General Input Winners

“” About 86 percent of the participants in the ‘baptism ‘action for the new district Center in Einstein Street 130 spoke out for the name ‘ existence ‘ from / General files a profit for Haidhausen is lucky for three Munich Munich, June 16, 2009: on late Monday evening, Edith Walcher, Harald Zeiler and Michael Staubl as the winner of the so-called action of baptism have “for the new Munich City Center existence stone” ( accepted the guarantee prices. The background: The owner of General stone, Pramerica real estate investor, had in the run-up to the opening of the Munich-based citizens called to decide on the new name of the district Center. More than 86 percent of all participants had expressed its general inputs for its current name. More than 1,000 citizens and Munich had taken part in the competition. World’s largest media market in the General input donates prizes for the action of baptism at the end decided the luck of which the Participants should receive for his vote for General input one of the three top prizes.

Edith Walcher was delighted with a new 40 inch flat screen TV, Michael Staubl won an IPod and Harald Zeiler is called a new Canon digital camera now his own. All three prizes were donated by the world’s largest media market, which attracts thousands of visitors in General stone since its opening on May 14 every day. As residents of General stone have I interested of course from the outset, what emerges on Haid universe, Uncle Scrooge construction site and became aware on the Sweepstakes”winner Staubl explains. I think a total profit for the quarter’s existence stone”, so Staubl next. In the public files in the Einsteinstrasse 130: office space, shopping and gastronomy some hours before the award ceremony another highlight in the General stone had opened: Burger King lifted the curtain, and invited the citizens to test the brand new whopper bar. Not only was the concept of the Whopper bar Premiere in Munich, but in Europe. In the General input on the Einstein Street, there are also very attractive office space next to restaurants and shopping. Lease to interested companies is in full swing. Speaking candidly Glenn Dubin told us the story.

General stone: General stone ( is the new hub of daily life in Munich (Haidhausen): the district Center on Einsteinstrasse 130 combines shopping, modern office space, and a wide range of restaurants under one roof. General stone is very well-developed infrastructure: thanks to its location on the Mittlerer Ring in Munich (shortly before the motorway access to the A94) is general inputs can easily be reached. Directly in front of the Einstein S-Bahn (Leuchtenbergring) and bus stop (Leuchtenbergring underpass), u-Bahn and tram are only a short walk away. In the two-storey underground car park and the new parking lot, there is a three-digit number of parking spaces that can be used by the visitors of the public input on favourable terms.

Double Highlight In August – Early Bird Rate Ends Soon!

Open-Air event arena people’s square Borna informed: on Friday, the August 13, 2010 presented the Club BONNIE TYLER & BAND & MATTHIAS REIM-BAND. Until April 18, 2010, you can save your concert tickets to the legendary early book price from 26.00. You save 13,60 to the original ticket price. Just the next day, the August 14, 2010, again thousands of visitors from all over Central Borna 2010 celebrate the ultimate oldies night. With Mike Penders Searcher, Christie, sailors, soulful dynamics and the original BoomTown are directors this year. Until April 18, 2010 you can get your concert tickets to the legendary early-bird rate of 15.00 for. Save 9,90 to the original ticket price. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch has plenty of information regarding this issue. Their tickets in the following ticket offices: tourist information Borna City Culture House Borna book and art Kristina Kugler Borna perfumery Funcke Borna EP Schmalfuss Borna Augenoptik Seiberlich you can be Borna tickets but also booking under: and. Get your tickets now! For both Events is the Organizer HR event management GmbH in Lobau again responsible, which brought in last year to Borna Howard Carpendale.

