What it was of the lizard, ate it to the grasshopper, and what it was of the grasshopper, it ate locusta it, and what it was of locusta, it ate it to the pulgo. Joel 1:4 This Biblical ticket shows to the caused difficulties and symptoms which we need repenting in them of our sins. Which had been the effect felt for that people? – hunger assolao (ruin, prosperity lack) – cut lamentation the food entristecimento- complete dry destruction/without water (water is life, dries is death)- rivers also dry ashamed moaning nothing that put the hands, it avenged (it gave all wrong one)- they had withered, they discouraged of time the joy if it also dried the food lack distressed everything what they had finished fast destrua everything what still they had were confused were being, literally, consumidosAs economic sources and of life had dried and they did not relieve nothing of beneficial absolutely, effect of the attacks of the lizard, the grasshopper, locusta, the pulgo demonic and annihilating figures of the cutter, migrador, devorador and annihilator. now? What to make? How they had reverted this calamitous picture? Still thus, right now says you: You convert you it all me of your heart; this with jejuns, and I cry, and pranto. Joel 2:12 and you tear your heart, and not them your vestments, and convert you it you your Gods; because it is merciful, and compassionate, and delayed in irar itself, and great in benignancy, and if he repents of the evil. Joel 2:13 Becoming themselves it Gods, of the mouth for are not only, but tearing the heart and clamando It for answers. Chorem the priests, ministers Mr., between alpendre and the altar, and say: Your people saves, SIR, and you do not deliver your inheritance to the oprbrio, so that heathen the o dominates; because they would say between the peoples: Where he is its God? Joel 2:17 the shame is so great, felt shame of the nations and all the ones that were around still asked in high and good sound: where he is its God? LIZARD = first phase of the insects, larvGAFANHOTO = harmful insect to the farming, it goes migrando, of farming in lavourLOCUSTA = common grasshopper, that migra, is born in Africa and europPULGO = small insect, of soft body, without wing, that sucks the seiva of the plants.


Respiratory picture – repeated apneas, esternais and subcostais bradipnia, taquipnia, retractions, beating of nasal wings, cianose, increase of the necessity of oxygen and the parameters of the respirator. Neurological picture – hipotonia, convulsions. Mannering picture – irritability, lethargy. Gastrointestinal picture – abdominal distenso, vomits, gastric residue, refusal of suction, jaundice without definite cause and with predominance of the conjugated fraction. Cardiovascular picture – cutaneous pallor, cold and sudoreica skin, hipotenso, bigger hair filling time of what 2 seconds. Signals of bleed – similar picture to the one of coagulation to intravascular spread.

Subjective evaluation? ‘ ‘ RN seems that he is not bem’ ‘ , although to be a subjective evaluation, diverse authors classify this item as one of most excellent for the clinical diagnosis of sepse. These signals can also vary of light the intense ones, depending on the duration of the infection, the virulence and the accidental agent and garu of maturity of the mechanism of defense of the host. In the neonatal period, these manifestations can be inconvenient, therefore the signals if coat with great inespecificidade and can be induced for not infectious insults, what it makes it difficult the discovery and precocious treatment of the infection in the RN, therefore some illnesses can be manisfestar with these symptoms. Therefore if it makes necessary the clinical and comparative inquiry of the signals, as well as of the risk factors that unchain a possible infection so that this can in time recognized and be treated, before taking the neonato the death. Factors of risk for sepse neonatal In the life intrauterine and during the birth, the embryo and the RN gifts in the maternal treatment can be colonized by microorganisms genital that can colonize the passage of the childbirth canal, or by the transplacentria way (hematognica).

