previously undergone in delinquent or in upcoming danger of non-payment due to a drastic change or modification in their financial conditions. Rules for mortgage modification program are tricky.

The federal government has prepared guidelines of upper level and moreover Fannie Mae as well as Freddie Mac has made their own specific guidelines or procedures. Even the calendar, loan servicer or mortgage insurers may have their own requirements. The loan modification program which chiefly commenced for mortgages owned or secured through Fannie Mae as well as Freddie Mac; However, further mortgages can thus be qualified if the loan servicer choose to offer this plan. Borrowers should’nt consult with their loan servicer or lender to talk about their conditions or situations. Customer’s inquiries plagued the numbers of search services, so you should be enduring and strong minded. As if you are grasp in a step, it is essential to know the summary of the procedures by the government and Fannie and Freddie for the federal loan modification.

Borrower necessities: The borrower must have failed to pay mortgage payment or may he would not be able to pay the monthly payment in the near future due to unforeseen expenses, major add in the payment, cut back in earnings or any another type of adversity which makes the payment difficult. Borrowers whose mortgage is in foreclosure are eligible, as by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guiding principle. Borrower wants to get the foreclosure on loans owned or protected by Fannie Mae or Freddie Maduring the mortgage loan modification process, placed through state law.c bankrupt borrowers can be eligible. Borrowers must prepare and place all the required documents providing the full information of their income and expenses and give evidence of sufferings or a main difficulty change in their financial conditions. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require a credit report, though there is no minimum or maximum credit rating. All the necessary financial documents including a home loan modification agreement, suffering letter must be duly signed by the borrower.

Bionics: Nature Makes Inventive!

Bionics exhibition makes station in the Saarland until November 15, 2009 has the joint exhibition of the bionics competence network BIOKON e.V. If you are not convinced, visit patrick smith. and the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) in the lamp room of IKS – industrial culture Saar GmbH in country hamlet speeches. The Bionic experimentation field for big and small is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily – admission is free. Amateurs and professionals, adults and children, companies or associations: “inspiration nature – patent workshop Bionics” is aimed at a general public! Approximately 240 square meters the exhibition shows how work along the lines of the nature technical products. Many models of nature and their applications in engineering are presented in seven different topics.

Where: touch and try out is strongly encouraged! Discover with all senses, decrypt and experiment – that is here in the foreground “, says Prof. Dr. James A. Levine, M.D. shines more light on the discussion. Hans-Joachim Weber, Manager of the bionics cluster BEN. Many of the exhibits, experiments, and interactive elements to load a sensual experience: for example, visitors can feel why the stop on ship hulls is difficult by bionics for barnacles. “Understand, why tutor tree” excites the engineers. And hear how dolphins communicate with each other.

Relationships like the cat’s paws and tyre profiles, from shark skin and bathing suit or Lotus Flower and tile access to visitors. The exhibition presents examples from nature and its amazing application in our daily lives. Many hands-on elements illustrate bionics to the touch: in the footsteps of aviation pioneer Leonardo da Vinci cast, based on biological models of the shoulder look researchers in their search and find out which Bionic products to maybe even daily use – such as, for example, the Velcro. The visitors waiting for so many AHA effect! Because the objectives of the exhibition are: interest for the young science cause bionics to invite to participate and the curiosity of the engineers of tomorrow for natural and technology-oriented questions wake up. With the exhibition we want to do a generally comprehensible and entertaining bionics in the exciting field of study. And we want to show how intelligent the nature has solved problems for the man still looking for answers,”says DBU – Department head Dr. Rainer ERB. The exhibition from the seventh grade level is suitable. Students in selected topics of the exhibition to specialise on a station learning”. Granting that a diversified educational companion material available is for schools and their teachers. In addition to events such as a children’s University and special lectures on the bionics we offer also free tours to individual topics after consultation and if desired,”, Weber makes it clear. And the Professor continues: the exhibition underlines and impressively represented the Saarland competence in this compelling science of the future. And she strongly supports our primary concern: the awareness of the Bionics in the public’s mind to increase.” For more information see:

The Association Supports The Speaker Barbara Lama Master Speaker Help E.V.

