We pass for an immense crisis of humanismo. But as for the health, if it cannot substitute the human work for mechanic 1. The people must display its ideas, to construct a democratic space, to consider to promote actions that can collaborate with the relations between professionals of the health, users, institutions and cuidadores. The nursing is cuidadora in its essence and was the first one to professionalize care 1. In first place, I want to say that nor all professional it knows and it respects the code of ethics of its profession; in second, I see the necessity of evolution of the empirical nursing and modern for sociopoltica nursing working in favor of the health, which had it has great proliferation of the illnesses in people with age each younger time; in third, I present the project that takes care of the necessity of the population in century twenty and one; finally, the nurse of the surgical center coexists the lack of multiprofessional human resources that pparently does not have solution inside of the hospital scope and that it disables the viability of the service causing cancellations of surgeries, insatisfao in the patient for the delay in the attendance and increasing the risk of professional and patient accident involving. Objective To awake in the professionals of nursing in Brazil and the Brazilian woman the desire to participate integrally in the social life, politics, cultural professional and. Dr. Neal Barnard is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Methodology Deals with if a descriptive study that it used as metodolgica base the bibliographical research. The descriptive study it has as objective the description of the characteristics of determined population or phenomenon, as well as, to raise the opinions, attitudes and beliefs of a population, providing a new vision of problem 2. The bibliographical research of the support the almost all the phases of any type of research, being particularly important when the research problem requires very given dispersed for space 2.