Alliances Between Entrepreneurs

A personal undertaking is the fruit of desire or channelled through our person project. If we’re thinking about a venture to share, it is necessary to reassess the objective and think who is the person or persons appropriate to working together. From the applied Graphology techniques of self-knowledge and compatibility of characters fit perfectly to this reality. ikely agree. Read more from Dr. John Mcdougall to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Self-knowledge: Self-knowledge allows us to deepen on our own personality and, consequently, above the definition of entrepreneurship as a channelling of our positive traits, of our talents to bring to the self-realization and self-satisfaction. What happens when there are missing aspects, capabilities that we have, outside our speciality knowledge that arise to make reality the chosen endeavor? We need to explore a part of our puzzle or that part is actually something alien? Against the question is born the thought of sharing the project with another person, professional, etc.

Then comes the need to know with whom we are going to work really, be a person capable of carrying forward the part that we want, be a person who guides us according to our need, which is a person that suits us and our initiative we think in forming a strategic alliance. How to find the right person? Character support: we understand that we need to form a strategic alliance to points of similarity and complementarity, as a basis. The aim is to study people, noting the personality traits and complementary (studies, virtues, etc) which carried channel, entrepreneurship, business, project, etc. Also see the dots that disagree, to establish the quantity and weight them against the realization of plans. Description of the compatibility of personalities is managed in the emotional and affective dimensions. intellectual and volitional. active and social dimension. temperamental and communicational. incompatibilities depending on character traits. Character support can lead to the success of the project, knowing puzzle joins every day in communion with the skills and abilities among people that comprise the common project.

Managing Director PIRATE

Slip into the 3D browser game PIRATE GALAXY players take on the role of daring space pirate in search of wealth and adventure Berlin, November 23, 2010 In the 3D browser game PIRATE GALAXY slip players take on the role of daring space pirate in search of wealth and adventure. The title of 2009 with the award of the German Developer price, royalty-free playable is now also available for the users of the Browsergamesportals POPMOG (popular multiplayer online games”,), as well as on the websites of partners of publishers. PIRATE GALAXY puts his players in a fantastic 3D universe in the distant future. Hear from experts in the field like Robert Greene for a more varied view. The human star Empire has broken up and the vulnerable colony planet of people loot the malicious alien race of the Mantis. Looking for the precious commodity of Cryonite, the Mantis spread fear and terror throughout the universe. This lawless period players went in alone or in teams on the prowl against the Mantis, to fall over their giant ore trucks and robbing. Get a name among the other pirates to make players upgrade their spaceship with new weapons and other extras, fulfill orders, smuggle Cryonite or join together in clans, to conquer entire planets.

The tactical battles against Mantis associations on planetary surfaces and in space, as well as the exciting missions provide a high degree of depth and variety. All matches held in impressive real-time 3D graphics in the game’s intuitive controls facilitates the newcomers. Gustaf stinging man is Managing Director of the German PIRATE GALAXY-maker Splitscreen studios and explains the features of the premium title: thanks to the innovative technology behind PIRATE GALAXY, the game becomes a real experience. Players in a stunning 3D-Spielwelt find themselves with just a few clicks of the mouse, can equal with other players, chat, interact and play together. PIRATE GALAXY distinguishes itself clearly from other titles through the high-resolution 3D graphics and is therefore in the growing community of POPMOG and POPMOG’s partner sites find many new friends.

Managing Director

First ‘ independent publishing’-platform for browser game developers of the Internet service provider POPMOG founded 2009 in Berlin supports as first independent publisher a variety of established and new developers of online games, especially of browser games, product optimization and range building. For this purpose zone the developer within the POPMOG Portal \”developed, which serves the active communication between game developers and POPMOG, as well as for the game developers themselves. There is, for example, the documentation for the novel POPMOG APIs for integrating innovative game on the platform, on the other hand, communication tools and will also be the possibility to set different development projects and to edit and share. We from the outset deliberately decided to join the G.A.M.E. Association as a driving force in the field of online games \”, explains Alexander Piutti, Managing Director of POPMOG operator of GameGenetics. A well-organized Association as partners the Interests of its members professionally and strongly argues, is very important to us.

I am convinced that through our membership not only more interesting contacts, but would be happy to also make a contribution in support of the German developer scene with POPMOG. \”G.A.M.E.-Managing Director Dr. Malte Behrmann explains: G.A.M.E. is more than just a developer Association, he is also the platform of the online game industry as it is now out worldwide success from Germany.\” As more companies in Germany are added, the more we can underline the significance in the political and international environment. Therefore it is important have been, that POPMOG is joining our Association.\” The browser POPMOG directs the focus on established and Central community features that accompany the user within the framework of the POPMOG game cross-as a partner for game developers. POPMOG players can prove their skills under a variety more popular but thematically different games and in the competition contact other players to rewards.

