Morin Laws

Pormessa idea key particularly was not developed by BACHELARD, remaining itself as an isolated idea. According to MORIN, if it cannot conceive the complexity as umareceita, as reply, but yes as a motivation to think, is aincompletude of the knowledge. Human being is being physical, biological, social, cultural, psychic and spiritual must to be studied on the basis of pensamentocomplexo, through which will be conceived joint, identity and diferenade all this aspects, what if it does not obtain with the simplificante thought, that finishes for separating these different aspects, or unifies them for a mutilante processoreducionista. The complex thought, searchs more before nothing encararo man under a multidimensional optics, in the lesson of 16 MORIN : During much time, and perhaps still today, queo error of sciences was given credit human beings and social it was of not being able to get rid apparent dacomplexidade of the human phenomena to raise itself to the dignity natural dascincias that made simple laws, simple principles and obtained that, in its conceptions the order of the determinismo reigned. The French thinker, in its thesis on the complexity, nosensina that five are the avenues or ways that lead to ' ' challenge dacomplexidade 17 ' ': perhaps the first one is of the irreducibility of and dadesordem, that they are gifts in the universe and asset in its evolution, algodifcil of being decided a time that the proper one is not perhaps certain of seracaso and the uncertainty continues, also in what if it says respect to the nature daincerteza that the proper one perhaps brings in them. ; as the way is the transgressopois in natural sciences the universalista abstraction eliminates the singularity, alocalidade and the temporality not allowing that current biology conceives aespcie as a general picture of which the individual is a singular case, odesenvolvimento of disciplines ecological in biological sciences sample that is noquadro located of the ecosystems that the singular individuals if for Morin organized, to podemnascer of an agitation or disordered turbulence, generating the problem of mysterious umarelao between the order, the clutter and> Law of Introduction to the Civil Code, on the basis of the principle ignorantiajris neminem excusat (rigorous principle of the inescusabilidade of ignornciada the laws), that is, nobody will be able to allege ignorance of the law to escape from there to the suaobedincia or its effect of its breaking, appearing> swaggerer of queos addressees of the laws 21 will have science of its content, a test, certainly way that, all society is in the part and, it is this part that composes asociedade.