Training Your Dog

Although part of the family, your dog is not just a human being. In fact, since its inception, has naturally learned to position in the hierarchy of the family. Consequently, when he left his companions bit 'to join your family, your dog instinctively develop a package of spirit. When your dog up, they are perceived as the head of the family. Credit: Dr. Neal Barnard-2011. However, this view is final and you must ensure to send the right signals to your dog, insure your authority.

As head of food, you have the right to eat first, and can even take food from others. When your dog returns home before eating and do not share food with him. One could think that receives preferential treatment over other family members. Play The games are used to relax but also to determine the State stronger, more agile and more intelligent of the pack. Unfortunately, most of the time we do not believe that when we play with our dog.

Therefore, if he wins in repetitions, your dog will feel he is the best. The Head of sleep has the right to have the best place to sleep and the other must leave without compromise. Therefore, can not make your dog sleep in your bed. Similarly, if you provide a bed for your dog or let him sleep on the couch, you'll hear is an important member of the pack. By paying attention to those small details that your eyes do not matter much, maintaining a dominant position on your dog. And believe me, in this situation, prevention is better than cure!