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Minas Gerais

The data raised for the IBAMA point that in 2006 they had been registered 37% of road accidents of origin, in 2007? 23.5%, 2008 had been registered 34.1% and a 2009 increase of 37% in relation to the year of 2008. Of this form, the road transport of dangerous chemical products becomes important to stand out the potentiality of the effective registers of accidents being involved becoming necessary, therefore, of studies capable to espacializar the concentration of these occurrences being aimed at taken of action. From this estimated, one longs for the mapping and analysis of the space distribution of accidents due to the road transport of dangerous products in Minas Gerais, on the basis of the registers of the IBAMA for years of 2006 the 2009, with intention to analyze the space distribution of the accidents being involved the transport of dangerous products in the state of Minas Gerais. Moreover, objective to identify the main types of accident, types of involved products in the accidents registered for the state of Minas Gerais, giving emphasis to the cities of bigger occurrence. James A. Levine, M.D. will not settle for partial explanations. To identify the main types of accident, types of involved products in the accidents registered for the state of Minas Gerais, giving emphasis to the cities of bigger occurrence. 2? JUSTIFICATION the accidents involving transport of dangerous products represent risk for the health of people, public security and the environment. Ademais, the ONU, through the Ambient Program of United Nations (United Nations Environmental Programme – UNEP, 1995), evidenced that one of the great problems of the developing countries is the infrastructure lack for the conduction of emergency, in the case of incidents with dangerous chemical products to guarantee the security of the public and the environment. Ahead of the displayed one, it is justified empregabilidade of studies directed the thematic one of the occurrence of the accidents that involve road transport of dangerous products, in intention to distribute space such occurrences in the state of Minas Gerais, being aimed at involved contribution from the analysis of the main types of accidents and products, mainly in the cities of bigger incidence.

For Sachs

The complexity of the processes of urban ambient impact presents challenges. Of a side, she is necessary to problematizar the reality and to construct an inquiry object. Of another one, it is necessary to articulate a coherent interpretation of ecological processes social concernentes to the degradation of the urban environment. In the last few decades, wild processes of economic development have been responsible for significant losses in the biological, resultant diversity of the occupation and ecosystem destruction until then intocados by the action of the man. To be faced challenge is of the development of a model of sustainable consumption of the natural resources, that the not only allows the social and economic development of the region, but also preservation of the ecosystem. For Sachs (2004), this concept finds sustentation in five pillars, namely: 1) social support that says respect to the equitable distribution of income 2) associated economic support the beginning of solidarity enters the populaeslocais to improve use of the resources and generation of collective income; 3) directed ecological support to the rational use of the natural resources of the ecosystem; 4) relative geographic support to the cares ambient and space to prevent disasters and damages to the region; 5) cultural support that involves the territory concept while spaces of constructions of possibilities to the regional development, taking itself in them to know, values and potentialities to account (p.15). The debate on the subject of the development comes being stopped has some decades. Its more recent intensification is associated with the drastic changes politics that the world occidental person has faced with strong acirramento of the social tensions in face of the incessant degradation of the environment. The studies of Rou (1997) inform in them that the etnlogos use the term little environment, prefer the term nature: the plural one allows them to demand the fact of that the nature, in itself, is not thus so natural, since it is inhabited, thought, worked and transformed for the man, who lives in society.

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