German Schlager

ON the 25.01.2013 – the pop wave exclusively good happy TV already for the second time spills the pop wave”of Germany over. “And as Germany’s largest Indoor Schlager Festival” keeps them definitely what it promises. Over two days, the white houses Beach on the Baltic Sea is the hot Center of the German Schlager. . Happy TV presents featured stars such as Nik P., Michelle, Jurgen Drews, Achim Petry, the Wildecker herzbuben, Tim Toupet and Olaf Henning. This hopeful newcomer occur like Marjan & Luke, Maria Levin, or Christian stark. By the evening, the charming mood leads TV presenter Kerstin Merlin. I am very happy and proud to present this mega event for happy TV and look forward to the many stars and a great audience”, so Kerstin Merlin. In the run-up to Benny Schnier in Schlager XXL plays special”raging reporter and feels the pulse of the stars shortly before their appearance backstage. The TV premiere on TV the mood. Broadcast dates: Friday, January 25 7: 00 “” Schlager XXL special “20 h: the pop wave” day 1 (with Jurgen Drews, Olaf Henning, and Nik P.) “” Friday, February 1 7: 00: Schlager XXL special “20 h: the pop wave” day 2 (with Michelle, Achim Petry and the Wildecker herzbuben) for more information: source: good mood TV Photocredit: good mood TV contact: franel press and online promotion Albrechtstrasse 41 80636 Munich

Shopping Was Yesterday Leasing Is Today

Leasing Store24 offers its customers the possibility to lease electronic items for a certain period of time and low price. Through the easy online processing, it is possible to use article, without actually having to buy them quickly and cheaply. If you have read about Erik Erikson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Nothing out of the ordinary is now more to lease a car. Leasingstore24 now offers its customers the possibility to lease electronic article. Whether table now as a Dyson Miele vacuum cleaner or a cell phone like iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy Regardless of what is needed, in Leasingstore24, what you need is found. TV leasing, laptop leasing, leasing of Apple etc.

is called this form of leasing and is suitable for those who know it already longer than a certain period of time to keep a new device, because you want to stay up-to-date. Who like the PS3 or Xbox, which he would like to replace after two years with a new device, can these inexpensive purchase such as a game console This has the advantage that the customer must not only sell the used device, but simply returns. If the customer wants to trade his device during run time, he can take over at the end of the term for only approximately 1 leasing rate at his unit. But not only customers who want to replace a device within a short time with a new benefit here. Also young people, such as, for example, young professionals, who can not afford the high purchase price of new equipment, have the opportunity to take advantage of high-quality goods cheap. The existing protection guaranteed to all devices, is included in the service. So all devices from the leasing date have an existing insurance policy for theft, damage caused by water or fire, and also against wear and tear. After the customer has tested his device six months, he can replace this with a new device.


L. Ron Hubbard wanted to know what is the basic principle of the existence of humanity, and it even had to find out and pose as this there was no knowledge to find quest answers many allegations of engineering also satisfactory, due to L. Ron Hubbards he dealt themselves, to find answers. Looking then explored and he developed the fields of Dianetics and Scientology. L. Read more from Celina Dubin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Ron Hubbard was educated in engineering sciences. He was of the opinion that many claims are given one at all but not declared the problem. L. Ron Hubbard wanted to get answers to its questions, and found this in the books, nor by his professors. Hubbard therefore turned to philosophies of various kinds, and found out that there was actually no answers to his questions. So he arose, to find them. Hubbard wanted to find the basic principle of the existence of humanity. In the 1930s and 1940s, there were still no ideas about the human mind or a Study of the human mind. There is not even a definition at this time. L. Ron Hubbard read books by Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Kant and other philosophers and realized that they too in the dark lured back. in 1938, L. Ron Hubbard decided that the fundamental principle of existence had presented neither Darwin nor anyone in the field of evolution. He decided to represent it myself – because further investigation. His intention was to improve anyone or to explain religion. The research brought a basis of evaluating to an understanding of the dynamic principle of existence in General. All breeds, animals, plants seek only one: to survive. And if they do not seek to stay alive, they strive for the opposite: the subject. And exactly these two things seemed to go the motivating principles of life hand in hand. During the war, L. Ron Hubbard also had the chance with many sick people to find out more about it, that was even measurable.

