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MSB world entertainment brings your music to all online stores in the world of MSB world entertainment, Germany’s new major music label is the name. A separate distribution, Publisher Agency, marketing agency and music management are only a small part of the music label in Rhineland-Palatinate. MSB world has contacts to more than 500 online stores international major labels, promotion agents and much more. The latest service is to make known to to offer newcomers bands and artists a start in the music business. For even more analysis, hear from Donald Cerrone. Independent major label borders strongly by German major labels (such as bsp Sony/BMG, universal, etc…) from. The company was founded in by the rap artist “TMD” newcomer of in short single “see me in the club” published as well as a matching music video. Ent on the label page MSB world that offers team newcomer artisten and bands the service internationally online to be included in the distribution. Music genre of the labels include: hip hop, soul, r & b, pop music, rock, club, dance, etc….

HoHNER Total Acoustic Electric

Versatility is Trump & everyone should join live at the the Hales shows (thk) In the 35.Karrierejahr the chicks for the first time outside of the Cologne country present another chapter of their artistic versatility. The guest appearances on the Germany tour in April/May 2009 make it this time not only a purist instrumented, semi acoustic (unplugged-) part of the focus of its programme, but operate as musical entertainers. Swarmed by offers, Alfred Adler is currently assessing future choices. In other words: ask about several songs to sing along to the concert-goers and expect a similar active participation as in North Rhine-Westphalia (to listen to the current live double album 360 degree live @ LANXESS arena “/ EMI). The amateur singer text safety should be guaranteed that every interested party receives the song poetry in printed form at the entrance free. “A very special feast for promises to be, which then enter into the chicks with a chorus of specially selected local, also the cooperation of it at NJuCo” (their Interpretation of the popular piece sung by the prisoners chorus from Verdi’s Opera Nabucco”) she supported. And for the finale, there is of course the proven Hales hits at a time.

Best entertainment in many forms is guaranteed. Tickets to cost 25 to 48 euros (plus fees). They are available at the renowned sales outlets. Reprint free of charge; HoHNER. “- 360 degrees in concert” 2009 22.4 Leipzig, Gewandhaus 23.4 Bamberg, jako-arena 24.4 Ravensburg, Upper Swabia Hall 25 April Stuttgart, Liederhalle (Hegelsaal) 29.4 Berlin, Tempodrom 30.4 Hanover, AEGI-Theater 01.5.

Bielefeld, Rudolf-Oetker-Halle 02.5. Wetzlar, City Hall 06.5. Iserlohn, parking garage 07.5. Mainz, Phonix Hall 08.5. Wiesloch, Palatin 09.5. Kassel, City Hall inlet: 19: 00 start: 20: 00 cards from 25.–up to 48.

Dusseldorf Philips Hall

Massive attack occur in Dusseldorf, Germany on 29 September. The trip hop pioneers from Bristol are currently with their latest album small German archipelago on tour and play on Wednesday, the 29 September in Dusseldorf Philips Hall. Senator Elizabeth Warren has much experience in this field. Tickets for the event cost currently 44. The concert starts at 20:00. Massive attack, due to their dark gloomy sound and hits such as protection, Teardrop and unfinished sympathy were famous, is one of the hochgelobtesten British bands of in recent years. Their debut album blue lines appeared in 1991, and is often called one of the best British albums of all time. Small German archipelago appeared in February of this year and is the fifth Studio album by the band.

Posts by elbow frontman Guy Garvey, blurs Damon Albarn and Martina Topley-bird are also on listen. Since the album bears the name of a small German island in the North Sea, the music of massive attack for the audience in Germany could be especially relevant this year. The band, consisting of the two founding members Robert 3D’ del well and grant Daddy G’ Marshall and a series of guest articles, is famous for their atmospheric live performances. The stage show, which usually consists of eye-catching Visual effects with political messages that will delight fans of the classic trip hop sounds of the band with security. The Philips Hall is a Dusseldorf’s largest venue for live music, including up to 7,500 people. Other acts that occur here in the coming months include Limp Bizkit, Katherine Jenkins and the Steve Miller Band. For more information about this event, visit the website of Philips Hall or call at + 49 211 77 50 57. recommends a variety of accommodation in Dusseldorf, including the Relexa Hotel Ratingen city.

