Stefan Morsch Foundation

Annual balance sheet of the oldest donor file: nearly 600 Stammzellspenden 2013 the cooperation with educational institutions should be developed at the first German donor file a record number of potential lifesavers were registered in the past year: almost 23 000 people have can be 2012 by the staff of the Stefan Morsch Foundation type. This means that they have agreed to do so, to give a chance to cure a person suffering from leukemia with a registry in the event of an emergency. At the same time, also a new record for the number of people was achieved, indeed for their genetic twins”could donate. Almost 600 donors were lifesavers. The Stefan Morsch Foundation based in Birkenfeld (Rhineland-Palatinate) is the oldest Stammzellspenderdatei in Germany. Under the motto “Hope help heal” the Foundation provides for more than 25 years help leukemia and tumor patients. The main objective of the Foundation is to promote, as unrelated to register people. Therefore, teams are the almost daily “Foundation in whole Germany, to so-called typing actions” to inform about the theme registry.

270 Typing actions have been organized so nationwide. “Emil Morsch, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation: we are human beings at the Centre, need the help.” Nearly 11 000 people each year fall ill with leukemia. Often, a stem cell transplant is her only chance to escape the blood cancer. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that every healthy man aged 18 with a stem cell transplant can save lives. You can register with the consent of the parents aged 16 and over. Therefore we will set our focus on the education of young people this year”, said Foundation founder. In the past few years we have cooperated very well with the German armed forces”, the 69-year-old reported. Greatly increased the percentage of soldiers in the file: not only that the number of typed soldiers within the donor file and the share of the marrow grows, is today 30 Percent.