RecetasGratis.net, there is only a web site with thousands of recipes. It is the most important culinary community of hablahispana. Publish a recipe is very simple and allows you to categorize it according to their difficulty of preparation, the season of the year is ideal to prepare it and indicated beverage to accompany it. The categories are the most varied and specific: can be found from recipes from snacks and tapas, pasta, tortilla find foods with specific ingredients and cuisines of the world. Among Pasta recipes, we have selected this for you: vegetable couscous. Elaboration: choose a pan or pot honda to put a colander with couscous on top unless you touch vegetables.

First, put onions, carrots and squash in the pot, cover with water and a little oil, ginger and pepper and let them boil slowly for 20 minutes. Add peas or chickpeas, Zucchini, eggplant, raisins, tomatoes, chili powder, paprika and cilantro or parsley and stir well. Now put the couscous in the colander and place it over the pot. Using the pot lid to cover it and let it cook 30 minutes steam or what do lack while vegetables are baking below. You can also Cook the couscous separately, in which case you are not done cooking and transfer it to the strainer when missing 10 minutes so that steam impregnates the taste of vegetables. For the sauce, put 6 tablespoons of the broth in a bowl and add 1-2 teaspoons of harisa (or pasta commented above) and mix well. It serves the sauce aside.

When the couscous is ready, make a pile with a hollow in the middle. Refill NC vegetable mixture and sprinkle with cilantro leaves. Accompany it with yogurt and tomato salad.