Alliances Between Entrepreneurs

A personal undertaking is the fruit of desire or channelled through our person project. If we’re thinking about a venture to share, it is necessary to reassess the objective and think who is the person or persons appropriate to working together. From the applied Graphology techniques of self-knowledge and compatibility of characters fit perfectly to this reality. ikely agree. Read more from Dr. John Mcdougall to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Self-knowledge: Self-knowledge allows us to deepen on our own personality and, consequently, above the definition of entrepreneurship as a channelling of our positive traits, of our talents to bring to the self-realization and self-satisfaction. What happens when there are missing aspects, capabilities that we have, outside our speciality knowledge that arise to make reality the chosen endeavor? We need to explore a part of our puzzle or that part is actually something alien? Against the question is born the thought of sharing the project with another person, professional, etc.

Then comes the need to know with whom we are going to work really, be a person capable of carrying forward the part that we want, be a person who guides us according to our need, which is a person that suits us and our initiative we think in forming a strategic alliance. How to find the right person? Character support: we understand that we need to form a strategic alliance to points of similarity and complementarity, as a basis. The aim is to study people, noting the personality traits and complementary (studies, virtues, etc) which carried channel, entrepreneurship, business, project, etc. Also see the dots that disagree, to establish the quantity and weight them against the realization of plans. Description of the compatibility of personalities is managed in the emotional and affective dimensions. intellectual and volitional. active and social dimension. temperamental and communicational. incompatibilities depending on character traits. Character support can lead to the success of the project, knowing puzzle joins every day in communion with the skills and abilities among people that comprise the common project.