Ralph Waldo Emerson

PRUDENCE Wissenschaftspreis 2014: applications until March 31, 2014, the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said: it is the fate of genius to remain understood. The prudence Wissenschaftspreis vehemently denies this thesis. “It is the duty of the genius the society to meet. Scientific ideas must be accessible to everyone and may lead not only to dogmatic trade debates. Who does this, the care Foundation rewarded like welcome to the prudence Science Prize. Posts in the categories of science and journalism with a total of 15 000 euros will be awarded. For even more opinions, read materials from Justin Gaethje. Deadline for applications is the 31 March 2014.

The care Foundation gives the Science Prize for the fifth time in the areas of environment, safety in the engineering and energy. The price is written in the categories of science and journalism and endowed with a total of 15 000 euros: 10 000 euro for the prize-winner of the category science and twice 2500 euro in the category of journalism. Category science a special focus when assessing the scientific level and the sustainable benefit of actions for environment and society. Special emphasis is placed on the degree of innovation, proximity to markets and application, as well as on a good clear and convincing presentation. In addition to dissertations, reports, studies, but also white paper are welcomed. Category journalism In the journalistic field, the medial form is open. Print, online, audio, video: Anything goes. Clear and understandable playing of a socially and scientifically relevant topic, as well as the independence of the opinions are important criteria.

Published individual and joint work will be assessed. Pure concepts, as well as photographic works can not be judged. Online form for ease of work, dealing with the topics environment, safety in the engineering or energy are allowed. The work should not older than two years and can on German and English must be submitted. To the Application documents include: the research or publication, a summary of the work (maximum three DIN A4 pages), a one-sided letter of motivation with the title that’s why I am research, application form, a resume and a consent form. An online form available is for a clear data transmission. Deadline for applications is 31 March 2014th (Bianca Schacht)