Oprah Winfrey

Without going further, Marion Jones never came to hunt in a doping control. She herself was autoinculpo in 2007. However, it is appropriate to assess the same doping with both feet on the ground and without falling into traps intellectual thinking four injections to get the Crown of laurels from pure I ensalmo. Such was the frustration of Chambers, who coceaba as horse rabid to see that the years spent without lowering your personal brand in more than one tenth already using doping substances. Nothing to do with the good of Marion.

In an interview on the Oprah Winfrey program came to declare: from time to time, again I relive Sydney competitions in my mind and I wonder if she would have won clean and normally I reply Yes. I still think that it would have won. Nothing was essentially different. Me I felt strong, I felt powerful, as I’ve always felt. Since childhood, I have been aware of that possessed something that nobody else had.

It is not pure narcissism. They are numbers: high school student who most quickly raced the 200 metres in athletics history; a mark among the top twenty in the world, with fifteen years; chosen as a reserve for Barcelona 1992 with sixteen years No there is more. Clear that possessed something nobody else had: was born with a winning ticket in the genetic lottery. Else only God knows what weighs! So, returning to the case of counter, surely win the clean Tour as a paten; but the fact is that it has been positive. Yet, perhaps not best put as sucks of Domine laboratories that carry out analyses, as they have done many of the local media, but begin to change the approach to the problem.