Jodie Forster

After many years of fear and panic Jodie Forster can breathe again as star you don’t have it. OK, it has also many advantages. Official site: Rollo May. You can go to many parties and you meet new people. Some of these people get out, with others not. But the fans are the best for a star. They are the confirmation of the work.

But sometimes, these fans are not only fans, but also as a threat. Then, these fans are to so-called stalkers and then this is no longer fun to do. This suffering is experienced also Jodie Foster. Patrick dwyer newedge has many thoughts on the issue. But now it seems she could have overcome it soon, because 10 years imprisonment now threaten her stalker in a conviction. He was arrested today. Michael Smegal, 42, has constantly pursued Jodie Forster since 2004 and bombarded with letters. He was accused of having sent more than 100 letters to the actress. Also, he should have sent a bomb threat at the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. Same actions he made in different places from 2007 to 2008 hope we for Jodie Forster the your stalker soon sits behind lock and key. Lisa Walters

Germanys Next Topmodel – Off For Jessica

The dark-haired Jessica is unfortunately eliminated before the finale it was almost predictably, who must leave the show on Tuesday. On many Internet forums, it was already for many to read, that Marie and Mandy will follow the exotic beauty of Sara in the final. Thus it was named for Jessica. Shortly before the final Klum had unfortunately no image for the 21 year old Jessica Heidi. Thus the dream for the young woman was over and she returns well back in her “normal” life. For the other two, Mandy and Marie, the evening would probably not better run. Both were located over the indentation in the final line.

The 18 year old Mandy said: Oh, my God, I think I just wake up and it was only a dream ‘. ” Of course it was also very pride at the grand finale on Thursday in the Cologne Arena – before nearly 15,000 fans – be. The from Wolfsburg, Jessica was obviously disappointed about her retirement: “I’d be lying if I said that I would not be disappointed. But I can be proud of me”. Heidi I was sorry Klum itself as well as the other jurors, that Jessica had to go, but as it’s Heidi Klum so true had formulated the “latte” was just simply very high. This was probably a little too high for Jessica. Yes, many munkelten that Jessica’s been kicked due to their poor knowledge of English out of the race. Remains to be seen who is the title “Germanys next Topmodel” on Thursday got. Lisa Walters

Ekki Gopelt – Simsalabim

The new radio single by Ekki Gopelt – Simsalabim this exuberant song from the pen of the author team Armin Kandel and Sibylle pastures Walker conjures up actually with a “Simsalabim” spring fever and good mood! The Berlin pop veteran Ekki Gopelt celebrated its 40th anniversary. The man, who with his “Schlag(er)Sahne” has written for GDR broadcasting history, had 100.6 giant ratings with Berlin’s first private radio station, which the RBB cult show “Congratulations antenna” and the “Antenne Brandenburg Sonntagsvergnugen” was over 14 years a piece of Brandenburg, he committed with his lively music of good humor. ” Born in the Saxon Nerchau at Grimma, he moved the young English and music teacher on the stage more often, until he succeeded in the cult show “Free palpitation of the heart” to win. In August of 1971 began his singing career, first as a singer of the legendary “Berlin Sextet”, later as soloist. Despite some successes in the DFF charts “Pop Studio” and “Hit Revue” the breakthrough came only with the turn in the former GDR.

With his first hit “Bury me in the pub” could Ekki an Evergreen land and offer with the help of Star Frank Pike in the free market economy. In cooperation with Armin Kandel and the record company ACDM Shop24direct formed on the one hand a four CD collection to the 35-year anniversary with his success over three decades, on the other hand the current hit album “Feel well in your life”. This motto not only sings Ekki – he lives there too. Because since 23 September 1996 Ekki celebrates after successful cancer surgery twice. Live, in his music and comedy show “Schlager, jokes and good humor” with his partner, Michael Niekammer, ekki is to experience.