Surf Students

Useful tips for students on the topic of Internet, mobile, mobile surfsticks and co. telecommunications: not only since the University of Paderborn, as one of the first universities in Germany equips all his freshman year with an own NetBook, the mobile communication of students has changed. With the NetBook students should perform always the Veranstaltungssytem PAUL in school and from home Internet tasks such as communicating by E-Mail or the management of study about. But what about off of the campus? How to communicate the students today preferred? The telecommunications market has been part in recent years movement, so that classic models – such as the landline and Internet access no longer represent the rule at home -. Interestingly, the new possibilities of communication must be not always more expensive. On the contrary, you can save money with the right mix. There are now special offers for students, where even one at the most mobile network operators own landline telephone number on the cell phone for friends and family on the study is available.

There are these offers for students from 12 euro a month including flat rate for unlimited calls to German landlines. The decisive advantage is that on a traditional landline can be dispensed with. But on the subject of Internet a lot has happened in recent years. Internet access from home, such as via DSL, is still the most popular, but there are also meaningful alternatives: Mobile Internet via UMTS or HSDPA. So can be online with the NetBook of the University in combination with a mobile Internet flat rate on the road with up to 7.2 Mbit / s. With a so-called Surfstick, is connected via USB to the NetBook you can surf mobile from 20 euros a month with comparable speed DSL on the Internet.

The mobile flat rates there are some providers as a so-called Prepaidvariante or with a long term contract. The surfing speed is problematic through thick walls but sometimes, or dead spots in the cellular network can be reduced. There are also almost all mobile flatrates on a data volume of 5 GB/month limited. Thus, the flexible student of today from 32 euro gets mobile Internet access with a mobile tariff including landline and landline flat rate in the month. Usually, only talks to foreign mobile phones must be paid extra. However, students shared, who would share the cost of the Internet, there are also cheap deals. A telephone including 2000 DSL and phone-flat is some providers from 20 euros a month to have some unique surcharge even without a minimum contract period. Especially the so-called mobile phone discounter is suitable for mobile calls to the mobile network. From 8 cents per minute and SMS on the phone here in every German network without basic fee, minimum sales, and minimum contract term. The current tariff comparisons get students at the Internet portal cheap The portal compares more than 9 years almost all German provider of telephone, mobile phone and Internet tariffs. The independent consumer magazine and price comparison portal cheap gives a detailed and compact overview of all in Germany working phone, VoIP, Internet, DSL, mobile and electricity suppliers since the year 2000. Tariffs of almost all providers and their services are listed in tariff tables, hidden costs and therefore made visible.


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Whether a course of barbecue, BBQ it attracts like voluntarily the apron cooking class or a fancy reptile cooking lessons, here. According to your heart’s content in the dirt digging, dig and dredge should the child in the man on the huge playground of the man. In an oversized Sandpit he can with Monster excavator, bulldozer and dump trucks unleash his playful instinct and dig through hills, build embankments and flat drive it right back. And since not only heavy equipment, but also fast cars make the father eyes shine, you give him a fast paced ride in the luxury Porsche sportscar. Best equal Porsche a whole weekend for two overnight, because by now she would like to Experience as a great gift mother. For those who would like to see your father with tears of joy, NoLimits24 offers over 600 experience gifts of action over adventure wellness for a memorable father’s day. And for even more anticipation, one finds noble packed in the exclusive experience box by NoLimits24 under to numerous driving and flying experiences the right model on a small scale.

The Annual Slogan For 2009 Is Here!

Like every year, Moravian brothers a year slogan from the Bible, it is a wonderful tradition that each year will be charged a special Bible verse the watchword of the year awards the Moravian. It is again: the year slogan of the Moravian Church for the year 2009 is among Christians again on everyone’s lips: “what is impossible in humans, is possible with God.”, so it is Lukas Gospel, chapter 18, verse 27. This verse comes from a story in which a rich young man Jesus Christ asks, what still missing him to obtain eternal life. Jesus answers him that he should sell his property in favour of the poor and to follow him. The young man is sad, because he wants to reluctant part of his wealth. The focus of the words of Jesus, not necessarily on the sale of the properties, but the succession is. Jesus responds to the negative adjustment of the youth with the words: how hard are those who have goods, enter into the Kingdom of God! Because it is easier to feel a camel through the eye of a needle, as that a rich man in the Kingdom of God comes into it.” (Lukas 18,25-25) Of course, this causes the bystanders to wonder who could be saved then anyway.

In our hemisphere, there are lots of rich people? And in this situation, Jesus speaks the words that now lie as annual slogan for 2009 ahead of us: “what is impossible in humans, is possible with God.” This means that the grace of God is big enough to redeem basically everyone who wants it to rich people just like poor people. Jesus trying to tell us but, it is more difficult with much wealth, to confide in Jesus. Because with us is: If you have enough money, has not too much to worry about other things. The money has a special effect: it can lead to greed, to want to have to do this more and more from him. Many rich people love money, they don’t remember to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

But still: With God, anything is possible. Also a billionaire can do penance and accept Jesus as Lord. The sincere will is one. Christmas is a good opportunity to become aware again. Eckart Haase