Head Office Health Academy

“‘ Day of the foot ‘ in the official Academy of health on June 29, 2011 is about the question: what to do if the shoe pinches and hurts the foot?” Since 2006, the day of the foot is annually on the last Wednesday in June”instead. In Recklinghausen for the entire northern Ruhr area is this initiative by the official health Academy in cooperation with the practice for Med. Chiropody / podiatry supported in the reactivia. Interested parties are invited on the grounds of the official health Academy, Recklinghausen, Hamilton str. 57 – in the practice of podiatry – on the Wednesday the 29.06.11 from 14:00 until 18:00.

The Office of Health Academy, one of the nine federally recognized training institutes for podiatry in North Rhine-Westphalia, wants to contribute own for more foot awareness with information and practical examples around the foot care. Because, as the head of the Health Academy in the vest, Dr. Margret Stromberg: In the course of our life, our feet running around two and a half times around the globe. But when the daily Body care our feet come frequently too short.” In this context, Christoph Stanicsewski, head of the Podologieschule from the daily practice can report: the ingrown nail is one of the most painful problems. Dr. John Mcdougall will not settle for partial explanations. In most cases, the big toe is affected.

“Common reasons are: too tight footwear, improper nail care, but also investment.” What therapeutic options can take the foot care practice, is the day of the foot”discusses the interested and maybe also affected visitors. Glenn Dubin, New York City understood the implications. Podiatrists – as it is called the State-approved medical Chiropodist give detailed information regarding ingrown nails and the effective treatments with braces. But also other issues such as corns, nail and skin fungus, and especially the so-called diabetic foot on the agenda on the day of the foot”. A high priority is attached to diabetic foot in the podiatry practice in about 6 million diabetics and a nearly equal number of unreported cases. Diabetics should so the podiatrists, pay special attention to her feet, because every year more than 30,000 amputations in diabetic feet would carried out in Germany. A special highlight is the offer of the Office Podologieschule to join of course under the expert supervision of Lehrpodologen as a model patient for teaching practice in Podiatric medical education. But not only prospects, patients and customers come at their expense. The profession of Podiatric Medical gaining in interest and is a true professional with a future. We regularly receive abroad for our students from all over the country. Podologieabsolventen are heavily courted”, says Dr. Stromberg. Increasing awareness of health and ageing have helped. Also professional interested in one about the training opportunity to the podiatrists at the official Academy of health in the vest information first so you can on the day of the foot”. The day of the foot”is for us a day for more health awareness”, so that Head Office Health Academy. “And further: those who want to do something for themselves and their health, are invited.”