For Kumar

The brain receives 15% from the cardiac debit in rest and answers for 20% of the total of the corporal consumption of oxygen even so answers for apenas1 a2% of the corporal weight. The sanguineous flow in the brain is normally about 50ml per minute for each 100g of fabric, having regional variations between substances white and cinereous and between different parts of it substantiates gray, this sanguineous flow if it keeps constant in an ample gamma of sanguineous pressures and intracraniana pressure, due to auto-regulation of the vascular resistance. For Kumar; Abbas and Fausto (2205, p.1425) brain is classified as ‘ ‘ …

one weaveeed highly aerbico, with oxygen instead of metabolic substratum serving as substance limitante’ ‘. One knows that the oxygen, substantiates essential for the functioning of the cells that composes the brain, for times can arrive at the fabric cerebral in inefficacious way or even though not to arrive at fabric for any one of some mechanisms: … hipxia functionary in a scene of low partial pressure of oxygen (pO2), comprometimento of the capacity of carry of oxygen for the blood, or inhibition of the use of oxygen for the fabric; or isquemia, transitory or permanent, after the interruption of the normal circulatrio flow.


is a virtual space that provides psychological resources to know, understand and overcome … In couple find issues, Sexuality, Self-Improvement, Keys to Improving, Stories for Thinking and a space dedicated to Public and Private Consultations. Visit and tell us your opinion. You can also find us at – – – Do you take compliments? Samples naturally receive recognition will make us feel valued and safe, this brings, of course, a benefit for the people around us. It's a good thing for others to acknowledge what we do well. However, there are people who find a problem, either because they tend to believe it too, taking an arrogant attitude that may provoke ridicule or criticism of others, or by an excess of humility, or lack of self- that leads them not to believe that the recognition received is justified or that will match what was said. Those who reject compliments, or because they downplay or ignore it-kick against their self-esteem.

This rejection is, firstly, to devalue the own merit, noting that what has been achieved is not the product of personal effort, but the mere circumstance or coincidence, in this way, the person becomes his own saboteur, giving an image of lower validity. On the other hand, to refuse to recognize is, in a way, neglecting to who did it and, therefore, seems to question his wisdom. At the same time, limiting the possibility of other completed in the future, a stimulus that is very important to raise self-esteem. The recognition we receive from others, should be understood and received as a token of appreciation for our people and our behavior. Worth making an effort to naturally accept the praise, thank and, if deemed appropriate, meet with another compliment. Thus, we face new challenges from a position of greater respect and safety, both to ourselves and to others. Be prepared a phrase for when you flattered by something! And do not forget you, too, to flatter with honestly … Team

Social Tips

Acquaintance on the street Remember the situation when the man tried to get to know you on the street. Was it? And what did you do? Are you able to support the man when he tried to strike up a conversation? Were you friendly? Or a serious view turned away from him, considering acquaintance on the street below his dignity? Tell me honestly, then you remember about the case with some regret Of course, the problem is that men in the most part, familiar with women can not. They mumbles something, ask stupid questions. Your same goal – to get acquainted with the man to build a relationship with him and get married, and you should be aware that for this you need to properly take the male Activity at acquaintance on the street. How to meet on the street? We must understand how to keep a man as interested in him, even if it just looked looked at you, and learn how to reveal the psychology of men. Sometimes you just do not notice the man's attention and initiatives, and sometimes you can not and do not support the introduction because of some complexes, principles or pride Since acquainted with a man? Let's look at the standard situation.

A man approaches a woman and asks any question, usually stupid to laugh a woman, or simply start a conversation. The content of these issues does not depend on the intellectual capacities of men or situation, but from degree of interest in you. If the man mumbles and mutters, or conversely, wants to seem cool and it had obviously not, then (!) you give him very much. By the way, to bring with you on the street often spoken to, you can take some unusual items. It will be an occasion for exploring. For example, a book with the intriguing title, an unusual case, a strange breed of dog, everything they can to come up and ask: "What is it?". Here it is time when further acquaintance or undeveloped depends on you.

Next man tries to somehow continue the conversation, usually, not very skillfully, and if you could help him, the conversation is broken and the man leaves. Show whether initiative when meeting with a man you should not take the initiative when meeting with the man and the first meeting with the men. It's the biggest mistake! Nature has put in a man the hunter, it is the psychology of men is so arranged they love to hunt and take the initiative. And then, in the future, let the man take the initiative! Mistakes Women dating men women often simply does not notice the men's attentions and willingness to meet. Of course, if a man comes to the woman and says, "Let's get acquainted", here every understand. But usually things are not so openly. Read More

Steam Ironing System

On clothes meet a good mind – so tells us an old Russian proverb, it is difficult not to agree with her. It is absolutely obvious that the look can say a lot. But no matter what style you follow, the main thing that would be the clothes were clean and tidy. Especially a lot of hassle delivers care and maintenance of different types of fans costumes. Iron and ironing board is not the optimal tool if one considers the constant lack of time, what Many do not like to be stroked. Above all, in the inept hands of money ironing leaves much to be desired – it is unnecessary and "shine", and prints of welds and burned things. Despite the wide range of different models of irons, various surfaces, temperature regimes and other things – the iron has always remained an iron.

