David Beckham

Vicente de el Bosque leaving Real Madrid for the back door to which Fernando Hierro would add. They were sad end, terribly cold. In 2010 also, Raul and Guti tantearon disdain. . In 2003, the fairy tale was idyllic, with the Chairman 36 the history of FC Barcelona, Joan Gaspart, desnortado in the presidency after the excruciating transfer of Luis Figo, Barcelona’s lived one of its poorest and most melodramatic in its history. Forgotten the Curassows.

In Chamartin, the arrival of Galactic was already a custom and three balls of gold, Figo, Ronaldo and Zidane, along with Guti, Raul, Roberto Carlos and David Beckham held, among others, made mischief in the Green, in Spanish and European rugs with Portuguese Carlos Queiroz to the remote control and check boxes to the guard. During these years nobody spoke model. The Madrid’s Florentino was imperial, the reference. The Galaxy. No one spoke of Cruyff or the 30 years of seniority accorded to your model from Barcelona. March 17, 2004. Real Madrid Zaragoza.

Final Copa del Rey Madrid faced his assault on her Majesty tournament after 11 years without winning a Cup. Care failure. Beckham, Guti, Roberto Carlos next to the ball, we’ll see who hits the 3 were the words of Manolo Lama, before David Beckham scored the first goal of the finals with a dramatic parable 10 metres from the front of the area a mere review of the potential of the Madrid then. The hand team tied the match and a very young Villa would mark to 1-2 for Zaragoza’s penalty, while ball stopped again, this time Roberto Carlos would put the tie to 2 that ended 90 minutes of match with a Cannonball House brand. The extension dilucidaria champion. And the Galaxy exploded. It was extension 20 minute and the match reached its maximum voltage. Real Madrid was clear favourite, but from the same distance from which Beckham had placed his lofty parable, a puncher, one of those players sentenced to wander through the class media, who retired this year from football by kidney failure, got honey from her days.