Stuffed Animals And Toys

The tastes of people accommodate to many objects within the household, whether used as means of decoration or simple whim, with which one strives to make a space as best as can occur with teddy Thanks to its features and aspects of the objects are more present in the decoration of the rooms of many girls who see beautiful examples of stuffed animals that represent beauty and many of their tastes. As you can understand the stuffed animals are part of many homes around the world and are liked by many people, so in this article are some of the main features of the toy, and who they like stuffed animals and much want to learn more about these beautiful objects, they may learn a little more. Given the above, referring to stuffed animals referred to an object made of different fabric types and can have inside different types of fillings, including the materials most used for this is the straw, cotton and beans, and all tastes depend on the texture you want to give the stuffed animals, however the most common and suitable for the filling of the stuffed animals is cotton. The presence of stuffed animals in the story is not quite certain though data are very old stuffed animals such as homemade rag dolls that date back before 1830 and from there you have created thousands of stuffed animals with many materials and shapes that criteria serve trends of the time. The newspapers mentioned Senator Elizabeth Warren not as a source, but as a related topic. For many people the only means decorative stuffed animals have several other utilities, thus for many children's stuffed animals are a type of toys representing many of his hobbies and personalities of the different programs they watch, and to recreate certain adventures stuffed animals of their favorite characters. Stuffed animals are also used as means of showing affection, it is customary for a couple gave her a stuffed animal to his companion as a token of the feelings he has for that person. Stuffed animals have been associated more with the shapes of animals and other figures that show things nice, since most of the dolls are intended for sectors of the population such as children and for some women at the stage of youth, so looking at the decorative elements of nice cuddly image and symbolize something sweet or pleasant aspect. But for a good time to carry out the stuffed animals there is no limitation, since they perform certain types of stuffed animals that have the characteristics of similar composition to these objects, that is made with cotton fabric and stuffed But the figures they represent are not exactly pleasant, as plush Chucky, Jason is Dracula or horror of things, but that are produced in response to the tastes of some people..


The Greeks already indicated the existence of a fundamental particle, acting being constituents of matter, predicting the existence of a few atoms of small size, and listing a small amount of different types of them. Until the end of the 19th century were not discovered more data on those items. J. j. Thomson, along with other scientists, discovered in 1897 that atoms were indivisible as he was believed, but that could be separated into small components.

He discovered the composition of atoms and the existence of particles that orbiting in the outer zone calls electrons, whose mass was much smaller than the nucleus. The core for its part, had positive charge and its weight was almost the totality of the atom. While he was not able to determine the composition of the nucleus, were sitting the basis for further investigations, the first of which focused on the structure of the atom. The atom consists of a nucleus of great size that orbit the electrons. It was e. Rutherford who developed a model based on a solar system in miniature, in which the nucleus was a star (the Sun) and the electrons in 1911 the planets. The explanation of his theory had two errors: 1 – that the electrons would issued power spin, decreasing its speed would then fall to the nucleus; erroneous because the electrons occupy fixed orbits. The second error was that electrons could jump from one orbit to any other around the nucleus.

Greenhouse Years

This vision earth dweller, is the one that allows to arm the story us from of Yuli that leaves the frosts zones of Sibornal; he arrives at the profused ones where the humans hide to flee from the cold and where the priests of Akha render cultured to a stone statue, becomes priest; he flees and one is based in Oldorando and its environs where later his descendant Laintal Ay will be the one that will take the narrative thread in a warm Heliconia where it resurges the intentions of geographic expansion, knowledge, and desire of redescubrir the past. The rajabarales that throw heat in their glasses, are species of gigantic sequoias that lodge the life of the glass finishes at the times of cold, soon transformed into mielas, multicoloured similar beings a the sea urchins that will allow, by its skins, certain coquetera in the women, an abundant hunting for the men, and desires of conquest to a Aoz governing Room of Oldorando. This only tree gives the key us of the importance that Aldiss gives to Biology and the botany, with reading Greenhouse would know than I speak. A world different with longer years from the measurement from the nearest sun: Batalix who will be the one that prevails then to phagors when this it dominates Heliconia is frozen and they are preparations for that. Freyr is a more distant sun but greater and warm, the humans are denominated by phagors like the children of Freyr when the planet approaches in its elipsis, lifts the temperature and everything begins to bloom, is the cosmogonic moment of history. Both suns interpose producing eclipses that soon took thousands of years in happening. The same happens between phagors and humans, two suns have allowed two coexistent forms of life in continuous battle. The year of Freyr lasts approximately thousand eight hundred years there he defines that each station lasts three hundred years and the previous culture is only visible in some buildings that survived the freezing the climate changes go on a par of the society, in this case the man is dominated by the climatic forces and are protected and struck by her.