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Since antiquity it has always sought to describe and find a solution to the problems of the conduct, in the Greek world, emerges for the first time the concept of mental illness, by referring to that madness came from a demonologica explanation. Medieval religious thought explained all those abnormal behaviors as a result of a bad eye, spell, or an epilepsy/possession. The priests healed people who suffered from epilepsy through what is called exorcism and apparently gave them results and society was left amazed, but the reality is that the person was returning to its normal state only by epilepsy takes a time short and not by the exorcism. The centuries XVII and XVIII are characterized by the defense of pathological and pathophysiological approaches. Anatomopathological; This approach, explains the insanity with their assumptions of localization and reduction of disease to the anatomical collide with early conceptions of neurosis, and generally the nerve diseases, on the other hand the pathophysiological; These approach were about diseases. Whytt stated that since most of the disease depend on the S.N. should be called nerve. They collen enlarges this thesis and built one of the first nosologias, which appears for the first time the term neurosis.

Galeno, was the first Doctor that wrote the medical Herbalism and put it into practice with other people, but with time he realized that not all illnesses cured medicinal plants therefore concluded that there were diseases that healed only with words. Psychopathology: the ordered set of knowledge relating to the abnormalities of mental life in all its aspects, including its causes and consequences, as well as the methods used for the appropriate purpose; its ultimate goal is not caring for the sick or abnormal individual, but his experience and knowledge of their behaviour, as facts and relations likely to be formulated into concepts and general principles. Psychopathology for study Gets patient information through data clinical, epidemiological and experimental strategies and types of research are diverse, being the more interesting the correlation that sometimes is not very objective due to its great generalization of people, psychologist in research ethics plays an important role since you have the patient information is generally confidential. Psychopathology for their study is based on medical, in the biological and in the behavioral, taking a little of the 3 for their successful integration. I believe that you for our normal or abnormal behavior, biological factors have influence, but more than anything it is the context that determines how we will behave, since every action has a reaction, if we are exposed to study under lot of pressure definitely we are going to behave different to that if we are on vacation, resting and without responsibilities tests and tasksso only 30% is determined by the biological and 70% environmental influences.

Achieved Become Pregnant Naturally

If you are trying to conceive without success, or continuing a miscarriage, you begin to believe that pregnancy is impossible. I’m here to tell you that it has been possible for me naturally. In my 30 years, after not being able to conceive more than one year, I tried to assisted reproduction techniques. I tried drugs, insemination, in vitro fertilization twice. Tragically, my cycles of in vitro fertilization ended in miscarriage and the Elimination of one of my fallopian tubes. Fertility treatments left me physically, emotionally and financially traumada, but I knew that I could get pregnant and I knew that I could do it in a natural way. Assisted reproduction may be necessary for some women, but there are many like me who can and done concibenr without fertility treatments. I’m also surprised by the number of women I’ve known only subjected to the rigors of a fertility treatment to become pregnant from naturally between the cycles of treatment! This is my story of how I stopped seeing me same as a victim of infertility.

I stopped asking for me? I realized that it was in control of my body, my mind and my ability to attract the things I wanted to in my life. I spent years reading and researching on natural methods to increase fertility. I wanted to get pregnant in my conditions without relying on further consultations and expensive treatments by paid professionals. My research gave rise to a protocol of specific pregnancy who prepared my body, my way of life changed, and I had mental barriers. Much has been written about how to get pregnant naturally, however, a large amount of information is contradictory, confusing and difficult to follow. I deleted everything that does not work, I give you what proved to be the winning formula for me best of all, everything is cheap and can be done in the privacy of your own home. I got pregnant four times After starting my natural journey and how got healthy and hormonal more balanced, which finally led to my last pregnancy at term without complications! I was 44 when I had my beautiful daughter who is perfect in every way.

Don’t let your age you discouraged to try to get pregnant. You just have to maximize your body preparing to take full advantage of each ovulatory cycle. Remember, only had a fallopian tube, and I got pregnant 4 times at the age of 40 only imagine what could have happened if I had had my two fallopian tubes! Getting pregnant naturally is already possible, following certain techniques and rules of natural principles. No longer risk with drugs or technical asistidasd that may endanger their health and the health of your baby.


Summer sunburn and over, and how you want to have this sexy skin tone. Nothing is impossible, you only take the time to solarium. About this invention have learned recently, it has come to us in the nineties and once won popularity. Here are some useful tips. Before his visit to the solarium is desirable to visit the dermatologist. In good shops have such a specialist. Be sure to listen to his advice. In the impact of the tanning the body is both positive and negative sides.

However, it is present in cosmetics and in medicine in general. The procedure is good because it not only allows you to keep a tan, she smooths it. But even tan can be achieved using cosmetics for tanning. Agree that a uniform and beautiful tanned body not only gives confidence itself, but also captivates the strong half of humanity. In winter, all starved of the sun, and the body is sharply reacting to it. There is a constant shortage of vitamins D and A, which primarily affects the skin.

Lethargy and fatigue occurs for the same reason. Partly this will help compensate for the solarium. Be careful if you have a mole on the body and dark spots. These are the main contraindications to the solarium, and remember that everything is fine in moderation. Sound approach, the binding Consultation beautician and sunbathe on health. Special cosmetic products are used not only for smooth and tan. Tanning lotions are designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of tanning lamps, secure the pigmentation and skin tumors. Wide range of products presented in the online stores of cosmetics for tanning, allows every woman to choose what fits best for her manner, and cosmetic studios – to give customers a wider range of services. Take care of your skin during tanning, and be beautiful and healthy!


Death Death is a word that surrounds us daily and it is always with us all and that does not rest until we are in his hands and when it does not get tired and is looking more and always have the luck and power to meet and be able to catch us, that is death. When mentioning the death many of us cringe but very few the people who likes to talk about death and so many people do not like to talk of death and that's a word that few people like to mention and take their vocabulary for some people the word death or something that has to do with death is prohibited. The death in the street in the street's death is a routine they know that every day is a challenge that we live every day in order to be sure we can hang out street without us death trap is a challenge that many can kiss avoid but we can not overcome. And be sure that when we come back from the streets we be sure that death no grip at home and know it and as witness that only God knows. Death and his friends and derivatives derived from death are more powerful than in life that are more enticing and more visible and easier to get that death does not like having to work so much easier and puts everything he has given us "free." And stemming from the death are: (drugs, alcohol, fights and problems, but one of the largest part of the larger cause, derivatives are the souls of fire).

And as to maintain a relationship with death if we want to get us out of the world we love so much and many do not want to leave. What after death? Well many say that after death there is another life but we're not so sure we say that there are very few who have returned from it and tell us in the Bible says that men who had returned from death and lived in flesh and bones is Jesus that men were still alive in our spirit and Job was the other who was a believer in the law of God and a preacher of the Word of God. And if after death there is another life that we do not want to lose the life we have and do not want to visit death and have a tremendous anguish and desire not to die of not dying and having their lives forever. .

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