Katie Schoeben

The new women s series brings five new women’s models for racing bike, MTB and leisure riders. All offer comfort, maximum protection, and the fashionable feminine look April 2013 Scotts Valley, CA Giro, leader in the development of cycling products since 1985, is extending its special ladies helmet collection women s series and offers sporty ladies even more opportunities, performance, style and feminine details to unite. The 2013 collection includes five new models for road and off road riders. Thus she builds on the success of the previous top-seller like the Skyla bicycle helmet or other successful models from the ski – and snowboard market. Each model features the famous Giro very good fit and functionality, also trendy design and a sophisticated feminine details. So top helmets emerged with these women’s models, which provide even more fun of cycling all cyclists. “Giro would all women products offered, the highest level of performance and at the same time” combine attractive design so that the helmet meets the individual needs of women”, says Katie Schoeben, Director of marketing for Giro. “With the women’s line we extend our collection of exciting new products. If you are not convinced, visit Justin Gaethje.

Women who are looking for the matching helmet, which feels like a part of them, must with regard to function, style, fit and price so not compromise more.” So far there are mainly unisex helmets, because the shape of the head has no significant differences in men and women, except possibly at the sizes. Fit is just a detail in the entire development of helmets. Giro’s women’s helmets combine performance features such as different sizes, adjustable fixing options which will also work with long hair hairstyles, soft foam padding for comfort and design elements that reflect the latest fashion trend. Each helmet is available in different colours and can be ideally combined with the other Giro products such as women’s shoes, gloves and accessories. Celina Dubin, New York City: the source for more info. Refined details such as metal or embroidered logos make the helmets very special companions. The entire women’s series helmet collection consists of six models: Amare with the compact form, the proven and secure ROC loc 5 system and the top ventilation offers top performance and fashionable colours. Sapphire Lady-version of the classic Pneumo. An improved system of adjustment, light weight, very good ventilation and adjustable P.O.V..-sight make it a Schmuckstu? ck.

Sonnet a stylish and highly functional ladies model to the top price / performance ratio with its sleek shape, its 25 wind tunnels and the comfortable ROC loc 5. Xara is the off-roader in the women’s series. With numerous technical features including 17 wind tunnels, ROC loc 5 fit system and adjustable P.O.V..-visor. Feather lightweight helmet for mountain biking channels. The new shape provides optimum all-round protection on the trails and at the same time good ventilation for hot uphills. With adjustable visor. Skyla the sleek, sporty helmet boasts very good Giro fit, easier customization and an ideal ventilation. With built-in mosquito net and adjustable visor. Hi res images there are on request at BurckhardtPR, Web site: Giro sport design was founded in 1985 in Santa Cruz, California. Since then, the company develops products for wheel just like for skiers, which optimize the sport and driving experience. Since developing the first lightweight high-performance wheel and also ski helmet is Giro remained his focus and develops top products with which the cyclists and skiers can feel so free and independent as possible. This Giro continually sets trends in design and fit.

Chiffon Dresses – Elegant Dresses Made Of Chiffon

Chiffon is a wonderful material for feminine clothes when it comes to choose a particularly pretty dress, with which you can go out and show up and where you can be sure, that you will have a great, feminine and attractive look, you let is of course time. To find just the right dress for certain occasions is sometimes isn’t easy, especially when you have no idea what you could carry. , If you would participate in the female and yet elegant dresses, which exist in many different styles and colors, so that you can find something suitable in this area for everyone are a beautiful way fine chiffon. But just when clothes made of chiffon, which you must pay close attention to the rest of the look is important. Hard accessories break the effect that can have such a dress, but too much is enormously female accessories you have the problem that such a look works fast very cheesy and like what you Yes also does not want to have. You must so look, what works well and What is more suitable. Important is the fact that less is more and you should rather combine a few accessories to such a chiffon dress, which, here but which are really perfect.

So the outfit looks far more beautiful than when you hung himself from top to bottom with the accessories, of which then the individual, because there is just too much of a good. You must already have a bit of skill and dexterity in fashion so that you can wear something special like a dress made of chiffon perfectly, but if you take enough time and comparing a little, you’ll find certainly the individual details, to itself and the own dress will fit best. sight into the issues. If necessary can be consult in the trade, is to make it easier. Chiffon dresses are not necessarily the best pieces of the dress, however they are affordable for everyone. You can get his chiffon dress in clothing stores, in belts or in one of the numerous online shops.

Collection Spring Summer

Discover the collection spring-summer 2010 invites you to damart.ch Damart, to abandon the winter. Enjoy the lengthening days with the first gentle rays of the Sun and a spring fashion full of novelties, light fabric, cheerful colors and bearing fit. With the spring – summer collection 2010 presents you Damart, the specialist for sporty and chic comfort mode, the new trends for the Nice season. Be inspired by a high-quality men and women with numerous innovations. The new women’s collection is this season on two color palettes.

Elegant and easy to combine natural dyes are a summer classic and are in the military or Safari trend of the season. You delight us by its simplicity and its unobtrusively elegant touch. Also pastel shades of blue, pink and mauve – in University or similar printed a cheerful touch to your summer wardrobe. Select according to whim between sweaters and cardigans, shirts and blouses with Scottish motifs, striped patterns or Floral print. The men’s collection is presented with numerous innovations. The basics are subtly revised and emphasize the male elegance. The Damart brands invite you to discover their functional innovations for those beautiful summer days: Climatyl, Ocealis, Lineastyl and Amortyl are available for breathable shirts, slimming pants and leggings and super comfortable moccasins that give you comfort in the summer. Test it and convince yourself of the efficiency of the high-quality functional clothing from Damart and this new way to feel comfortable.