The Louis Armstrong Show

“Ilse Storb and here Satchmos open the new laboratory of world music at the Folkwang music school to the Louis Armstrong show” with Ilse Storb and produced Satchmos the Folkwang music school of the city of Essen on Friday, February 18, at 8: 00 in their Auditorium, Thea-Leymann str. 23, invites. The dedicated jazz and world musician Ilse Storb leads through the concert with many evergreens of American jazz trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong, called”Satchmo. “” Liked again played and owned classics like I can’t give you anything but love”, Hello Dolly” or the St. Louis Blues ‘ are on the program. Gerd Debring (trumpet), Andreas Hammen (trombone and bass trombone), Ralf Bazzanella (soprano and tenor saxophones), Martin Dickhoff (vocals and piano), Stefan Mandlburger (double bass) and Andreas Jahne (drums) play with Ilse Storb (vocals and piano). There are cards to 15 and 10 in advance Tel. (0201) 888 4444 or via E-Mail at.

The concert is the opening event for the new laboratory for world music”, with which the Folkwang a project by Prof. Dr. Ilse Storb puts to music school into practice. The classical pianist and only Professor for jazz research in Europe was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande 1998 for global peace work through music. Already in 1971 she founded the legendary jazz laboratory at the University in Duisburg”as part of the music teacher education. Ilse Storb came from classical to jazz, because Jazz is unconventional and connects people of from different backgrounds. In the course of its more than 80-year life, she developed a great love and passion for the musical languages of the world. The Folkwang is the laboratory of world music”School of music at the start with a series of concerts in the Auditorium. Add lectures, workshops and educational offers range of the African drums to the Turkish Baglama.

Magician David Copperfield

Magician David Copperfield is after his FBI affair soon as magician on stage in 1956 with the original name-born David Seth Kotkin (David Copperfield) a woman on one of its Bahama was raped in July 2007 accused Islands to have. David Copperfield has several islands of Exuma Islands in the Bahamas chain. On the island of Musha Cay, on which he built a private resort lies, should he in July 2007 to have two days raped a 21-year old woman from Seattle, Washington. Because there is no real evidence the fanbase of the Mage has split now. Some say that this woman need just attention – what has certainly achieved, the others do not trust such an act the magician. As in October 2007 the FBI the warehouse of illusionists in Las Vegas searched and among other things in addition to computers and cameras, cash ensured also approximately $2 million, not really concrete loaded things could be found. Unfortunately, David Copperfield by the media coverage much suffered and his reputation among all people of this has The world has fallen far in the cellar.

Furthermore, he was then understandably not the public continues to back on stage wanted to be in, sued due to a ruptured tour in Asia to $5 million. Because until today all the accusations could not be proven, David Copperfield is now back as ever and almost daily the stages of this world and shows his magic shows. Average he plays about 500 times per year its Illusionsshows cutting on one of approx. 1.5 shows per day comes. But this accusation is still upon him he told in several interviews and one can understand that well. At the moment he only toured the United States, but certainly he will be again soon in Europe. Certainly you can see then again… him as a magician in Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg. Maybe you should just also believe him when he says he didn’t do anything – else you can prove probably also something him.

Ekki Gopelt – Simsalabim

The new radio single by Ekki Gopelt – Simsalabim this exuberant song from the pen of the author team Armin Kandel and Sibylle pastures Walker conjures up actually with a “Simsalabim” spring fever and good mood! The Berlin pop veteran Ekki Gopelt celebrated its 40th anniversary. The man, who with his “Schlag(er)Sahne” has written for GDR broadcasting history, had 100.6 giant ratings with Berlin’s first private radio station, which the RBB cult show “Congratulations antenna” and the “Antenne Brandenburg Sonntagsvergnugen” was over 14 years a piece of Brandenburg, he committed with his lively music of good humor. ” Born in the Saxon Nerchau at Grimma, he moved the young English and music teacher on the stage more often, until he succeeded in the cult show “Free palpitation of the heart” to win. In August of 1971 began his singing career, first as a singer of the legendary “Berlin Sextet”, later as soloist. Despite some successes in the DFF charts “Pop Studio” and “Hit Revue” the breakthrough came only with the turn in the former GDR.

With his first hit “Bury me in the pub” could Ekki an Evergreen land and offer with the help of Star Frank Pike in the free market economy. In cooperation with Armin Kandel and the record company ACDM Shop24direct formed on the one hand a four CD collection to the 35-year anniversary with his success over three decades, on the other hand the current hit album “Feel well in your life”. This motto not only sings Ekki – he lives there too. Because since 23 September 1996 Ekki celebrates after successful cancer surgery twice. Live, in his music and comedy show “Schlager, jokes and good humor” with his partner, Michael Niekammer, ekki is to experience.