Managing Director PIRATE

Slip into the 3D browser game PIRATE GALAXY players take on the role of daring space pirate in search of wealth and adventure Berlin, November 23, 2010 In the 3D browser game PIRATE GALAXY slip players take on the role of daring space pirate in search of wealth and adventure. The title of 2009 with the award of the German Developer price, royalty-free playable is now also available for the users of the Browsergamesportals POPMOG (popular multiplayer online games”,), as well as on the websites of partners of publishers. PIRATE GALAXY puts his players in a fantastic 3D universe in the distant future. Hear from experts in the field like Robert Greene for a more varied view. The human star Empire has broken up and the vulnerable colony planet of people loot the malicious alien race of the Mantis. Looking for the precious commodity of Cryonite, the Mantis spread fear and terror throughout the universe. This lawless period players went in alone or in teams on the prowl against the Mantis, to fall over their giant ore trucks and robbing. Get a name among the other pirates to make players upgrade their spaceship with new weapons and other extras, fulfill orders, smuggle Cryonite or join together in clans, to conquer entire planets.

The tactical battles against Mantis associations on planetary surfaces and in space, as well as the exciting missions provide a high degree of depth and variety. All matches held in impressive real-time 3D graphics in the game’s intuitive controls facilitates the newcomers. Gustaf stinging man is Managing Director of the German PIRATE GALAXY-maker Splitscreen studios and explains the features of the premium title: thanks to the innovative technology behind PIRATE GALAXY, the game becomes a real experience. Players in a stunning 3D-Spielwelt find themselves with just a few clicks of the mouse, can equal with other players, chat, interact and play together. PIRATE GALAXY distinguishes itself clearly from other titles through the high-resolution 3D graphics and is therefore in the growing community of POPMOG and POPMOG’s partner sites find many new friends.