Genetic Disorders

Which recognize life theme and the tree will not pursue you a hereditary disease has always a particular mental spiritual aspect, within “passed on by generations” and that each family member must be viewed. Behind it stands no higher power and no overriding fate, what you must suffer. When a soul chooses a life, she also decides on the framework and the objective. We a disease highlight once, such as breast cancer. If breast cancer always acts in the following generations, it goes for all is the life issues to deal with “Culture and Ernahrtwerden”. The most diverse contexts will have lived here so long from all sides, for all family members to recognize the relations on this issue, and internalized the solutions. The breast cancer that this comes into play, is the red thread on the physical level. On the psycho-spiritual level, it involves the gaining of awareness of independence.

All variants of Being subject to dependent on making can emerge and now. The woman who gets breast cancer, is of course directly affected and must clarify this topic personally for himself. For them, the questions arise where I’m maybe a parent mother who is sacrificing for all, or where am I not agree with my role as a woman and giving? I think simple now deliberately this, to show basic information. I want only the veil something. Of course hang here many individual, but also family collective through social networks with it.

The whole environment has also the chance to learn without having to get equal cancer penetrate the subject through an examination of the topic. Who has managed this and gained consciousness to be independent by a private trust and therefore in principle of life to feel supplied has reached his goal in this life. Breast cancer will have no meaning in principle more for these people. Of course one can great fear of cancer will also become the trigger, but a strong sense of basic trust will prevent this. Occurred a hereditary disease, always the deeper relationship should in addition to therapy, in which the person concerned has real confidence, be recognized and then implemented in life. This increases the chance for a cure to a considerable degree. roach. Get support! To do this, also in addition read the article “There are incurable diseases?” Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist

ADHD Genetic

(PM) Berlin, 12.10.2010 a recent study suggests that the disorder ADHD has genetic causes. Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (short: ADHD) are affected in Germany about 500,000 children and adolescents, boys with three to four times more than girls. Often, these children are restless and impulsive, and suffer from attention and concentration difficulties. On the basis of their behaviour frequently problematic situations in the family and in schools. There are many misunderstandings in this disorder. Especially parents have to fight, that they just poorly educate the children or feed with too many sweets, and thus to promote unrest with prejudice. Now, a team of scientists of at Cardiff of University in Wales discovered that the cause of the so-called hyperactive syndrome is genetic. Children compared the genetic structure of 366 ADHD to the DNA of 1047 people who do not suffer from this disorder.

The researchers found that 15 Percent of affected children exhibit significant and rare changes in DNA, on the other hand, there were only seven percent in the healthy. In hyperactive children are therefore certain sections of DNA, the so-called gene copy number variations (CNV), either in duplicate or missing. Study leader Professor Anita Thapar told the press the study prove beyond reasonable doubt the influence of genes on the disease. As other researchers have been looking for the reasons for ADHD in education defects or environmental influences, would be required to realize according to opinions of Thapar, that the assumption is faulty. The scientists also showed that still much work ahead before the mental disorder could be fully understood. Also, Kate Langley, one of the authors of the study, acknowledged that the study of the genetic material on CNVs alone is not sufficient to determine whether a child or teenager was suffering from ADHD.

However, the study can help better to determine the causes of ADHD. Often takes a hasty Diagnosis of the disorder in young people instead. Not every strenuous teenager who conforms to no parental or educational, suffers from ADHD. Lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet can also lead to a conspicuous behaviour. A solution on the basis of sufficient rest, sport and balanced diet should be found here. Also dietary supplements such as BrainEffect also”indicating that can provide the brain with all the essential vitamins and nutrients, and so in addition to promote the concentration at school and at work.

Stefan Morsch Foundation

Annual balance sheet of the oldest donor file: nearly 600 Stammzellspenden 2013 the cooperation with educational institutions should be developed at the first German donor file a record number of potential lifesavers were registered in the past year: almost 23 000 people have can be 2012 by the staff of the Stefan Morsch Foundation type. This means that they have agreed to do so, to give a chance to cure a person suffering from leukemia with a registry in the event of an emergency. At the same time, also a new record for the number of people was achieved, indeed for their genetic twins”could donate. Almost 600 donors were lifesavers. The Stefan Morsch Foundation based in Birkenfeld (Rhineland-Palatinate) is the oldest Stammzellspenderdatei in Germany. Under the motto “Hope help heal” the Foundation provides for more than 25 years help leukemia and tumor patients. The main objective of the Foundation is to promote, as unrelated to register people. Therefore, teams are the almost daily “Foundation in whole Germany, to so-called typing actions” to inform about the theme registry.

270 Typing actions have been organized so nationwide. “Emil Morsch, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation: we are human beings at the Centre, need the help.” Nearly 11 000 people each year fall ill with leukemia. Often, a stem cell transplant is her only chance to escape the blood cancer. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that every healthy man aged 18 with a stem cell transplant can save lives. You can register with the consent of the parents aged 16 and over. Therefore we will set our focus on the education of young people this year”, said Foundation founder. In the past few years we have cooperated very well with the German armed forces”, the 69-year-old reported. Greatly increased the percentage of soldiers in the file: not only that the number of typed soldiers within the donor file and the share of the marrow grows, is today 30 Percent.