Words Key: State, Public Politics, Citizenship, Democracy. ABSTRACT This article seeks you comment on the State Reform and the Challenges of Public Management, focusing on the major factors that contributed you the achievement and overcoming obstacles, who led Brazil you the Administrative Reform, enabling the organization of man in society in the search will be the guarantee of constitutional rights will be the construction of social democratic political appears based on constrained by challenges you effective public administration in democracy. Keywords: Member, Public Policy, Citizenship, Democracy. The objective of this study is to delineate a debate concerning the Reformation of the State from the Constitution of the Republic that if constitutes basic element for a new model of Public administration, where if objective the universalize of the rights and efetivao of the democracy, establishing the democratic principle as excellent instrument front to the objectives to increase the governance of the State by means of the model of Public administration in the Country. The referring questions of the State to offer of public services in the health areas and education and of the collective interests soon is come across with problematic the social one of these services, which constantly are questioned by the institutions, social movements and entities of the organized civil society, that withhold great power of participation thanks to the democratization of the Public administration of the State.