To achieve professional-quality ironing necessary quality equipment. Ironing systems, unlike irons, fitted with boiler, in which the vaporization of sufficient volume to smooth out even the most difficult fabrics. In modern ironing sistemahpar has a temperature of 160 C, pressure 3-4 bar, with any fabric – silk, linen or cotton – can (and should) be ironed at the same temperature, did not burn. Steam Ironing system not only facilitates the ironing, but also clean any fabric, destroys odors and eliminates unnecessary things "shine". In addition, steam ironing system can be used for both horizontal and vertical steam – steam jet issuing from the holes in the soleplate, treats tissue at a distance of 5-10 cm, which is very handy when taking care of outerwear, curtains, drapes, upholstered furniture. So if your wardrobe a lot of things that require careful maintenance, or there are things that require careful handling, we recommend using a steam ironing system, and the result will exceed all your expectations.

French Jewelry

And relates them to the jewelry in the full sense of the word is difficult. That is why the destruction of documents at the jewel face great difficulties in further in determining its price category. Translated from the French costume jewelry is nothing like cheating, forgery. It was on counterfeiting precious stones majored Georges Frederic Strass – a man whose name is given the name of one of the types of jewelry. Unfortunately, his contemporaries did not appreciate the skill of the jeweler, and regarded him as an ordinary crook. Strasse did not live up to that time, when its stones suddenly come into vogue. It happened in the eighteenth century, then the crystals have been actively used for clothing and footwear. By the way, these gems are still in high demand among designers.

And many ladies prefer their expensive jewelry. After all, such articles look great and are inexpensive. In the end, the money saved could be spent more usefully. For example, to solve the problem of unwanted hair – photoepilation whose prices are very low, will help in this. But back to the history. Rhinestones suddenly in vogue, but they have not been used yet for the production of jewelry.

The turning point is nineteenth century. It was then established trading house with . Jewellery, designed by designed by Daniel was an incredible popularity among the fashionable audience. Now wearing fake rocks became even prestigious. Fake jewelry in some cases more expensive presents. We have already mentioned legislator of fashion Coco Chanel, who is very respectful of the jewelry.

Beginning Webmaster

Advice to a beginning novice webmasters webmaster All too often make the same mistakes when creating their first site. The result of such errors is often a great time out the page excessive abundance of relevant and not very relevant information, the abundance of advertising, and as a consequence of the above – partial or complete lack of visitors. Let us examine in more detail what should not do it, so that your site has grown and prospered. And users back to your resource again and again. To sites load quickly, ideally, it should not be in general any graphics. But then it will be for the site? Boring flyer … we will not do.

On the other hand, a lot of graphics, so slow down the loading of your page, that half of visitors to run away and not waiting until the end, while the other half is old pending))). What do you do? We need a compromise. First, all graphics files, you must first compress. Second, the images must comply with design of your site, do not need to sculpt the image wherever there's space. Use graphics sparingly, in addition to the tex. And think about those users who do not have high-speed Internet.

Some people still sitting on the GPRS. When you create a website, many new webmasters are often added to the information in huge amounts, detailed, tedious and not always necessary. On the one hand like a right. Search engines such sites more quickly noticed. On the other hand you do site to search engines or people? Too much and too detailed and exhausting leads the visitor to "jump" from paragraph to paragraph to find the right information. Ideally, it should be simple, clear and brief as possible, otherwise, on the first page a visitor will not go. Who likes to advertise? These intrusive pop-ups, banners and other gourmet achieve the advertising industry. And sometimes, instead of offering goods of non-intrusive, (which actually need advertising) you are literally screaming in his ear – buy! Who is happy? Of course, advertising, that you place on your site, brings you income, but do not forget who clicks on sponsored links. Go too far with advertising – will lose all visitors! Everything should be beautiful – advertising should not strain, and the more enrage. Find the middle of a gold. And in conclusion I would like to add, each seeking his own way in the implementation of a project. I wish you find your own and make money online as much as possible! Create your own sites, trying to avoid mistakes and make them for people. Good luck in your endeavors!

