This is confirmed by an anonymous survey of adolescents. The question: "What am I doing in Internet? "Most of them in the first place raised the possibility of" free "or listen to music, use e-mail, have fun, socialize and make new friends. But the fascination with the Internet is not so harmless as it seems at first glance. Often parents are unaware of how much time their child spends on the World Wide Web and which sites are visited. But uncontrolled access creates many problems associated with the violation of physical and mental health of children.

First of all, it becomes noticeable violation of posture and vision. Please visit endocrinologist if you seek more information. The reason – in a static position and a curved screen flicker. Looking at him, the child becomes tense, stretches his neck forward, throws his head back to see the facility, located in front of him. This reinforces the deflection of the cervical spine, causing muscle tension base of the head and neck, which restricts blood flow in the vessels of the neck and normal blood flow to the head. The result – frequent headaches, pain in the neck, arms and hands. Keep in mind that excessive load on the shoulders and the emergence of a consequence of this tension in the muscles shoulder can lead to stoop and scoliosis that more and more frequently observed when examining medical students. Of greater concern of Internet dependency, which arises from the user, when he spends virtual reality sometimes up to 18 hours a day.