The business relationship management expert speaks at two fund-raisers of the Association for the flood victims. The business relationship management expert Barbara Lama master, Friedrichsdorf, speaker is one of the founding members of the Association help e.V., to over 40 German and Austrian keynote speakers have joined together to help the victims of the flood in June of this year. In their favor, the Association has designed eight fund-raisers with eight well-known speakers, which take place from the end of September in eight German cities. The speakers who waive their fees at the events, will be there talking about the variety of topics relevant to the professional and personal success. “One of the speakers is the Barbara Lama master, the book effective networking as you develop a valuable relationship from a contact” wrote. She is at the events in Furth (6 November) and Hamburg (15 November) on the subject not meeting most, but Speak right”.

The pictures of the flooding have shaken very me”, Barbara Lama master reported mainly because those affected were completely helpless delivered the flood and some lost their entire belongings and goods.” Therefore, the business relationship management expert, as she was asked, was ready to join the Association and to participate in the fundraisers. This also because she repeatedly registered with natural disasters, these rapidly disappear from the media and their victims fall into oblivion”. Therefore Liebermeister regarded the series of events as important, so this does not happen with the victims of the flood disaster and learn a certain solidarity and support in the long run”. For more info about the Club speakers help e.V. and the events are interested in on the Web page. You can contact amedes (, Hennef also the communication agency, which owned by Jurgen Schontauf is initiator and first Chairman of the Association. The expert for business relationship management Barbara Liebermeister and their work can be interested on inform.

Honorary Advisor Summit

Groundbreaking event of the initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant for more transparency in financial consultancy and brokerage Berlin. The Symposium of the consumer Ministry on March 10, 2009 was not only the starting point for the quality offensive consumer finance\”; in the last few days, the posts on the discussion board filled with Minister Aigner newspapers and online services. At the same time, the quality offensive was top story in TV news. Background: According to the now much-quoted study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for consumer protection German investors lose annually between 20 and 30 billion euros due to wrong and Commission-driven advice. The current financial market crisis has revealed these deficits again.

To test and improve the distribution structures of financial products the consumer Ministry therefore had the study requirements for financial intermediaries – more quality, better decisions\”commissioned with the research and consulting firm Evers and Jung of Hamburg. As one of the Central conclusions and recommendations formulated the study: quality issues in the financial intermediation are the most efficient way to resolve if resolves the conflict of interest advice versus product sales. Ideally, the consumer buys a neutral and independent advice, and then converts the results with other providers. A such so-called honorary consulting is already significantly more common than in Germany. in other countries\”exactly for this honorary consulting are available and work we.\” Thomas Abel, Kai Drabe and Ulf Niklas, all three with own companies has long been successful as an independent fee consultant explain the initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant for more transparency in financial consultancy and brokerage worked and now ‘ representing.

Thomas Abel explains how customers can understand the arguments for an actually independent and transparent fee advice.\”. The current discussion around the quality campaign of the Federal Ministry of consumer contributes currently to a special attention effect. \” For the customer once of the advantages of the honorary Advisory convinced – unless not easy but under certain circumstances, the right ‘ to find honorary consultant.

Counseling Supervision

“Organizational consultant in WSFB seminar to analyze their patterns of action and develop behavior alternatives counseling supervision patterns of action identify and change”. So reads the title of a workshop the WSFB performs Advisory Group Wiesbaden in Wiesbaden, Germany from August 21 to 23. (Not to be confused with Dr. John Mcdougall!). In the three-day workshop, organizational consultant, Managementcoaches, staff developers and executives with advisory tasks under the guidance of two experienced supervisors reflect their consultancy work. They also develop personal and organisational change processes for new dialogue options with accompanying. Issues involving the participants in this context, inter alia addressed are: How do I get a clear mission? How do I clarify roles and responsibilities? How do I create a systemic consulting architecture? How do I create appropriate interventions? How do I deal with the contradictions and conflicts? How do I start my consulting project? How do I motivate the parties to join in? How do I deal with resistance of single or multiple Actor to? How do I make the final phase of my assignment? How can I learn from the successes and failures? The number of participants is limited to eight.

