is a virtual space that provides psychological resources to know, understand and overcome … In couple find issues, Sexuality, Self-Improvement, Keys to Improving, Stories for Thinking and a space dedicated to Public and Private Consultations. Visit and tell us your opinion. You can also find us at – – – Do you take compliments? Samples naturally receive recognition will make us feel valued and safe, this brings, of course, a benefit for the people around us. It's a good thing for others to acknowledge what we do well. However, there are people who find a problem, either because they tend to believe it too, taking an arrogant attitude that may provoke ridicule or criticism of others, or by an excess of humility, or lack of self- that leads them not to believe that the recognition received is justified or that will match what was said. Those who reject compliments, or because they downplay or ignore it-kick against their self-esteem.

This rejection is, firstly, to devalue the own merit, noting that what has been achieved is not the product of personal effort, but the mere circumstance or coincidence, in this way, the person becomes his own saboteur, giving an image of lower validity. On the other hand, to refuse to recognize is, in a way, neglecting to who did it and, therefore, seems to question his wisdom. At the same time, limiting the possibility of other completed in the future, a stimulus that is very important to raise self-esteem. The recognition we receive from others, should be understood and received as a token of appreciation for our people and our behavior. Worth making an effort to naturally accept the praise, thank and, if deemed appropriate, meet with another compliment. Thus, we face new challenges from a position of greater respect and safety, both to ourselves and to others. Be prepared a phrase for when you flattered by something! And do not forget you, too, to flatter with honestly … Team

Social Tips

Acquaintance on the street Remember the situation when the man tried to get to know you on the street. Was it? And what did you do? Are you able to support the man when he tried to strike up a conversation? Were you friendly? Or a serious view turned away from him, considering acquaintance on the street below his dignity? Tell me honestly, then you remember about the case with some regret Of course, the problem is that men in the most part, familiar with women can not. They mumbles something, ask stupid questions. Your same goal – to get acquainted with the man to build a relationship with him and get married, and you should be aware that for this you need to properly take the male Activity at acquaintance on the street. How to meet on the street? We must understand how to keep a man as interested in him, even if it just looked looked at you, and learn how to reveal the psychology of men. Sometimes you just do not notice the man's attention and initiatives, and sometimes you can not and do not support the introduction because of some complexes, principles or pride Since acquainted with a man? Let's look at the standard situation.

A man approaches a woman and asks any question, usually stupid to laugh a woman, or simply start a conversation. The content of these issues does not depend on the intellectual capacities of men or situation, but from degree of interest in you. If the man mumbles and mutters, or conversely, wants to seem cool and it had obviously not, then (!) you give him very much. By the way, to bring with you on the street often spoken to, you can take some unusual items. It will be an occasion for exploring. For example, a book with the intriguing title, an unusual case, a strange breed of dog, everything they can to come up and ask: "What is it?". Here it is time when further acquaintance or undeveloped depends on you.

Next man tries to somehow continue the conversation, usually, not very skillfully, and if you could help him, the conversation is broken and the man leaves. Show whether initiative when meeting with a man you should not take the initiative when meeting with the man and the first meeting with the men. It's the biggest mistake! Nature has put in a man the hunter, it is the psychology of men is so arranged they love to hunt and take the initiative. And then, in the future, let the man take the initiative! Mistakes Women dating men women often simply does not notice the men's attentions and willingness to meet. Of course, if a man comes to the woman and says, "Let's get acquainted", here every understand. But usually things are not so openly. Read More