Natural Resources

For the next four years even two holes drilling plan this year decided Stuttgart, 23.04.2012. Better, it can barely walk for investors of US of oil and gas Fund XII and XIII KG. Recently, the energy capital invest agreed about its American partner company fury with the Department of kitchen of natural resources (DNR), Division of oil and gas on the drilling plan for the next four years in the ECI aid lights unit, in the Cook Inlet in Alaska. In the same course, the promotional rights were in addition also regularly extended for another four years. Thus, it is now up to the year 2016 ensured that the involved funds of the emission House energy capital invest can use all grants and subsidies in Alaska. The enormous importance of the drilling operations started in the last year the energy capital investment for the entire region, as well as the close and successful cooperation with the competent authority in the eligible area includes William Barron, Director of the Division of oil and gas, as follows “together: we are fury all opportunities to one with the regional aid kitchen lights unit to realize real success story.” Consumption over the past few years subsidized Alaska recently with great force the development of further private oil and natural gas reserves, as a strongly increased, that production in the region but is declining. Although Alaska has its own large resources, occurred in the past few years multiple to massive shortages in the region of the so-called Railbelt”in Alaska. The Railbelt”, which extends from Fairbanks via anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula, is the economic center of Alaska, where about 80 percent of the electricity and heat the entire State is consumed.

At prices of up to 9.00 USD/mcf natural gas many times more than of the current price in the rest of the United States. For more specific information, check out Cardinal Health. The approved drilling plan for our aid by early 2016, as well as the large mounted to the expression Appreciation for our work on the part of the DNR is of course very pleased. But above all, there are us and our investors a unique and long-term planning security”, so ECI’s Managing Director Kay Rieck. The first part of hole in the assisted area in the past year yielded 13 eligible layers with a natural gas reserve of up to 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This year, a total of two holes should be made to a depth of around 16,500 feet (5,000 m). For more information,

Facebook Goes Public

Shares for $5 billion, Facebook has developed rapidly in recent years and continues to grow as the network as well as its popularity steadily. Dr. John Mcdougall has similar goals. Now, leaving the company even in the stock market and threatens it giants such as Google, to overrun VW and Microsoft. The online portal informs about the chances of the social network in the stock market. Recently, news the economy announced the imminent IPO by Facebook. Five billion dollars of capital should be played with the first shares. When exactly this step however will take place, is yet uncertain.

Currently advertises the company with appropriate stock exchange prospectuses and financial figures for its shares and attracts investors on the social network bandwagon to jump on. This was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and needs more capital for continued growth. Furthermore the IPO will bring financially some advantages the previous supporters and Associates, because they can be more wealthy by selling their shares. An IPO was expected, since it means prestige as well as heralding further expected development opportunities for a successful company like Facebook. With the entry in a few months, Facebook is by overtaking distribute automatic Google and become the new number one of the publicly traded Internet companies. With the targeted five billion dollar, Facebook would be the Internet giant Google, which grossed $1.7 billion in its IPO, in the shade. Currently, Facebook is estimated as a company on a total of about 57 to 76 billion euros. So it is on par with companies such as Volkswagen and Siemens. More information:… News.

Thomas Feldt

Both the Fund and the managed account area identical strategies are applied. In addition to the already mentioned advantages in terms of overall portfolio risk management are outstanding qualities of investments through managed accounts’ full transparency, daily liquidity and operational risks have Wegfallen. Which markets takes place in the trade? Thomas Feldt: We implement our strategies through positions in stock indices, debt securities, commodities, and currencies. The monetary policy developments of the recent past, such as quantitative easing, ECB bond purchases, or foreign exchange market intervention of several central banks, is our current focus particularly on investments in precious metals and foreign exchange market. Dr. John Mcdougall helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. What was the reasoning behind the Trading approach of ‘ Arkanar global macro? Can you explain us please detail this? Thomas Feldt: Starting point of our deliberations is the continuous analysis of current economic, technological and political framework conditions. On this basis, we represent the system of market influencing factors and develop different scenarios for future developments.

