Dealing with Anger

We already know that all we can annoy us and we do, then this is easy. Another thing is getting upset and in the proper way, with the right person, at the right time and for just cause, this, because it is not so easy, something that already said the Greek philosopher Aristotle. All we find sometimes offensive warriors in our daily lives, but we almost never know the challenge of properly. On many occasions did flee and we swallow and aggressiveness that we feel, which ends up focusing on our interior turning against us, becoming a banging, because sometimes is so much accumulated rage that this rage just by channeling in parts of our body, ocasionandonos symptoms such as stiffness, headaches, stomach problems, joint, feelings of great sorrow, discouragement and sadness. All of this by having a number of not expressed anger. But although we can not feel what we feel, if you can decide what to do with what we feel, the anger and the fear.

It is not afraid of showing our anger, it is best to not feel, but if we feel we must show it, don’t swallow it, now if, show it in the best possible way. First what we have to do is approach the situation differently. It is decri, when we feel a very great anger, not to think about the breakup of that relationship (whatever that is), but view it as an opportunity to approach the other person. If we have doubts on how to show our anger, first nothing nopermitir let us carry rabies and get thinking and then we put ourselves in the place of the other person and think, we would like the other person to show us his anger, Yes with honesty and willingness to fix it or on the contrary with offenses and lies. Is also very important to take responsibility also of our anger, because if there is an anger also we have been able to do something to acentura the situation, also take responsibility and say that we we who are angry and feel discomfort and not which is the other a person who causes it us, because if so we would be culpandola and responsabilizandola of what we feel, and by very unpleasant as it may seem we dealing with another person we who create our experience, our sense and not the other. Not only it is express discomfort, it must be clearly and concisely express the necessity that datacenters before the person by which we feel disappointed.

If we do not we leave so that the other has to guess how we want to treat us, and therefore give you the option to make a mistake. So that when we are angry and lifted us another person voice, it would be convenient to tell you something as well:-I prefer to talk about at another time in which calmer estes, and not do or same. Toward the angry person, it would be necessary and appropriate to ask him how he feels with what we have said and ask also that is what both bothers him. It is to listen to the other person with calm and not to swallow their anger. We must not forget that each of us It is responsible for our emotions and not another person.

Roman Surgery

The cardiac patient can present its congenital pathology or to be victim of an unexpected event, resulting in a surgery (in accordance with the specific pathology) or carrying through angioplastia (surgery of small transport). These two last unexpected, sudden modalities, being able to become source of great Roman anxiety (1994, p.62) point the phases for which it passes the cardiac patient when it is under the immediate postoperative cares. It has, first, a constatao that survived to the surgery, that is alive; it acquires then the state of alert and feels pain and I bother of the incisions. In accordance with the authors Oliveira, Sharovsky and Ismael, the period most difficult of the surgical treatment is of the permanence of the patient in the UTI, where if it finds weakker, on in devices, sounding leads, catheters and dependent of third. At the same time where it feels relief of the tension generated for the anxiety of the operatrio daily pay, the fall of its defenses occurs, being able to cause psicorreativos pictures giving to origin the depression, agitation and to the times confusionais states of psychosomatic origin. When leaving the UTI, crises of I cry and sadness moments are common. This because during this phase the patient one generally passes for reflection moments, analyzing and reevaluating values of the life, and many would like to try to modify some lived deeply situations already.

The emotividade can continue for plus some months and the best way of if dealing with it are admitiz it and to leave that if it reveals of course. Hardly the psychologist will be present in postoperative the immediate one. But he will be able to make the accompaniment so soon takes knowledge of the possibility of the patient to be taken care of, having to inquire itself previously, with the plantonista doctor and nurses on the current state of the patient, in order to inform some facts that will be able liven up it for its recovery.

Aloe Vera for Skin

SOME advice practical to care for the skin with ALOE VERA to times not applying the right product, also enough to do it the right way. Provided that you use a cream for the face recalls that it is important to have clean skin, that will get it washed you with a neutral SOAP before applying; so that the result is optimum I recommend that you use at least once a week an Exfoliating gel and to apply you a mask a couple of times a month, with that you will get your pores are open and ready to receive and absorb easily. It is also important that you massage gently and in circles the area where you’re going to apply the cream, as well as the pores open it is suitable that the capillaries are activated and receive the flow of nutrients. The last factor to be taken into account before applying the cream is to use a product that favours the penetration of the cosmetic for your maximum advantage, so nothing better than aloe, which in addition to provide you nutrients greatly enhance the penetration of all components of the cream you use, this is due to its high content of lignin, a compound that accelerates and enhances the absorption. In addition, aloe can apply to all types of skins as I explain below: If you have dry skin, mix a gel of aloe with olive oil, avocado or Sweet Almonds and you will have an excellent nutritious. If you have oily skin use only gel, is astringent and reduces excess fat, perhaps notes a certain tightness to the principle, if it bothers you you the gel is applied after the shower, with the still damp face, so you will get a perfect moisturizing non-greasy face.

If you have normal or mixed skin you can use aloe gel without mixing, apply it until its total absorption. You can also use aloe with retinol gel to give firmness to the skin, massages in one direction a few moments and you’ll see that the result is visible, aloe promotes collagen production and an Exfoliating effect so it also has combat wrinkles and stains, it is a true multi-purpose. In addition to cares for your skin, you can also use aloe to cure it. The gel uses 95% small acne scars, scars, stains of the face, or any other imperfections of the skin, can also use it as hair after the shower gel, will strengthen your hair and keep it healthy and Nice. Be constant, used your cosmetics with aloe and notice the results.