When I thought that all age dream was there that the reality appeared to my eyes. To wake up in that morning for me was a sacrifice when thinking that dream did not leave my mind, was everything so real! The projects that to the times we always create nor are programmed and as the wind passes for the land without informing or to ask for license, thus happened with me. Everything happened when in knowledge to the strange land, I was walking for way to the square of Lisbon, sighting to far the prgios to encircle I knew Eduardo, high young and of fixante to look at to the blue brightness, is born the same in day that I, however, ha one year more early. Its affection demonstrated for a smile and docile words when directing itself it me. It was fragile but one bradava of so great courage and determination.

We are friends and, for long times, we appreciate the fellowship in way to this friendship. My estagem in that place arrives it the end, and for much will she was not obliged to return to Brazil. As the farewell was sad! We never had in the hugged one before; for the first time in as much time, to come to spill it tears Its eyes passed me an intense pain when touching our bodies in farewell. I burnt on the inside. E, as if it was not enough, rivers of tears bathed my face. It was more than what a friend, in secrets that we two only know, that age then the end My body was distant but to my he records it mind intensely not allowing me I cry to cease it when believing that its presence did not meet me. Per days I did not leave house and the anxiety when waiting for consumed me to a phone call. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Maya Dubin.

The Future

Each time that I see I to you I know that the end of everything was better pra me, exactly because one day I I would have that to place one it is enough in everything, would have that to separate of you pra to perceive that you did not give value to me and that if I continued with you, I to me I would be stepped on, treated as enslaved and was not this that I planned my future pro and if I broke up you later I I would suffer much more. All the time that I stow with you I I forgot them people who I more love in the life, my friends those that helps me when I need, those make who me to raise and to raise the head and to follow my life in front of search of a new love, a love that me of value loves and me, I I know and already I heard of you vary people the same thing ' ' If it will be true love one day volta' ' , more in this simple phrase he has one detail: If one day you to want in return I to me you more do not go to want you because I was stepped on, humiliated for you and because I do not love you more as loved I you. I know that I go to find one another one loves somebody me of truth, that makes my heart to desparar thinking about this somebody, that leaves my legs bambas to hear the voice, hugs that me and he says &#039 to me; ' I am with you ' ' when I less to deserve, that enchuge my tears when I to cry, it calms that me when I will be nervous, that he says a time to me per day ' ' I do not know to live without you ' ' , that he lies down in low of the stars and is with me the night there all making love promises, protect that me when I will be with fear. Then I go to give an acknowledgment to you: He does not criticize me for the form that I am acting and for what I am today. Friction he does not come, tries to understand me my life.

I am certain that you never go to want to pass pains that I felt in the chest when I lost the people who more I love. He leaves me to try to be happy, does not hinder me to try to live the life. Please, I only have this life, I I want it pra me, I I want to take care of of it. I find that I also am a human being as you and have all the right of being happy. He frees me, leaves to go me. If one day in the future God to want joining in them goes again to be because it wanted, because I do not want more to you, when you to perceive he lost that and to ask for me pra to come back pra you, you goes to have to conquer that me to the few because I am certain that of the next time I do not go to be so easy as of the first time that I stow with you. Therefore he does not make for the others and with the others what you do not want that you make for and with you!