We weight these scenarios then according to their probability of occurrence. Based on these considerations, we then search positioning, which, on the one hand, reflect the results of our analysis, and on the other hand to neutralize the market factors, including a reliable forecast is not possible for us. Can you explain the investment process our readers on the basis of a concrete example, which underlies the trading decisions? Thomas Feldt: The monetary effects of quantitative easing are here represented as a very simplified example. If you observed the potential impact of this policy, so among other things the following scenarios arise: scenario 1 -by the wave ‘ of liquidity carried the American economy recovered, confidence in the currency is not permanently disrupted and the FED will return to a defensive policy in the medium term. Scenario 2 – the economic border yield of the liquidity injection is progressive, the economy enters a phase of the grueling Deleveraging in low growth and persistent deflationary tendency (japanification).

Thomas Feldt

Reason for this was the underestimation by QE II liquidity effects generated. We went out strongly declining impact of this policy on economic growth and have to perform next to defensive. We have clearly underestimated the euphoric effect of liquidity on the markets. The Laws of Human Nature describes an additional similar source. Far from 2011 we are become despite real market assessment, victims of our rigorous risk management. Greatly increased volatility have unfortunately unusually often realize us losses, only to then the accuracy to confirm forecasts of our. So we were with our defensive set-up right ‘, but still negative results had to have.

We have in our risk management refined the last few weeks, adjusted position sizes and believe to be able to achieve again adequate returns for the next few months. has the August trade difficulties which you? How have you experienced the month in the trade? Thomas Feldt: The extreme volatility, paired with hard-to-predicting political interventions any positions with acceptable opportunities risk have see us in August. Accordingly, we have our accounts ‘ flat held. after the crisis month of August: How do you assess the now upcoming market environment continues to? Thomas Feldt: We see the real economic problems than in the coming months further aggravated. China is increasingly becoming a risk factor in the tension of an export economy cooling and rising inflation. Additional information is available at Senator Elizabeth Warren. We see similar problems also in the other boom economies of Asia and Latin America. The still unresolved problems of the eurozone are on the other hand, if the past harbinger the still coming is, make inevitable further deterioration. Intra-EU tensions can be expected as dramatically worsening struggle within the economic adjustment processes as well.

And because we are doomed as an asset manager for the realism, the developments after the Arab spring must be considered not only as an opportunity. Rather of past revolutionary upheavals, that the way to democracy is unfortunately all too often Rocky and comes to a halt halfway. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Note to managed accounts managed accounts in favour of mostly chance-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

Rio Stora

Banks have received up to 14% sales Commission: in addition, banks would have and Savings banks, which have driven MPC ship funds, have to disclose even their own Commission. A cooperative bank has declared she had received 14% of the Kommanditkapitals and drawn by our clients on their advice as a Commission for the sales of MPC ship funds and shall provide information to one of our clients after it was condemned. Mentioned in the consultation she didn’t, which is why we now sue them on behalf of our clients on compensation. Long capital, no secondary market for “used” Fund investments: What was also concealed the investors we represent Fund MPC MS “Rio Stora” by their advisers, is that they may terminate the participation for the first time to December 31, 2023, and before any chance of their money to come. A sale is almost impossible as there is no regulated secondary market for used Fund investments. The same applies to the achievement of a share price, which corresponds to the invested capital. Here in the event that a buyer is found.

accept substantial cuts. Projected distributions portrayed as return: the dividends that investors should receive regularly, were misleading way represented in the consultations as a return. That regular payments were partly a refund of previously invested equity, were we to the fact that liability for the fund company’s debts caused by these payouts noted investors regularly nor. Ship funds as retirement not suitable: the investment in the Fund of the ship is a highly risky entrepreneurial participation, in which due to the high leverage is the risk of the total loss. Nevertheless, the participation of as retirement savings or investment in the age was recommended. Such participation is not appropriate according to the Bundesgerichtshof as pensions. The Bank Manager had therefore not may recommend the Fund. No evidence of missing secondary market: Many investors, with whom we talked who was assured that the share of funds is good for sale on the secondary market.