Dormition Century

Uspensky monastery on the outskirts of on the way to "cave city" Chufut Calais. Its appearance is connected with the iconoclasm in the Byzantine Empire, the end of viii – ix in early. The monastery is situated on a cliff at the bottom which survived the cave. He lasted intermittently about a thousand years. After the invasion of the Crimea Tatars, many monasteries have declined, as the Dormition monastery managed to remain the center of the Christian church in the Crimea.

Russian State shall protect the monastery, sent him material aid. With 20 years of the last century with the advent of Soviet rule the monastery was closed and fell into decay. By the end of the twentieth century have been preserved and its ground construction: house abbot of the road, the ruins of a small chapel, the remains of a fountain, two buildings of the monastery's hotel, Assumption Church, carved into a cliff and a wide staircase to it. Now the monastery again became applicable. All the buildings rebuilt or renovated, the source ennobled.

Assumption monastery again became a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians. After leaving the monastery, we will continue to travel on Middle Ages in the "cave city" Chufut Calais. In medieval on a high plateau mesas there is a network of "cave" of cities, surrounded by inaccessible rocks and formidable defensive walls with battle towers. Chufut feces, located three kilometers from , is one of the most famous "cave cities". On the founding of the city, opinions diverge: some attribute it to the vi., Others – to the xi century.

National Parks

Image picks even flaunts the emblem of Colorado! The second wing of the economy 'Colorful Colorado "as the proud name of your state inhabitants of this area is tourism. Landscapes of Colorado simply stagger the imagination. Great rock deep red, the highest sand dunes in all of North America, the breathtaking sunsets over the snow-capped peaks, rivers and lakes are simply asking to photograph. Wall calendars and dvd movies captured mountain scenery in different seasons, not just show you the beauty of the state, but also serve as an excellent gift for your older relatives. But to these miracles of modern printing, and respect for nature, add a little odor Colorado: several jars with herbs grown in the uplands of the state. Mountains of the state were native habitats of indigenous inhabitants of this land.

Even now the Indians live in the Pueblos, the peculiar cities in the rocky caves. Get acquainted with their way of life, reconstructed to the smallest detail, you can in the National Park Mesa Verde. There can not only see the legacy of the Anasazi culture, but also to observe daily lives of Indians and purchase gifts for their friends and colleagues. And here, pay special attention to the image of figures in high pen headdress with a flute in his hands. This Kokopelli, revered by many Native American tribes as a deity of good luck and fertility. His figures adorn key chains, designed to be worn on mobile phones or handbags. These gifts will delight your staff and will certainly bring them good luck.