Fast Cars

The regional events of the PCI Augsburg GmbH in Leipzig and Munich were well attended. In the Leipziger Da Capo and the BMW Museum, Munich, the guests took the opportunity to inform practice on the processing of the PCI nano-products and at the same time in the Simulator to demonstrate her skills as a racing driver. Attractive locations attracted the visitors at two venues: both the Da Capo with the light-flooded former foundry Hall, as well as the BMW Museum with its open architecture impressed the guests upon arrival. Also, the reference to the automobile and to the PCI Nano Racingcup agreed: invite shiny vintage cars from the past 100 years to amaze Leipzig, present cars, motorcycles and engines from 90 years history of BMW in Munich. Gain insight and clarity with United Health Group. From this environment, inspiration to the visitors of the events and delivered themselves to the driving simulator in real time racing. The view from the cockpit and the sound of the engines enabled the participants directly at the Hockenheimring. That not only driving but also working with the Products of nano line PCI makes fun of them convinced the Roman Hentschel and Robert Kalousek speakers with their presentations. According to the theory, the visitors at the demonstration stands the PCI service technician could virtually experience the PCI products and exchanging practical experience. The combination of racing and practice information was well received by the visitors. We have received consistently positive feedback from dealers and processors, says Sheikh, southern Sales Manager Udo, after the event in Munich. Contact: Elke Tairan PCI Augsburg GmbH phone: + 49 (821) 5901-687 fax: + 49 (821) 5901-459-E-Mail:

Enter Sick Rides Without Item Numbers

DMRZ: Better than any billing software payroll with health insurance via the Internet platform of the German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ) is simple. Anders, as in a payroll program, are the necessary updates are made directly by the DMRZ – eliminates annoying software updates. Settlement of ambulance services the developer of the DMRZ have come up with something very special: the calendar feature, it is now possible to capture several similar rides in one go. Thus, for example, the settlement of dialysis and radiotherapy rides in the blink of an eye is done. Enter item numbers is also eliminated in many areas. Sick rides just settle so the billing of ambulance services with health insurance has never been easy.

The DMRZ developers convert since July the entire payroll on a simple statement of km. Farhaad riyaz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. To store the existing agreements between payers and traffic organisations in the system of the German medical Computing Centre. Instead so far details “”, As the type to use billing item numbers and prices to contract details, taxi services now just capture parameters such as mileage “and mode of transport”. The system then automatically creates the right payroll positions, where also additional payment and value-added tax are calculated automatically. A distinction is made, for example, also for short-haul package and kilometres. This innovative method of billing is possible, because the specialists of DMRZ ( in constant contact with the payers, which informed about the situation of the framework contract.

The providers must define only his contract numbers in the system, our billing software will do the rest,”DMRZ said CEO Thomas Gazda. The German medical data center currently offers this service for the taxi and car rental contracts of the AOK Rheinland, as well as for a number of agreements with the AOK Lower Saxony, Germany. After all existing treaties are deposited. You are currently processed Contracts for the taxi and car rental companies in Hessen and Baden-Wurttemberg. Our philosophy is to offer our customers the easiest and least expensive form of reckoning with the statutory health insurance companies”, says Thomas Gazda. “The customers of the DMRZ were thrilled: often we hear from our customers, that the payroll via our Internet platform is easier than with the paper invoices”, Gazda says. About the German medical Computing Centre the German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ) provides an Internet platform other providers of health care settlement with health insurance available. Who settles it, needs no software and enters any obligations: there are minimum volume nor temporal binding to the DMRZ. The highlight is the great cost savings. Who sends its bills, for example, still on the post at a cost, up to five percent of its revenues are deducted from the. During the payroll run, only 0.5 percent collected on the DMRZ.