Of course, you find a wide range of new models in lingerie, nightwear, footwear, and accessories. So that you can dream already by the beautiful days, Damart invites you to discover the new collection spring-summer 2010 online. Pleasant and uncomplicated materials, comfortable fit, current cuts, stylish colours embody the indentation of the new fashion on. Make a spring wardrobe together, is the desire for Sun.

Classic, Understated And Elegant

What Bremer wear this fall and winter, Bremen August 2011. Summer is over but no reason to mope: the new collections of the fall and winter season provide good mood at fashion fans despite dull weather. Additional information at Eva Andersson-Dubin supports this article. Classic and elegant looks are the trend at the end of the year. The bright colors of summer are becoming increasingly rare: muted, earthy tones are on the rise. Also, the fashion is visibly total discreet than before. Speaking candidly Maya Dubin told us the story. Also in the waterfront shops, you can already try the new collections.

The new fashion and beauty trends promise a fashionable stylish autumn and winter. “In our indoor shopping and leisure centers can despite wind and weather relaxes and can be conveniently purchased”, says Peter Schneider, Center Manager of waterfront Bremen. Knitting and structure for women fashion has grown up”it brings Christiane Arp, editor-in-Chief of German vogue, in an interview on the website of the fashion magazine on the point. Reduced cuts without much trappings dominated from the wardrobe immediately. Knitwear is especially hot and chilly body warms up to next spring. Large meshes, Tweed fabrics and thick wool mainly chubby and cuddly. The cable sweaters and cardigans are combined with leather.

Art skins, which are hard to distinguish from real provide comfort. Contrasts in the material due to light, transparent blouses and shirts. The cuts remain total narrow with pants and skirts with high waist are quite wide and longer than ever before. Earthy, muted colors and black dominate. To get berry tones, Burgundy, Royal Blue, cream and orange. Boots, shopper and elegant makeup spacious handle bags are ideal companion when shopping and travel in the autumn and winter. New are also muted colours and elegant materials. Women boots are also with or without faux fur on the shopping list at the top. Hats and gloves complete the damenhaften look. When the makeup silver, red, green, and brown tones come out great.

Seniors Dress Up And Make Smart – Clothes For Seniors

Also find appropriate fashion for older people must of course older people out and buy new clothes, even if they have perhaps not quite so much desire to go with the fashion, to be exactly in line with the trend and to dress up all the time over and over again. Clothing for seniors must be therefore but by no means outmoded and old-fashioned, quite on the contrary, because there are today quite many senior citizens, it is important that to more modern dress and not to be as old as they really are. However, seniors have often other claims on their clothes like young people, what then of course accordingly must be taken into account when shopping. So must a chic and trendy jeans at seniors that not only look good, but also sit comfortably and loosely, is as normal can move and puts nothing, even if you put in your pants all day. In addition, seniors would often also according to quality and good materials for their clothing, by which you can be sure, that things continue for a while and won’t be worn out. Holes and stains are not more like seen in seniors, the clothes must be so easy to maintain and robust so that they were not only for a few weeks in the closet and then again new things to buy, but you can actually permanently wear these things. To become a senior thing so not all too simple, but requires really some considerations that you should take the time in advance, so that the search can be easier for the right things.

It changed her well, what you would like to have, and how things should be, then you can proceed much more targeted in the right stores and therefore of course also much faster complete the purchase, leaving more time for other important things. The footwear is gaining importance. Good comfort and soft, comfortable material must be optimally adapted in the course of the day changing feet and reliably support this. Light and comfortable shoes are suitable for the Shopping as well as for a long walk. Older people are always accomplished in the Internet and can acquire optimum clothing for their retirement years.

Extensive searches in department stores spared so. Relaxed the desired coat can be put together. Versatile combination possibilities provide varied, everyday chic. Specifically, offers tailored to age-specific needs should be however large.

Good Sake

“Simple opts for a diverse collection of lifestyle with clear sustainability statement Munich, April 2010: in the autumn/winter collection 10/11 combines the brand entitled the sustainability street fashion with environmental awareness and presented as organic winterized sneakers and boots models boots true to their motto: shoes for a happy planet”. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from B. F. Skinner. Californians use only natural materials of like organic cotton, hemp, Cork, silk or recycled raw materials such as PET, old car tyres and bicycle tubes for their models. Industrial carpet remnants in the lining be incorporated when some styles to give a meaningful use of the excess material. As one of the first simple has now even biodegradable soles in the program last season. Thanks to a supplement called ECOPure used here PET, EVA, or rubber 20 years decomposes without leaving any residue. The models with biodegradable sole are summarized in the collection line of BIO-D, that has been extended with new styles. So can the winter come: the boots models from eco certified leather with a Strickschaft of wool keep your feet warm and dry even at low temperatures.

For the transitional period the sidecar models are”with ruffled Strickschaft in diamond pattern and the boots carry on” with Vulcanized sole the right companion. For the ladies, especially winter colors such as Brown, grey and BlackBerry play the main role. The sneakers are mostly partially colour contrasted from wild or smooth leather, the shoe laces. A color highlight is the model of the BIO-D line Alright”in bright lime green and bright purple with a glossy look. Clean design in predominantly classical colors feature in the men’s collection. Accents of green and red tones. The mix of materials is new: wild and leather from eco certified suppliers are combined with mesh and Tweed. Stylish it will take-on model”in narrow silhouette with a Vulcanized sole. The VK prices move in the sneakers of between 70 – 120 euro and boots models between 110-160 euro.