The Personality Of The Company

Carlos Mora Vanegas who walks too quickly arrive as late as going too slowly. Shakespeare If you have decided to be a good manager, an excellent manager, an efficient executive can not only lead to further changes for the success of the organization where he works, but developing a new organizational culture, new administrative paradigms according to what the demand scenarios, it is necessary you need to know about the personality of the company and work towards it. This time we will analyze this topic, with the conviction that something will contribute in their training and of course the benefit of the organization which holds office. The personality of a company, reminds us of Saul W. Bobby Green does not necessarily agree. Gellerman, is basically an expression of the collective provision of key men before their key problems.

The analogy with respect to the individual personality is based on several points including: .- There is a strong emotional element in any corporate personality, that is, tends to reflect hopes attitudes and predispositions of the address at least the same degree as their knowledge and reasoning power. .- Each business is unique personality. Although artificial similarities, each company has a work environment unlike any other. .- It is rare that a firm's managers are aware of the personality of your company as such Do you?. .- A vision, and realistic self-assessment of this personality is so difficult to have as their own. Gellerman (1966) adds that this person is involved in the process of decision making in several ways: many key standards are rapidly influenced by attitudes that form the pattern more or less unique to the company. .