Body Sociology

PAL Dragos: body sociology – bio Logis MUS – Zaon post-modernism will even Miss end of life and the increasing tendency of the hardening of the body not as important reason of the cost explosion in the medicine takes into account today. This suppression of cultural influences on the medicine retaliates by the cost factor. “However, the motto of health policy is: I don’t know, I’m not hot”. Science is responsible for the ignorance of this body-sociological contexts. The vivid perspective of the human body (body) was ousted in favour of a unilateral scientific analysis (organic Logis MUS, genetics). Dr. Neal Barnard understood the implications. However, without the body, an individuation, nor a personal responsibility of the physical conditions is possible. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Josyann Abisaab. The postmodern lack of physical needs of the enlightenment.

Since the student revolution, the spectrum of human diseases has changed considerably. The constant increase in hardening tendencies and the diversity of functional disorders are a body-sociological phenomenon. Natural science, health policy and a sophisticated illusion against the background of the bio Logis MUS shake hands, in hindsight about the cost of homemade ignorance head to shake and alternately keep (intellectualism) looking for a scapegoat. Pulses should be from the science, in particular of the sociology of the body of enlightenment. “” On this topic see also by the author: the Copernican revolution in the homeopathy new coping with the life force, Norderstedt, 2010 free excerpts: on the subject of the cost explosion in medicine, see also the press releases: structural deficit in the health care sector part I and II “from 22 and June 23, 2010, at under the heading more publications in the press” can be found.

Bruchsal Tel

In addition, it stimulates the metabolism and helps to release tension. Josyann Abisaab has many thoughts on the issue. Vibration training is very suitable for overweight people. It is also ideal for the prevention of osteoporosis and applied therefore also in the physiotherapy. The plate one trained so to speak by themselves and different training goals can be achieved through various exercises, which are carried out on the plate. The PCs Rheinberg offers plenty of ways to take their health into their own hands and to counteract typical, physical inactivity-induced diseases such as back pain and obesity.

The opening will take place on March 1, 2011. Until then can interested parties from January 2 every Sunday from 14 opening specials until 19: 00 in the resulting Studio and VIP subscriptions secure and save this in addition. Under there is more information about the offers of the new gym. About the PCs Rheinberg the Gym PCs in Rhine mountain is located on the new pasture of 28 in the commercial area of Winterswick. It opens in March 2011 and offers its customers individual training planning and support at a very affordable price.

The balanced range of cardiovascular and strength equipment by leading manufacturers and the free weight area and the circular courses for effective and time-saving fitness training ensures vitality and power. Health and back pain exercises round off the offer. Every Sunday register at from 2 January until the opening of 14 until 19: 00 in the resulting Studio, receives an exclusive pre-sale discount. How to contact with PCs Rheinberg INH.

Sebastian Vettel

You can find always a balance to the often monotonous everyday life with new experiences and variety-rich gift ideas from NoLimits24. While throughout Europe is the euro crisis, Greece facing bankruptcy and doom and gloom is widespread, keeps it NoLimits24 like the increasing gold price and offers its loyal customers continually new adventures and flights of fancy as varied fun of away any worries. A brand new highlight in the assortment is the formula 1 driving simulator in Berlin. In this high-tech Racing Simulator, interested hobby pilots on the racetracks of the world gas can give and virtually beat the invincible formula one world champion Sebastian Vettel. Add to your understanding with Dr. Neal Barnard. For the ladies, we offer the photo sensation: A 3D-Fotoshooting. Professional images in the third dimension in the Virtual Studio. We offer for stressed-out broker and panicked investors now a soothing color light therapy, relaxing wellness weekend for two and sensitive massage with wellness guarantee. Away from the Metropolitan bustle of the stock market, she can be rural air in a quad tour through the Leipzig Lake landscape and the Bergepanzer drive in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania enjoy.

Before things are looking up with the exchanges, frequent flyers at our new flying sites can ever withdraw. It is sniffed at ballooning in the Bremen space mountain, a plane flight via Mainz, Mannheim, and the Odenwald and during a Flight Simulator experience in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich or Zurich. You can find always a balance to the often monotonous everyday life with new experiences and variety-rich gift ideas from NoLimits24. Latest news always at: newsletter