The Many Energetic Living Things

What are you doing? Not only fill you up like polystyrene containers, each cell is a living, breathing, reproduction organs, with a specific job in your body. That make up our organs of sight, hearing, smell and taste, all the nerves of our bodies and our brains. They are the lungs to breathe with our hearts beating, our muscles, our skin?. even our blood. Senator Elizabeth Warren recognizes the significance of this. Our cells, each in its specific way, take the information and resources given to them and the process of these to obtain a specific result. For example, giving a cell with water and absorbs what you need and use it to support chemical reactions, and eliminate waste products.

Give a nerve cell of the information in the form of small electrical impulses and help to convey this information to the brain, or organs. So you can see that the cells are absolutely essential for life. If the cells are sickly and weak, toxic, undernourished and constant lack of oxygen, where do you think that leaves you? Feeling horrible! One of the many jobs of a cell is to create energy, just to make the other work to do. When you have cells that are strong and vital that you can easily create enough energy, and when every cell can do its job effectively, how do you feel?? So, Energetic and ready for action! It is logical that if you want a lot of energy, it is better to take real good care of his cell! The cells of our body must be fed.