The azalea is a bush variety of flowers, which are conditions within the outdoor plants, but it has also been applied as an indoor plant, because it offers some very nice flowers to decorate a room. The azalea is now classified two different ways, giving rise to two subgenera within the classification Rhododendron, is a subgenre Pentanthera, typified by Rhododendron nudiflorum and the Rhododendron subgenus tsutsusi Tsutsusi. Within the azalea, you can find some varieties that are deciduous, but there are also some with evergreen leaves. One of the main features presented by the azalea and allows differentiated from other varieties of plants belonging to the classification of Rhododendron, is the size that can reach the azalea in all its composition and the growth of a beautiful flower. The azalea despite belonging to the genus Rhododendron, no development of the traditional flowers together, ie in clusters, because the azalea Bloom makes a terminal way and will be the appearance of a flower for each flower stem. James A. Levine, M.D. might disagree with that approach. Despite the property of terminal blooms, azaleas at the stage of flowering stronger, able to deliver such a large amount of stems, forming a vast and solid mass of color, they do see the ground full of life and joy is in shades of pink, white, yellow, red, orange and purple. The azalea over history, has been subject to several studies, which have led to the development of hybrids for hundreds of years ago and even today are made. Thus the work of many years of changes in the genetic structure of azaleas by man, has to be found over 10,000 different species within the azalea.

The azalea cultivation has been carried further through the implementation of the cuttings, thus allowing the spread of the plant using fragments of the azalea separately to form a segments. But cuttings or segments are not the only option you have when lead to the spread of azalea, since it can collect the seeds and make them sprout. For azaleas can grow in the best way should be found in good soil and good drainage; addition to the lighting conditions, provide a good shade and to create a cool atmosphere. For the planting and growth can make use of fertilizer, but it is not mandatory, rather it is optional. Another good tip for the azaleas grow well, is the realization of a regular pruning, of course, the amount and form of pruning depends on the species you have. A very important fact to keep in mind regarding the azalea, is that the honey produced by bees on the basis of this plant is poisonous to humans, but insects are harmless.