Rio Stora

Banks have received up to 14% sales Commission: in addition, banks would have and Savings banks, which have driven MPC ship funds, have to disclose even their own Commission. A cooperative bank has declared she had received 14% of the Kommanditkapitals and drawn by our clients on their advice as a Commission for the sales of MPC ship funds and shall provide information to one of our clients after it was condemned. Mentioned in the consultation she didn’t, which is why we now sue them on behalf of our clients on compensation. Long capital, no secondary market for “used” Fund investments: What was also concealed the investors we represent Fund MPC MS “Rio Stora” by their advisers, is that they may terminate the participation for the first time to December 31, 2023, and before any chance of their money to come. A sale is almost impossible as there is no regulated secondary market for used Fund investments. The same applies to the achievement of a share price, which corresponds to the invested capital. Here in the event that a buyer is found.

accept substantial cuts. Projected distributions portrayed as return: the dividends that investors should receive regularly, were misleading way represented in the consultations as a return. That regular payments were partly a refund of previously invested equity, were we to the fact that liability for the fund company’s debts caused by these payouts noted investors regularly nor. Ship funds as retirement not suitable: the investment in the Fund of the ship is a highly risky entrepreneurial participation, in which due to the high leverage is the risk of the total loss. Nevertheless, the participation of as retirement savings or investment in the age was recommended. Such participation is not appropriate according to the Bundesgerichtshof as pensions. The Bank Manager had therefore not may recommend the Fund. No evidence of missing secondary market: Many investors, with whom we talked who was assured that the share of funds is good for sale on the secondary market.