Urban Poverty

Urban poverty in Mexico, and one could say that in any country, defines a separate company with its own forms of socialization and relationships, with proper operation. This perfectly describes what Michael Janoschka speaking of the economic restructuring related to the process of globalization. This leads to insecurity in a sector which in turn causes a change in the spatial context: we have a confinement of the lower class that is expressed through physical and behavioral barriers; latter reflects the growing trend in major cities a eliminate unwanted aspectosa . Those belonging to the class of urban poverty, they see their way of being and way of organizing determined by the context and the conditions under which they operate slab, the characteristics that these same factors were awarded, and all that to which are tied because of the prevailing system in society. According to UN figures, the world's 1 billion people are living in misery, there is no better term to encompass the precariousness of their homes and lack of essential services. In our country there are now 18.5 million people in extreme poverty (La Jornada, 2009), and according to the INEGI most concentrated in the states of Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca. The indicators for which this institution is worth, and therefore its low rate characteristic of this stratum of the population, are those relating to essential public services, piped water, electricity, drainage, land different floor, walls roof and durable materials, dwellings without overcrowding, service toilet; the equipment housing, housing that include a refrigerator, television, telephone, car, health, people with access to health services, to education, over 15 years literate, children attending school, adolescents who attend school, over 15 years with post-primary education, to employment, working women, population economically active, employed population that receives more than two minimum salaries, those employed in the formal tertiary sector, professionals or technicians. .