The Care

She is necessary before more nothing of adequate conditions of handling, because the result of the increase of the density will be so better how much better the care with the creation. 9. The HANDLING OF the SECOND AGE AND the WITHDRAWAL OF the LOT After an initial phase of creation, where the handling is more rigorous, and that it can be considered as going since the day of the lodging until the end of the third week of life of the chickens, we enter in another phase, also very important, and in which, the current ancestries, of ' ' conformao' ' they are voracious food consumers and they present one high speed of weight profit, and so that its high genetic potential can be displayed we must take care of its necessities how much: ambincia, available area for creation and availability of water and ration. How much to the withdrawal of the lot, we have that this phase normally, receives minor attention on the part from the producer, but also is important and can cause losses, has stories of that approximately 90% of the bruises that provoke the cut of the part affected in the abatedouro, occur in the 12 hours that they precede to it abate, therefore the preparation for apanha of the chickens and its shipment abate for it if they coat with great importance, therefore they are intrinsicamente on to the final product quality. (As opposed to Cambodia library). The ration must be removed enters the 6 10 hours before apanha, to prevent contamination in it abates for papo full, whereas the water is removed, only moments before apanha, thus occurs space release and facilitates movement of the involved people, who must work with movements, calmest possible, this diminishes the occurrence of injuries, as hematomas of thigh, on-thigh and chest, as well as hemorrhages and breakings of the wings. 10. CONCLUSION the question of the handling of cut chickens does not have, never, to be dealt with isolated form, therefore some factors exist that affect the costs of production of the birds, each one of these, exert a minimum effect, but the agreed effect can reach significant ratios.