Control Anxiety

Anxiety is an irrational excessive concern whose motive is not well-defined, that causes fear, anxiety and physiological and motor responses (such as headaches, stomach, sweating in hands, feet, tremors, etc.) That is binge eating is an eating disorder. It is characterized by eating a lot of food, losing control of what they eat. It must be psychological help to succeed in losing weight. Some tips for controlling anxiety problems. No wait that us of very hungry to eat. Drink a glass of water before each meal. To choose collations that we can play. * * Foods and recommended collations are those that we can play with your hand instead of eating with cutlery, this helps eliminate stress, we should chew food well.

Examples are: toast, sandwich, muffin, taquitos, baguettes, apples, pears, oranges, plums, grapes, tangerines, peanuts, seeds, walnuts, natural popcorn, crackers, etc. Also We can choose foods that are taken in as soups and cereals to eat since it took us to eat them by that enters slowly and relax. Recommendations avoid buying cookies, chips, snow, prefer to buy lots of fruit, vegetables or food low in fat and sugar. Not having to reach the junk food and if you give us appetite to choose more nutritious meals. Choose foods high in fiber since they produce satiety. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day.

It is difficult to change habits only one without the support of the family if others eat different things, they can cause the patient to have temptation by eating the same as them. Many times it becomes one’s partner even when you know you want to lose weight, they give him chocolate, candy, etc. Or they invite her to eat fatty foods. Greetings, L.N.

Without Unnecessary Emotions !

Without unnecessary emotions! Our face – a mirror which reflects the slightest movement of the soul. We then frown, then raises his eyebrows in surprise, then happy, then sad – this endless change of feelings and moods of leaves on our face traces – wrinkles. Well, if all the limited light "spiderweb" around the eyes or a faint wrinkles in the corners of his mouth, but often wrinkles are becoming an integral and, unfortunately, not very attractive part of our appearance – like some kind of deep wrinkle between his eyebrows severe. What do you do? Do not feel emotions? Unrealistic. But you can learn to control his facial expressions. True, to cope with this alone is difficult, and time takes a lot.

And here are some Botox injections of the drug not only solve the problem of existing facial wrinkles, but also teach you continue to show emotions without unnecessary and too significant impact on your face. Of course, any method, even spent thousands of years and proven – such, for example, facial massage – there are always hot and the fans, and no less ardent opponent. What really talk about Botox injections, because this method is adopted for cosmetologists just over a decade ago. Not surprisingly, the discussion about this drug and its use in cosmetics do not die down all the time, and attitude varies from admiration to total denial. But let's not argue, we drop the emotions (facial wrinkles will be less) and see what exactly is Botox.