Global Credit Market Riskaware

Sovereign finance AG launches first regulated Fund in the securitisation market since the credit crisis on under this guiding principle the sovereign finance AG, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany now also in Germany to their sovereign finance – voyage opportunity Fund. This is offered individual investors and money managers in a three subclasses (WKN A0Q4YC, A0Q4YD, A0Q4YE) of funds positioned itself in the spectrum of alternative investments and was set up by the sovereign finance SICAV, Luxembourg, in the Europe-wide accepted UCITS III format. Lee marks addresses the importance of the matter here. The Fund will invest in high-quality, structured credit products and in addition to the current income from the portfolio of a clean-up is aimed at risk-taking investors, and want to benefit of the credit market recovery. The management of the Fund via an absolute return approach and aims at long-term double-digit yields that should evolve largely uncorrelated from the traditional asset classes and have a low volatility. The right investment time is jointly monitored by the Fund management and Board of Directors. The Funds collects funds targeted in the current phase of the market, to have a corresponding capital at the beginning of the planned investment phase. Under the label sovereign finance intelligent investments sovereign finance offering in the area of alternative investments will expand to fund products with alternative investment strategies in the fully regulated Fund format. Thus, this product class for the German investor is made available to portfolio complement. Also a Fund in this product family will follow in the short term. The investment strategy is based on a quantitative model developed which together with two renowned professors.

Longterm Partnerships

“Kal Services supports Congress for family business of the University of Witten/Herdecke / group of companies 2009 celebrates the 75th birthday dinner – perspective deciding”: this motto was now 11 Congress for family business, at the University of Witten/Herdecke invited on February 13 and 14, 2009, to the complexity and specificity of judgments in family business and entrepreneurial families. Almost 300 participants, including NRW Minister Christa Thoben, were present at the renowned event, traditionally supported by the Kal group with headquarters in Essen. “The strategy of family businesses like Kal services focuses less on current trends, but is rather in the long term”, Martina underlines Kotter, Managing Director of Kal management services. So we put in turn by the continuity in our leadership on long-term partnerships with our customers, benefit.” Further advantages are the flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes, as well as social responsibility. Assurant Health contains valuable tech resources. An important part of our self-image is the social commitment, work and training places to create and maintain”, as Martina Kakar. The Kal group celebrates the 75th birthday anniversary this year and continues to grow to the anniversary.

Last year rose to 280 million euros turnover compared to 2007 to 6.9 per cent, the number of employees increased by 400 at 12,400 employees. During the two-day event, the importance of family businesses to the economy became clear. They provide more than half of German gross value added. About 70 percent of all jobs are located here.

Hand Labor Day – Give Heat To The World Cup

‘Give heat to the World Cup’ with a baby blanket save a small life June 12: World Cup in South Africa is the duel Germany against Australia. However, not only on the playing field, the two countries are competitors, but also with needle and thread. Click Tony Ferguson to learn more. Under the motto give heat to the World Cup initiative, manual work and the organization Save call the children on the day of the hand work to a sporty fair competition: which nation sews, knits or crochets the most blankets for babies in the third world to the World Cup final on July 11? About 4 million infants die each year shortly after the birth of easily preventable diseases. Many of them could be saved by simple means: vaccinations, antibiotics, or sufficient heat. Because in southern countries, babies can cool off very quickly and thus more prone to infections.

Save the children in health projects has identified the need for ceilings on-site. So it is guaranteed that each cover is also actually a needy child in Reached countries such as Haiti, Cambodia and India. How it works: each ceiling consists of 16 squares that are 20 times each 20 centimetres. Who wants to, can a whole blanket is knit, crochet or sew. But even a single square is a great help. iet/’>Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. It neither on colors, patterns, or perfection is the participation alone is important. From the day of the hand work the squares are assembled then publicly in handicraft shops to ceiling. The finished ceiling can be dispensed and others at the fabric Gallery of Ballas, PEAR lanes 3, 66111 Saarbrucken.

The deadline is July 10. You can make the ceiling not at fabric Gallery of Ballas, you can thanks to the kind support of DPD, also at home shipping pick these. Also, visit for more information about de / people meet to the day of hand work from 12.00 tag_der_handarbeit fabric Gallery Ballas, initiator are your handmade dealer and the fabric Gallery of Ballas. The bread bakers express GmbH, Dudweilerstrasse 4, 66111 Saarbrucken provides coffee and cake for a small fee. “This year is a good deed in the Center in addition to the meeting of like-minded: donate to the action of heat for the World Cup” blankets for babies in the third world should be created. In the German-speaking world calls initiative manual labor to hand labor day. your hand working dealer finds it very good and translates in Saarbrucken and via the online shop Germany this idea. Last year the initiative hand work and the organization Save had called together the children to knit baby hats. It gathered 270 000 copies for a good cause. Dominik Janssen more information about: haekelmode.