Origin Of Man: Why Africa ?

While it is still quite common to hear the views of the divine origin of man, or even cosmic, but people are educated and savvy can hardly doubt the truth. The emergence of Homo sapiens occurred during the biological evolution of anthropoid obezyan. By the middle of the XX century in the scientific community firmly established opinion about the African origin of human heart, and in 1974 the whole world shook a sensational discovery. Where African Rift divides into two "horns" in Ethiopia, in Afar region, was found a complete skeleton of Australopithecus afarensis, one of our most ancient ancestors, the age of about 3.8 million years. While all were passionate group of the Beatles, and the skeleton (it belonged to a female) was named Lucy, the eponymous song. This finding is summed up decades of hard and, sometimes, dramatic work on the study and systematization of data on the anatomy and way of life of early hominids and the first representatives of the genus Homo. Not touching the essence of much debate about human origins, we give the main results, which is now generally agreed academic science, based on extensive data research in paleoanthropology, Comparative genetics and evolutionary psychology.

1. We know exactly who was the direct ancestor of man kind (Homo). They were the gracile australopithecines, creatures with a small brain volume, but very active, with good social organization and had a real family. Homo genus Australopithecus or separated from other similar hominids about 2 million years ago in Africa. There are several types of people, most of whom had died. These include, inter alia, include erectus and Neanderthals.

The earliest representatives of Homo sapiens were the result of the evolution of 400-250 thousand years ago. 2. We know exactly the place of human origins. This is Africa, and that its area, which adjoins the Great Rift valley, crossing the continent from south to north. There are no other places of human origin have been identified. According to this ruling today in a science hypothesis, our species emerged in Africa and spread from there around the world, replacing existing populations in other regions of Homo erectus and Homo neanderthalensis. 3. We are certain that our early ancestors began walking on two legs at least 2 million years before they began to use specially made tools. It is interesting that Darwin knew nothing about the future of numerous anthropological finds, however, wrote in his book "The Descent of Man," that our ancestors probably lived in Africa. But why in Africa? This question is only beginning to be discussed in academic circles and is of great interest. Ask him to our guide and the tourists who buy the tour in Tanzania, "In the wake of the African Adam." Answer this and many other the evolution of life can be also bought in any book of scientific and popular novel DA Chernyakhovsky "Resources and Development: from bacteria to the market", or received it for free at our office.

Genetic Predisposition To Alcoholism

The role of heredity in disease, alcoholism is very high. The presence of alcoholism among parents is the risk of disease in children at 7 times the risk of dependency in children of healthy parents, which will allow identify children in alkozavisimyh particular risk. It has long been observed that alcoholism usually develops in children whose parents abuse alcohol. According to the research of family alcoholism risk of dependency patients with alcoholism of parents (one or both) to 7 times higher than children of healthy parents. In certain forms of alcoholism, parental likelihood of disease in children up to 88%. Research performed by tracking the fate of children born to parents suffering from alcohol dependence. It turned out that even the education of children in the "healthy" families with a non-drinker adoptive parents and brothers and sisters, the risk of developing alcoholism is 3 times higher than that of nekrovnyh sisters and brothers.

Compared with the non-drinker foster children a large number of drinkers foster children have biological parents – alkozavisimyh. In addition, there is no connection between alcoholism and alcohol abuse adoptive parents of their children, suggesting less influence of the medium. Observations of the twins showed that if one of monozygotic brothers ill from alcoholism, the the other has a 3-fold higher risk of developing the disease than would happen with fraternal twins. Therefore, the influence of genetic factors is not in doubt. However, such observations for single-valued conclusions about the role of heredity is not enough, because with equal bases responsible for the occurrence of alcoholism may be given to environmental factors – education in an atmosphere of drunkenness. Genetics are not children alkozavisimyh as victims, freeing them from liability, and various environmental factors have great importance for the occurrence of alcoholism. Research geneticist, of course, important as the development of prevention treatment, and for specialists who treat alcoholism, to better understand the specifics of the disease.