Estevo Professor Francisco

Street Estevo Professor Francisco, N 20, Tower, Recife? FOOT. (81) 87164981.; 3. Nurse. Specialist in Docncia of Superior Ensino. Professor of the Course of Nursing of the College Maurcio de Nassau. Avenue Ruy Barbosa, 579, Recife? FOOT.

(81) 96480782. involved in vaccination, aiming you avoid mistakes, that might harm to only user of this system. This study aimed you determines the importance of training health professionals who work with vaccination. METHODS: This is quantitative and descriptive. Date were collected through questionnaire containing 10 objective questions related you upgrading of nurses working in the room vaccine. The research was initiated to after the approval of the Ethics and Research of the Hospital of the So Paulo Restoration and conducted in the municipality of – FOOT. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: In the survey, found that 86, 37% of respondents, IE 19 participants considered relevant you the training room offered vaccine. 72,7% of participants reported having adds training in the area between January and December 2009, but 86,36% of respondents said they would like lives training courses will be improvement.

When asked you consider to whether or not current, 95,45% of respondents said yes, they feel refreshed about vaccination, but when asked questions about the vaccine, 59,1% responded that they had any questions. In relation you working teams in vaccine, 40,9% reported working in the industry will be lives than four years, claimed lives than 8 36,38 years and 22,72% between 1 and 3 years of service. He will be questions, 68,18% said they turn you municipal theatre PNI, 18,19% the 13,63% PNI resort you and said nurses and nurses who resort. CONCLUSION: Essential The present study showed that it is that the team room vaccine is skilled and trained you safely carry out to their actions. The questionnaire showed that although most professionals in the area studied acting will be to over seven years, there ploughs many questions about the uses and application of vaccines. Although most state that has undergone training in to year questioned, adds professionals said they have had in training, which leaves room will be doubt regarding the capabilities offered. Therefore, it is necessary you examines the exchange of information and take steps you correct the flaws pointed out in to order you reach the puts fixed will be the prevention and eradication of illnesses. So important educate the public you the need will be vaccines is you guide professionals the importance of training and updates in search of quality improvement and service delivery.